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Proof That Survivor Is Totally Fake

Proof That Survivor Is Totally Fake

Survivor is the original reality competition
show, the one that started a movement that would change the television landscape forever. The series, which strands contestants in the
wild while they compete for a $1 million prize, puts its players through starvation, terrible
climates, sleepless nights, and more, making it one of the most difficult reality shows
around. However, there are elements of Survivor that
aren’t as “real” as they seem on TV. Such as … Costumed cast It’s allegedly written into the contestants’
contracts that the show can decide what they wear. For example: Winner John Cochran’s sweater
vest from his first appearance on Survivor has become iconic, but the self-admitted nerd
says he never actually wore sweater vests before being cast, and the producers talked
him into it by noting that Justin Timberlake wears them. Contestant Candice Woodcock confirmed the
wardrobe rumors, as well, saying, “They pretty much choose what they want you to wear. If you don’t send them what they want, they
make you go out and get it.” Cochran claimed he was intentionally styled
to be a nerd, and Woodcock said the crew wanted her to appear more athletic, so she was ordered
to wear a sports bra. Take a load off Anyone who’s watched Survivor has seen the
shots of contestants walking up to a challenge or tribal council with walking sticks and
packs. According to long-time reality TV journalist
and critic Andy Denhart, contestants don’t actually trek on foot from place to place. Instead, they are transported in vehicles
off camera and then kept in a waiting area until it’s time to go out and film. The competitors are reportedly not allowed
to speak to each other during this time. This means they’re often forced to simmer
and have to wait to confront each other instead of working out their issues off camera. Prep time aplenty Before each televised challenge, host Jeff
Probst gives a brief explanation of the event, and then contestants appear to dive right
into the competition. However, there’s actually much more that competitors
have to do before they begin the challenge. After the filmed TV instructions, Probst and
the crew reportedly walk each tribe through the event in detail to show them exactly how
it will go down, allowing the tribes time to ask questions and strategize during that
time — something you don’t see in the final edit. Condensed council In the televised episodes, the typical tribal
council appears to last around 10 minutes, but in reality, they usually last for at least
an hour and include a long list of questions from Probst on a wide variety of topics, according
to former contestants and a former cameraman in Reddit AMAs. Apparently, much of the tribal council ends
up being boring and irrelevant, so all that dull footage gets tossed before the episode
airs. Another potentially fake element of the tribal
council? The contestants’ walk to the council, which
is sometimes filmed more than once to ensure the shot is dramatic enough. Secret assistance Past contestants have dished that there were
times when producers helped them get some much-needed food or fire. Contestant Erinn Lobdell says while she competed
on Exile Island in Survivor: Tocantins, a camera operator lit a fire for her with a
lighter. Kelly Goldsmith of Survivor: Africa says her
tribe was given matches, while Mookie Lee of Survivor: Fiji revealed that a fire apparently
lit by a pair of glasses was actually ignited by a lighter. “Yeahh!” “Whoo hoo!” Contestant coaching Yes, Survivor contestants do have to hunt,
fish, and find their own food in the wild. But according to a former cameraman, contestants
are given a book upon their arrival on the island with helpful information such as what
plants can be eaten, what the native animal and fish species are, and tips for good hygiene. However, most contestants reportedly never
even open that book, so when they’re unable to find food, that may very well be their
own fault. Camera crew clues The camera crews know when to follow contestants
for a secret meeting or when competitors are headed in the direction of an immunity idol. This can have an effect on the game, according
to that same ex-cameraman, who puts it this way: “The smart ones will get away one at
a time and rendezvous. Rarely do we miss those events. It is up to them to be stealthy. The more savvy ones will tip us off that they
are having a meeting, and ensure they have a smooth cover.” Practice makes perfect The speeches jurors give at the final tribal
council range from boring and predictable to explosive and shocking, depending on how
bitter the juror is feeling about his or her exile. According to former contestant Corinne Kaplan,
juror speeches are written in advance and rehearsed for producers before they’re delivered. She says the producers “freaked out” after
hearing her speech, and Probst said “please don’t change a single word of that.” Kaplan says she didn’t, because she had it
precisely memorized. “And the only thing I would vote to give you
is a handful of anti-depressants, so that no one else has to be subjected to your constant
crying anymore.” Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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50 comments on “Proof That Survivor Is Totally Fake

  1. I remember Jeff saying one time when the temp dropped they helped light fires or when a animal ate all the chickens they gave them new ones

  2. Super fans of the show already know all of this and Survivor production is also very transparent about all of this because these little tweaks help both the viewers and contestants. If I was playing for a million dollars and didn’t understand a challenge i’d be hella pissed if they just threw us in without explaining anything. Plus they obviously can’t let the people playing die on the show or it wouldn’t exist anymore lmao. The clothing thing is to avoid copyright claims when a contestant wants to wear a shirt with a company’s logo on it, cbs is gonna have to pay for that so obviously that’s why 99.9% of the contestants are wearing blank clothes on the show.

  3. If you actually watch the show you'll see them dropping stupid amounts of weight because of the limited food. It's not fake.

  4. Except for clothing maybe being determined for SOME ppl to emphasize why they were cast in the 1st place, & maybe a fire once being lit by a lighter in a presumably extreme situation where ppl's health is at extreme risk, everything else makes total sense & does NOT make it fake. Lighting a fire for a person alone on exile Island must have been necesary for their safety, & all the other things U mentioned are basic essential editing, cos nobody wants to watch everything all the survivors say & do 24/7. WE only want to see the best bits cos some of us like to eat & shower & work & have a life & not only watch survivor 24/7 for months, Clearly U are just trying to get lots of hits with this title, making your video the fakest thing of all,

  5. This video itself infuriates me. Survivor is very much real and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. They obviously aren't starving them because they give them rice in the beginning. Also, there are reward challenges that they can win food from. You can also go fishing and get food yourself. I don't believe you have watched survivor because if you have you would know it is obviously real. Stick to videos that you know what your talking about.

  6. Apparently the first factor was the reason Purple Kelly became iconic for the "purple edit" phenomena. The producers did not allow her to wear anything other than a swimsuit and a dress and it was very cold in Nicaragua a lot of the time so she that's why she hated it there and wanted to quit.

  7. The only thing fake about this video is…. THIS VIDEO! Survivor is 39 days, not 14 hours as shown on TV. Of COURSE they are only going to show the stuff that MEANS anything. Of COURSE they are not alone on any island, that would be almost a death sentence. It would be "Fake" if it was Scripted (like THIS video). THAT is the definition of "FAKE" Survivor = well produced, Not "fake"

  8. Also on Australian Survivor Contenders vs Champions, the really old lady , known as the Godmother. She is the one with the neck that looks like chicken gizzard. Well I think she is probably in mid 70s but obviously grey or whiye hair roots kept appearing then disappearing through the whole show. She must have had that written in her contract beforehand. Ridiculous. Im sure there were no challenges where hair dye was the prize. Not reality…just vanity Old people should just accept it, lol.

  9. "They are given a book on what plant species are safe to eat" Wow I can't believe the producers won't just let them poison themselves. wHaT a RiP oFF! tOtAlLy fAkE!!!!

  10. The only thing that is fake is Nicki Swift. She poses as someone giving insider information when all she is giving is rubbish. Nothing in this video indicates Survivor is fake. Actors are told what to wear also. Just because contestants on this show are suggested what they should wear doesn't make the show fake. I could continue but it's not worth the bother.

  11. Time to hit the dislike because this is SO stupid. Nicki you are grasping at straws. Fake news seems to be what you report. You should read up on game show laws. They do exist. Do you think people go on a show like 'Jeopardy' and don't practice? Have you ever seen someone wear a t-shirt on that show? I could make a long list but it's pointless.

  12. “Contestants were helped by lighting fires and given food and water” because if they were left to die that means it isnt fake????

  13. I actually unsubscribed from this channel because of another video from Nicki Swift. After watching this one I think it's fair to say that Nicki Swift isn't very well informed on anything.

  14. Well duh… If you thought the initial concept was JUST abt surviving.. The slogan "outwit,outlast,outplay" blew your mind, especially when ppl were winning for using their mind

  15. Wow they edit the show and can’t show everything due to only having an hour of time, oh and they get transportated to each challenge ITS GOTTA BE FAKE

  16. Nicki…you do see you have more DISLIKES than LIKES…correct? (Or is that fake too. LOL) How about not making anymore videos instead of asking which other shows we want you to explore?

  17. Ya reality shows are scripted but they have to be out there for 39 days and this video didn't say anything about production telling contestants who to vote for so how does what we just saw proof that survivor is fake?!

  18. Omg!!! So totally because they edit things out of this tv show means that it’s fake!!! Wowwwwww

    Bruh srsly I grew up watching this show this show is the best

  19. This video is absolutely stupid. The cloths thing doesn’t make it fake. The waiting for the things to happen and you are not allowed to talk is because Tina from Australian outback spoke to someone while waiting and got them to vote someone off. Not because they want it to be real. They want to have all footage.

  20. This is crap. It’s not fake it’s just things they don’t show. But whatever… plus it’s a reality tv show, so not EVERY little aspect is gonna be what you think. For the fire thing there reactions were real, they just time it differently to look differently. Plus, the camera men follow everyone, only use GOOD clips. Like tribal counsel. And the first few seasons. Yeah they were scripted, but the new ones. Not one bit.

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