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REVEALED: How Meghan Markle ‘DOES channel Princess Diana when courting publicity’

REVEALED: How Meghan Markle ‘DOES channel Princess Diana when courting publicity’

 Princess Diana was one of the most famous women of her time and Meghan Markle is often bombarded with comparisons to the late Princess of Wales However, royal writer Claudia Joseph said it is now a “very different ball game” in the media compared to the way in which Princess Diana was treated by the tabloid press Ms Joseph’s comments were sparked after actor George Clooney recently blasted the press for “chasing” Meghan Markle in the same way as Princess Diana was  Ms Joseph said Meghan “brought this on herself” in an interview with Sky News this week  She said: “It’s not our choice to hound Meghan. It’s not our choice for her friends to brief the press, for Thomas Markle [her father] to keep talking again and again ” Mr Clooney said the Duchess was getting “a raw deal” and suggested history was repeating itself over the media coverage of the two women  The American actor spoke out at an event in Los Angeles after several stories over a rift between Meghan, who is seven months pregnant, and her father Thomas Markle  However, for Diana, the “PR battle and the lack of privacy was partly Diana’s fault” according to an article written in The New Yorker by John Lancaster  The 2007 article suggests that before her death, she “invaded her own privacy” when she cooperated with biographer Andrew Morton for the book “Diana: Her True Story”  Diana also took part in a televised interview in a 1995 episode of “Panorama” and, in conversation with Martin Bashir, she uttered the line about wanting to be “the Queen of people’s hearts”  Mr Lancaster added: “Diana was clearly a mythomaniac, a fantasist, a fibber, a manipulator, and a world-class actress, with a particular talent for delivering well-rehearsed, weapons-grade zingers with an air of absolute innocence ” The Sun reported last week that Meghan Markle is the “new Diana with her PR tactics where she authorised five of her ‘girl squad’ to tell US magazine PEOPLE the truth” behind the headlines over the rift between her and Thomas Markle, her father  Ingrid Seward, Editor-in-Chief of Majesty magazine spoke to the newspaper, suggesting this was Meghan, just like Diana in the Eighties and Nineties, bypassing Palace protocol when dealing with the media  Ms Seward said: “If there was something in the papers that Diana didn’t like, she’d take matters into her own hands  “She’d speak to favoured journalists or friends such as Carolyn Bartholomew, who acted as the go-between with Andrew Morton on his book  “She would tip off photographers for pictures that would make her look good, such as secret charity visits and the pictures on Dodi’s boat ” The Sun’s royal correspondent, Emily Andrews said: “Diana was a renegade and used the press effectively  “Meghan, as an actress, also knows how to court good publicity.”

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