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Pawn Stars: Rick Won’t Negotiate on a 1967 Shelby G.T. 350 (Season 10) | History

Pawn Stars: Rick Won’t Negotiate on a 1967 Shelby G.T. 350 (Season 10) | History

100 comments on “Pawn Stars: Rick Won’t Negotiate on a 1967 Shelby G.T. 350 (Season 10) | History

  1. There is absolutely nothing real on this show, it's all fake, it's now filmed in a studio, not at the pawn shop anymore…..

  2. Legend has it the man took the 100k and put it on red in roulette and hoped for the best when it landed on black

  3. What do they mean won't negotiate? He did negotiate when he offered to buy $100k and not a penny more.

  4. You can tell rick really wanted the car, thats why he didnt want to lowball him too much, i rekon if the seller said 110 and walked away rick would have still brought it

  5. Another fake "negotiation". They paid this guy a small fee to appear and bring this vehicle.

    No owner of a Shelby in such a condition would accept less than going price.

    "Gee fella I like the cut of your jib so I'm gonna take a price that wouldnt allow me to buy this cars equivalent" said no collector ever.

  6. Customer I have a few lies to sell…
    Rick let me call in my expert on lies.

    Hillary Clinton walks in.

  7. I’m surprised the owner didn’t explore national advertising (EBay, Hemings, etc,) for a car like that. Or, place it with an auction house.
    To sell a car like THAT at a pawn shop is strange. Was it staged for the show?

  8. Are the experts on purpose lowering the value of the object they are examining just because they are friends with Rick?

  9. It's always a coincidence the experts price evaluation always comes just short of the sellers asking price

  10. 2 thoughts. 1st, if someone was test driving my car, I would hop in the back seat with them. 2nd, how is the "expert" going to evaluate it? He didn't even drive it, Rick did.

  11. You just had to give him a couple 100 bucks and give it to his charity. Yeah sounds real easy to get Shelby to sign a Shelby.

  12. You know when Rick goes on the test drive with the "expert" they discuss how much they're going to lowball the seller.

  13. Eleanor wasn't a real '67 or a GT350. It was more kit car than real car. Bravo on doing your research for this scripted segment!

  14. Eleanor was the Gt500. In the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds” they even said Gt500 and Eleanor multiple times. The Gt500 badge was most noticeable as well in the movie.

  15. Not sure why anyone would go to this crook. He never gives you a fair price. There are so many ways you can sell anything yourself today. Why get robbed!

  16. Ok i know people go just to be on t.v. and they know Rick is going to low ball them. Stupid if u ask me. U will get alot more money from real mustang lovers.

  17. This is all scripted Hollywood nonsense. You don't take a classic car like a Shelby to a pawn shop. A car like that in that condition would either go to Mecum or Barrett-Jackson.

  18. Rick let me get my Eleanor expert….Eleanor expert “This is 1968 Fastback and it’s not white it’s actually green” and it’s worth maybe 5K. Rick “I won’t negotiate with you…I tell you what you pay me 5K to take it off your hands and I am doing you a huge favor here” Seller “Why is this called the History Channel anymore”

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