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Pawn Stars: Star Wars Topps Set, Poster, and Death Star Model | History

Pawn Stars: Star Wars Topps Set, Poster, and Death Star Model | History

100 comments on “Pawn Stars: Star Wars Topps Set, Poster, and Death Star Model | History

  1. After the technology show us this show is fake mam but back in the days was my favorite show still now just watch it because I am a collector but is fake show

  2. doesn't understand pop culture I just have to give you less no matter how much you explain someone would buy this for

  3. Bet Scumbag Steve sold Rick a bunch of autographs he signed himself….with his track record I wouldn't trust him if he told me the sky was blue

  4. The nerd never wanted to sell this. It s for the show that's why there s no expert. Still some awesome pieces to see. I forgive the show. 🙂

  5. Would’ve been hilarious if he said, “let me call my Star Wars expert” and some other dude shows up ignoring the total fact he is supposed to be the Star Wars expert…. everyone is replaceable

  6. What a loser fanboy to worship such material garbage. Are people really this pathetic? Gonna be buried with it like a true bozo.

  7. Imagine if rick said “let me call an expert in” and the seller walked out and walked right back in the store

  8. Isn't the guy selling this the guy who was caught with fake autographs? I see an autograph of Sir Alex Guiness- he hated being associated with this movie and wanted nothing to do with it once it came out. I doubt he signed anything.

  9. At least Rick doesn't have to call anybody to authenticate this. His authenticator of fraudulent autographs is already there.

  10. Rick: What we got here
    Star wars nerd: The Deathstar
    Rick: Wow cool.. Can I have a sec?
    Trump phone rings
    Rick: Hello?
    Trump: What I can do for you sir?
    Rick: Surrender and i take all the risk

  11. It's funny rick says ill get chumlee to put these back . Yet that dude says there going back to his vault ……So there in ricks vault then 🤣

  12. Went into Chipotle yesterday and had them make me a burrito. Got to the register and they said, "That'll be $7.82." I said, "Best I can do is $3.00." The cashier just stared at me blankly, called over her manager who said, "Sorry sir, it'll be $7.82." I told him, "I can do $3.50 that's it." They just let me have the burrito. I think Rick and his crew are on to something with their negotiation skills.

  13. This is the weirdest Pawn Star segment i have ever seen.
    "Expert" is the one selling the item. No haggling at all and they go out to lunch after.

  14. "Let me call Steve "Crook" Grad to low ball you"

    oops, its him who's selling right now. and he "overprice" his own item. hahaha good one

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