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100 comments on “Reality Stars – SNL

  1. "The labels are wrong though, it has Carla from The Chew on it" 😂😂😂 I burst out laughing … and how freakin precious is that dog! 😍😍😍

  2. I believe Will just showed up. This is a way bit after his time. Just being around him for 5 minutes, you know that you've made a great career decision.

  3. It appears they hand Melissa the Almost-Made-It-To-"Cut For Time"-skits. Many skits are written by the actors and they choose who they want to be in them. Melissa, being the Mexican, is left out from most. What: these people are ACTORS, not Mother Theresa's, so they are highly prone to biases and prejudices, so I asked what? There it was. They probably fear her talent, who even without heavy make-up and prosthetic's she excels. I hope that those actors, and the SNL writers who are keeping Melissa down are dealt a similar dish in life soon enough. I don't want them to suffer, but that they go through something and see how wrong mistreatment is. If anyone loves or likes Melissa Villasenor, YOU can tweet, facebook, instagram, SNL and tell them to have Melissa do some of the GOOD skits as lead role or co-lead role in skits. And also comment about it right here on Youtube.

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