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Petition To Bring Shaka Back To The Queen

Petition To Bring Shaka Back To The Queen

The fans of popular soapie, The Queen, have
started a petition to bring back the Shaka character which was played by SK Khoza. The petition also states that they will boycott
the show if Shaka is not brought back. This comes after Shaka was killed off the
show. The news of Shaka’s departure is not new. In September this year, both SK Khoza and
Ferguson Films confirmed the departure of Shaka from the show. But, this did not go well with fans, who expected
Shaka to “die better”. Fans expressed their disappointment on social
media, and soon after, a petition was created on Friday 25 October 2019, with a goal set
of 7,500 signatories to the petition. However, as of the afternoon of Tuesday 29
October 2019, the goal was exceeded, and so a new goal of 10,000 was set soon after. The petition, which is on, states
as follows. Please enjoy the following comments post on
social media, all with the hope of bringing back Shaka to The Queen. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe, and do not forget to turn
on the notification for more prompt updates. Thanks.

12 comments on “Petition To Bring Shaka Back To The Queen

  1. Bring back Shaka despite his unprofessional within the company but his character is doing the most on Queen. I think maybe if they make his death as a first stage but he end up be awake so that viewers may not get confused.

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