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Regular People Try Celebrity Impressions

Regular People Try Celebrity Impressions

– I’m going to try celebrity impressions. – [Guy] Who’s that? – I don’t know (beep) know. (swing music) – I feel like I can do a few
celebrity impersonations. – I never ever, ever want to
be the person, who’s just like, “You’ve got to hear my so and so” – If you act like you know
what you’re doing then other people think they, you
know what you’re doing. – I’ve never seen any of
these papers with the names written down, so I’m just
going to pick one out and we’re going to go for it. – It’s Leviosa, not Leviosar! – Wow. That’s all I got. – Ehhhalll! – I am the Governor of California. – I guess it’s just a lot of talking. – I just feel like California
needs to change, how we elect our government. Did you like that? Because it’s like though
I never knew Arnold Schwarzenegger was ever an actor. – I’d like to drink some tea
while reading the newspaper. Oh, that’s horrible! – It seems to be a very green day. – Well, it’s not easy being green. – It’s not easy being green. Now. (laughing) – I’m a frog! – Oh yelling. Bounce! – What do you mean you’ve
got me doing impressions in this room? There’s a couple out here drinking water. They tell you to drink eight cups a day. No one drinks eight cups a day. – What’s the deal with taxi cabs? This is Seinfeld, Christopher Walken! – I’m the king of the north! – Ohhh…. – I’ve seen the north wall. – We are all brothers of the night watch. (stabbing noises) – Will! Where’s my son? Will! – Will! Has anybody seen my son? – Will are you there? – Where’s my boy? I want to find my boy. – Hopper, where is he? He’s in the lights. – Will! Will! Nailed it. – Finger boy…oh fuck I
can’t even do it anymore. I need to practice. – Shampoo is better, I go
on first and clean the hair. No, conditioner is better. I leave the hair silky and smooth. – Finger boy , oh yeah finger boy! – You call this fucking
scrambled eggs there. I told you to make fucking
scrambled eggs and you act like a fucking god
damn idiot over there. – You did a bad job cooking! – It is going to be Yuge! – Huge! – Huuuge! – It’s going to be huge. That wasn’t even close to
what he sounds like at all. – I love bread. – You get a car! You get
a car! You get a car! – Ohhh Myyy Gooddd. It’s fucking Oprah. – No, no, no, no, no. What are you doing? – (breathing loudly) – You tell me! What are you doing? – Uh huh huh – Uh huh huh – Uh huh, Uh huh, yeah babe. That was like Mick Jagger. – I can do like Russian Elvis. Oh pa chee dega dee. Ba dega dee. – Thank you. – Thank you very much. – I think that on a scale from
1-10, I was a very solid 2.5. – I just like made a lot of weird noises. I hope people in the office
couldn’t hear me through the walls. They probably think something
is wrong, and they are going to call the police. – Thank you! (laughing) – You’ve ruined my day. I feel terrible. – That was really awkward. ( tuba music) – Yo, Adrienne! I did it!

100 comments on “Regular People Try Celebrity Impressions

  1. I can't believe the only Winona Ryder they tried doing was from stranger things… I mean Lydia Deetz anyone?? Or Veronica Sawyer? smh

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  3. This was so funny!! Thank you guys for being so willing to do something you knew you would be terrible at. Lol, no way would I have done that!

  4. Every single Winona impression was abysmal. So many amazing things to quote and they all go with Stranger Things 😒

  5. It would have made more sense to have the females impersonating the females. And the males, impersonating the males.

  6. During the Winona impressions, everyone did the Joyce Byers thing but I said "What's your damage, Heather??"

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