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Prank Family Facing 10 YEARS in Prison!? – The Know Entertainment News

Prank Family Facing 10 YEARS in Prison!? – The Know Entertainment News

That’s right. Welcome to The Know. I’m John and I’m Ben, controversial channel Daddy o’ Five made tons of YouTube thumbnails and internet headlines earlier this year for a series of prank videos that were Decried as child abuse and now the bad news keeps piling up for the family because it looks like they’re facing up to a decade In prison for their YouTube antics once again, it looks like it’s just a prank, bro Doesn’t really buy you any brownie points in the American judicial system it just doesn’t work people if you’re unaware of daddy of five because you were totally ignoring YouTube a few months back here’s a Little bit of the background the channel got famous for all the wrong reasons in the spring for posting videos of couple Heather and Michael Martin playing pranks On their children the only thing is the children weren’t really in on the joke some of which got Psychologically brutal to say the least one video was titled eight-year-old gets waterboarded and others featured Pranks where the parents told one of the kids that he was adopted some of them appear to Show physical abuse from other kids in the family and one ended up with the youngest hitting a bookshelf and receiving a bloody nose The theme was the same in just about every single one of these videos with crying children Begging for the videos to stop and the parents laughing and often telling them literally It’s just a prank brah as you can imagine where do these videos spread around the web and landed the couple in hot water after Popular YouTubers like Phil Defranco called attention to it the online anger eventually hit a tipping point And that’s when all the legal matters Started which sort of brings us up to speed to the most recent developments the latest news about the martins comes from the people magazine Of all places who obtained court records from their pending case Apparently the charges against heather and Michael Martin’s the operators of Daddy of five Weren’t filed until a couple of weeks ago by prosecutors in Frederick County Maryland now that these records are public we can see the charges against the couple as well as the punishment they’re looking at according to the document the martins were hit with charges of neglecting a minor further youngest children between november 2016 and April 2017 which is the period of time? Mostly covered by the more offensive of the infamous and now deleted youtube videos those two charges carry some awfully stiff penalties due because each town could land them five years in prison and a fine of $5,000 as for whether or not the couple will actually end up serving that full-time that seems a bit Unlikely because according to their attorney they’ve read a plea agreement with the Prosecutors of the case so that could mean that they’re only going to serve part of the time or just pay a fine or maybe A little bit of column a a little bit of Column b This is by no means the start of the problems the family has faced since all of this reached its boiling point back in May They lost the custody the two youngest children back to their biological mother Following all the controversies when it all went down they first tried to push back against their YouTube credits calling them haters But eventually had something of a change of heart they later made an apology video claiming that the prank videos were all scripted saying we Put things on the internet that should not be there. Yeah, that’s gross. That’s what I yeah, that’s one way to put it. I mean It’s not true, but I mean say it. I guess if you want to This of course is the first time that YouTube pranksters have found themselves on the wrong end of the law back in March of 2016 Some of the founding members of YouTube channel troll station were sentenced to prison time for some stunts They pulled in July and September of 2015 in July TrollStation staged fake heists that to art galleries the tape and the national portrait gallery where men in masks Ran through the galleries holding Paintings naturally frightened patrons thought that me armed robbery was taking place. You know, it’s just a joke just prank, bro You know they were they’re also going to do it You know of prank where they were going to like fake Rob a bank? With guns and no I’m just kidding but then it sounds like right up their alley however the larger Infraction was a prank pulled off by the channel september in which 16 year old approach strangers with the clock in a briefcase The boy would then drop the briefcase and run away scaring onlookers who thought there was a real bomb inside for a time prank videos became quite the rage on YouTube But have since died down a little bit and their frequency on the platform although many have just gotten slightly more subdued and rebranded themselves As simply social experiments instead if anything they’ve got multiple instances that some of these jokes can have real-world Consequences and chalking it up to the lols doesn’t really get you out of legal hot water as for the Martins We’ll see what happens once they have to actual time in court. The couple’s plea hearing is set for september Somehow we got the judge is going to tell them that all this was just an elaborate joke what do you guys think of the youtube family facing some big time in jail let us know in the comments for future updates on YouTube antics gone bad remember to like this video And if you’re new around here subscribe to The Know, how do you not know who Jake Paul is? Mmm. Just google Jake Paul your mister Dom of the news article How do people not know that what on the internet is forever? Well they didn’t mind it being forever They just were like hey. It’s funny. I have no idea who Jake Paul is. Oh They’re those Vine people originally – yeah

100 comments on “Prank Family Facing 10 YEARS in Prison!? – The Know Entertainment News

  1. Ive never heard of this family but damn they need learn how to pull a prank and when to stop a waterboarding prank thats going too far

  2. I thought each count is for each occurrence and each twisted video would potentially be $5000 and/or 5 years each.

  3. There's a very fine line between pranks and just being stupid/harmful. Finding that line is difficult and crossing it, intentionally or not, can really screw you over.

  4. Those parents should be told the charges were dropped… Then told that the charges being dropped was just a joke.

  5. Good. Those poor kids were tortured online their "parents." I hope those two rot in the hole they crawled out from

  6. I have 0 pity for those ass holes they abused their children and did it all for a little money I hope they burn in hell

  7. Holy crap yes. Maybe the world can drag itself out of the pit we've dug into. These parents are jokes, and I hope their punchline isn't for 10 years.

  8. Reminds me of a book my school had us read called "It" or "Thing" or something like that about a child and his abusive mother.

  9. "Funny" how they talk down about prank videos on youtube, and at the same time RT has their share of prank videos.

  10. they were abusing their children for money. if they were posting these vids on the deep web then nobody would even consider anything other than the maximum. but because they post it on youtube and go "its just a prank lol" they get a plea deal? they need to spend the next decade behind bars.

  11. Please don't show Ben who Jake Paul is, there is little purity left in this world, let's preserve a bit of each other.

  12. The "it was all scripted" argument doesn't make anything they did any better. In most cases it makes it worse! "hey I know you're only 5 but im going to shove your head into a bookshelf to make you cry on video alright?"

    Those parents are monsters.

  13. Thank heavens, scripted or not, I HOPE they get what they deserve, jail time is what they need, along with some counseling. They don't have any sense, you don't abuse kids, ever.

  14. So glad they took the boy away from them. If your "jokes" make your children cry and beg you to stop and end up with bloody noses you don't deserve to have the children in the first place.

  15. Let them fry… people like them don't deserve freedom.. consider all the younger people who saw their videos then suddenly think it's acceptable.. a joke is one think.. but a joke does not cause harm to others physically or not.. they nothing more than adults with serious mental health issues, who abuse children for their own amusement and profit..

  16. Frankly, I understand how this would happen, but you are still absolutely responsible for any damage those pranks do. And if that damage includes child neglect or abuse, or anything else criminal, you are absolutely responsible.

  17. Never heard of them. Whoever they are, they deserve to be in prison based on it solely being one of these "prank" channels.

  18. I would love them to face an execution and when there are 3 seconds to go, the prison staff just yell; "it was just a prank!", And then fake it. Well their life is forfeited anyway.

  19. The scary thing is that the DaddyOFive channel currently has 737k subscribers?? And who knows how many more before they got reported.
    Really makes it looks like there's a "market" out there for traumatizing little kids…

  20. If only DaddyOFive were black, they would have their child abuse ignored and escape prison.

  21. That what's wrong with world morons like this can live, mate, have kids and spread theyrs shity seed. Natural selection needs come back or we'll get dumber and dumber.. Sorry for my English..

  22. You know, I appreciate the update, but I thought the Know was about video games. What does this have to do with video games?

  23. I have seen some jackass pretending to throw bags with bombs inside while shouting the "Allah Akbar" thinking it was funny a while ago these days It would get you shoot real or not.

  24. uggh Its a jon episode. pass.

    Wish they would realize that when people say this, it is not necessarily everyone is perving for Michalea or Ashley. Adam is good, Gus is OK, even the new guy is adequate. Its just Jon is like nails on a chalkboard annoying.

    Might be a good guy face to face. He might be talented behind the scenes, He has negative screen presence. So keep him off camera.

  25. A prank is a joke in which an activity is done. A joke inconsequential amusing event or phrase. Meaning the difference between abuse/harassment and a joke/prank is that no long or short term suffering is caused. A condom attached to a rubber band full of flower and water designed to snap on your roommates face when they open your door is a prank. Telling your kids to hit each other is instigating assault.

  26. Is this what pranksters is doing nowadays? Waterboarding your kids? Word?

    Some people just shouldn't have kids. We dont need your parenting skills corrupting children to do the same thing.

  27. I can't be more happy to hear that DO5 might be facing jail time. You can't treat your children like that and not face conquinces.

  28. I think they need jail time. I have kids. That's freaking child abuse. Don't let em off with a fine. If they think that Lil of their kids, their kids need to be takin away and givin a home where their loved. Black and white.

  29. So it's ok when a child does it to a parent? Jackass Bam Margera literally could have given his parents a heart attack from what he did to them. But that's ok right? Is it an age thing this is about? Kids are ruthless but that's ok people right 🤔

  30. Jon Risinger and Ben Ernst don't work well together, because Jon talks loud, and then you can barely hear Ben.
    If you turn up the volume to hear Ben, then Jon is way too loud.

    Too much difference in the volume of their voices.

  31. "What's on the internet is there forever" that's why people don't know about it. Everyday there's new stuff coming to stay forever on the internet.

  32. It's a shame Phil Defranco got all the credit, 4chan had a lot to do with it all, I know because I was there. There we're 30 of us in a discord channel, dubbed the Original 30 after it blew up to about 250 people who spent 2-3 hours tracking all the info we could find on them.

    Here is the Phone call we recorded to one of the local news channel.

  33. And they tried to hide all the videos, but they forgot an important rule of the Internet…
    there are archives all over the net.

  34. The Daddyofive parents Mike & Heather are bullies and criminals and they totally deserve to go to prison for the horrible crap they did to those poor children.

  35. These people disgrace the name Martin. They have no relation to me, but I still feel I should plead that you don't think of these people when you think of the name Martin.

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