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Pawn Stars: Seller Gets More Than Asking for Toolbox (Season 16) | History

Pawn Stars: Seller Gets More Than Asking for Toolbox (Season 16) | History

100 comments on “Pawn Stars: Seller Gets More Than Asking for Toolbox (Season 16) | History

  1. You don't have to give him six hundred dollars just say no, I'll sell it for a thousand myself, he's not your friend.

  2. Since when do pawn shops tell you what they can get for an item? …Never. This episode had brutal acting from both Amish members

  3. He should have started at a thousand! Instead went for what he wanted then found out it was worth more! Lol should have took it back. And tried again on the night shift! Lol 😂

  4. Silly boy when asked what he wanted for it he should have said he didnt have any idea what it's worth then let pawn guy make first move

  5. Those of us who know and have some love for Corey can tell ya this isn’t funny. Rick needs to get into treatment. Blessings to him and best wishes for a recovery.

  6. What a dousche bag. First he diminishes Corey's higher offer to not rip the guy off. Then he says he's going to lie to his wife and keep half the money for himself. This type of "mouth breather" is a waste of a person.

  7. I hate when people come in there wanting a price then the pawn stars people on their own no appraisel or anything offer them more than they was asking and they try and get even more than they was offered which was already more than they wanted I hate people like that I wouldn't even buy it at all if I offered somebody more than they wanted then they try to get even more id tell them to hit the road I'm not interested anymore

  8. You sold it for $400 but gonna tell ur wife u sold it for $200. I really hope u would use that money to buy her a TV so that she can watch this channel. She might.. Just might come to know about the other $200. That's if she's as smart as you are. Duh…

  9. You are married! Like how.. I mean.. How big was your trailer when u proposed to her. Or did u force her to down a six pack. And she woke up with a ring on her finger. Surprise!

  10. Man, don't you look like an a-hole for a couple hundred bucks? Permanently for the world to see. No pawn shops that I know of just offer to give you more than what you want. You should have been thanking him for giving you DOUBLE and leave it at that. smh

  11. Who else thinks he should have been content with the $400 deal and taken it? He was getting offered literally twice as much as what he was asking for, which is rare at a pawn shop.

  12. He acts like he's being generous but he was just honest and thinks he deserves a cookie for it. Lol.
    I would just pick it back up and walk out.

  13. That's why I can't run a pawn shop. Because the minute he tells me he wants more than 400 When he originally wanted 200 I would had thrown him out

  14. the guy with the indian tool box is a jerk- got it for free and got 400 and then he going to lie to his wife – that marriage is not long for this world

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