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Pawn Stars: Rick Restores a Moorish Pulwar Sword (Season 16) | History

Pawn Stars: Rick Restores a Moorish Pulwar Sword (Season 16) | History

[MUSIC PLAYING] What’s going on there, my man? Hey, what’s up? Back again. Good to see you. And I bring you the
sword from “Zelda.” It doesn’t look
like Excalibur that was pulled out of the stone. It looks like it was
in a pile of rocks. Actually, it got
pulled out of the rock. It’s just been sitting
there waiting– No, no, no.
This was under a pile of rocks. It wasn’t pulled
out of the rock. This was in a pile of rocks. [LAUGHTER] I have a very
old what I believe is a Moorish sword from
the 17th century that was found in a cave in England. I’m looking to hopefully
get 200 bucks out of it. If Rick and I are
able to make a deal, I’m going to take that money
and put it into fixing my car and keeping it on the road. So this thing is just
in amazing condition. Some people would
call this patina. I call this rust. You know, just clean
it up a little bit. You can cut your vegetables,
watermelon, potatoes. Yeah, you know, whatever. OK, so how much do you
want for this beauty? I don’t know. I was thinking maybe 200 bucks. Let me call up someone
who actually knows what they’re talking about. OK. I got a friend in town, and he
will hopefully know about this. I just don’t know a lot
about Middle Eastern swords, and apparently–
– You don’t know. I don’t know. Let’s get the expert in here and
see if we can figure this out. OK.
I’m going to go give him a call. All right. And he’s probably going
to tell us it’s worthless. OK. All right, sounds good. If it was anybody else, I
would just say, forget it. But over the years,
I’ve made a lot of money off Spencer, a lot
more than he’s cost me. So what the heck? Let’s give this thing a shot. [CASH REGISTER RINGS] Hey, how’s it
going, [INAUDIBLE]?? Hey, how you doing, brother? Good. I haven’t seen
you for a while. So Spencer is a friend of
mine, and he bought this sword. And we don’t know
anything about it. I mean, you can tell
it’s Middle Eastern, and that’s all I know about it. Can I take a look at it, Rick? Sure. It’s definitely a
pulwar from Afghanistan. It was a one-handed sword–
could be either hand. And this end piece was created
so that it wouldn’t slip out of the hand while wielding it. And the curve is in the
first third of the sword. The reason for that is because
this was a horseback sword. The warrior would
be riding the horse and slicing the enemy
or the other horses or whatever from horseback,
and they didn’t want it to slide out of the hand. OK. So when was it made? The 17th century. It’s a neat piece. OK, so what’s it worth? As is, 500 bucks, maybe. But actually, if I
restore this for you, it’ll be worth on
the outside 5 grand. And how much to restore it? 1,500 bucks. OK. Thanks, man.
I’ll let you know. Thanks a lot. Good to see you. All right. All right, well let me
go get you 200 bucks, dude. $200? Not going to happen. $450. Well, there’s not a lot of
money to be made here, dude. I know I got to leave
you a little room. All right, $250. $350. I’m just– I’m already
cutting that low. Come on. All right, 300 bucks. All right. You better– you better hook me
up on the next one, man. $300. All right. Yeah, sure. Yeah, like you hook me
up all the time, right? I’ll meet you over there, dude. All right, man, I’ll
see you over there. I only paid $15 for this
piece, so I’m going to walk out of here with a good profit. And again, I can’t wait
to see what this sword looks like fully restored. What’d you buy now? What? I don’t know. This came in the mail for you. I don’t know. I get lots of
things in the mail. Oh, it’s my sword. You bought a new sword? Were you going hunting with it
with your hat and everything or– It’s a 300-year-old
Afghan pulwar. I bought the thing off
Spencer for 300 bucks, and then I paid Dave
1,500 bucks to restore it. It was nothing but a bucket
of rust when I got it, and he brought it
all back to perfect. Well, it looks cool enough. We’re 1,800 bucks into it. What’s it worth? It’s worth 5,000 bucks. It’s an amazing sword. It’s got great history. And like I always tell you,
all the value’s in the story, and this has just
got a great story. It’s literally
over 300 years old, and now it looks
like it’s brand new. I’m not complaining. It looks like you
did a good job. I’m just more concerned
about the hat. You going for like an Elmer
Fudd thing or something or– I don’t know. I thought the hat was cool,
I bought it, all right? Stop making those
decisions yourself. But good job on the sword, pops. Will you go put
this in the case? Sure. Put a tag on it. Afghan pulwar. I like that. [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 comments on “Pawn Stars: Rick Restores a Moorish Pulwar Sword (Season 16) | History

  1. The dude could of kept the sword, paid $1500 for restoration (probably less if you look around) and sold it for easy 3-4k but went with $300 😂

  2. The kids always giving his dad crap. I like the hat too. My dad would have cut me with this thing. Surprised he hasn't snapped yet. Probably all TV made up drama.

  3. The Muslims in Spain used straight swords. Check historical sources before saying nonsense. That sword does not look like a North African sword, no Argelian "Flyssa", and no morroco "Nimcha", in fact it looks like an Indian, or Afghan sword, judging by the guard and the handle. That sword seems of the XVIII-XIX century, and at that time, the Moors had been expelled from Spain, for 300 years. The sword used by the Spanish Muslims, was the "jineta", a straight sword, of North African origin, of the "Zeneta" tribe, For that reason, it makes no sense to call it "Moorish sword."

  4. Many people buy cheap things from another pawn shop and come to pawn stars sale it for very expensive and have easy many for a trip to Las Vegas or Hawaii with the money of pawn stars…🤣🤣🤣

  5. I remember pulling out the Excalibur in Dying Light. So strong to killed zombies. I mean so strong to pulled it out Jeez! 😂

  6. Lol. That’s the “ guy to look at old money” guy from the past episode, where’s the knowledgeable samurai guy?

  7. "I bring you the sword from Zelda" (Master Sword)
    "It doesn't look like Excalibur" (King Arthur)
    …Neither of you should be in that conversation.

  8. Fool: Sells sword with unknown value to fool 2 for 15 dollars.

    Fool 2: Gets fooled into selling sword for 300.

    Rick: Sells sword bought at 300, restored at 1500, sells for 5000.

    Restoration Guy: Does 50 dollar job makes 1500.

  9. IDIOTS bring stuff in and have no idea what they have. Even when they find out that what they have is valuable, Rick will still try to STEAL it from you!!! SCREWSTARS is what they should have named the place!!!

  10. Ricks the biggest cheapskate of all time… offers 200$ for a $5,000+ sword and has the nerve to say…”there’s not a lot of money to be made here” smh

  11. Rick- "Well there's not alot of money to be made, with running the store…'
    Me (In my Samuel L Jackson voice)
    – Mutha*&&^^, I didn't ask you to open up a mutha*&%^*& pawn shop, mutha&&^%!
    Gimme my &^%%$^( money!!!'

  12. Pawn shops are not there for you to win. you go there because you need money quick and do not know how to sell your items, so take it easy on this young man and dont think we are any better.

  13. I am from Afghanistan and my grand father has one of these swords that was passed down from generations and it’s in good condition it’s our family heirloom.

  14. Rick, you weren't wearing your wedding band at C-PAC speech.
    I still want our Rip Van Winkle date, Rick Harrison. I never received any correspondence from you. My emergency contact next of kin, p.o. box 1, Joe Thomas, asked me, if I knew you, he never gave me anything. Obvious that Joe kept it. He then asked me for vital information to restart selling his overstocked toys, on eBay, as he'd lost privilege to do so. I trusted Joe to do just that. I was homeless and staying in his garage at time. I'd not even considered Joe being a thief. He comes from old money, has money. Totally vile to steal from me. Especially since I'd be with you now, if it weren't for interference with your correspondence, from my emergency contact next of kin.
    Neighbors where I live now are taking my mail as well. I've contacted police and post office, but they say I must know what was taken.
    Less hair means more room for brains.

  15. 300 was too low but hey the sword is cool it was a good decision to get restored. It was probably sold off quickly for around 2 grand

  16. How is there no money to be made??? You can buy it for 1000 restore for 1500, and you double your money. What a dumb seller.

  17. That guy ruined the sword! He ground out channels in the handle and drilled holes in it to put that stupid gold paint. Horrible

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