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Saltbae’s Celebrity Fans? Rihanna, Leo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck?!

Saltbae’s Celebrity Fans? Rihanna, Leo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck?!

I’m sure you have seen or better say used
the meme with a guy throwing salt on a piece of meat! Yup, I am talking about the salt bae! Did you know that there is an actual story
behind this guy!? And that he is an actual cook?! Can you believe that Nusret Gökçe aka Salt
Bae started from nothing and now his restaurants attract crowds? It’s Jason and I’m gonna tell you how
Salt Bae became celebs’ favorite and restaurant critics’ enemy. Nusret Gökçe was born in Turkey. His family wasn’t wealthy so when he was
a teenager he started working as a butcher’s assistant. The job inspired him to set out on a journey
around the world to master his cooking skills. To gain experience, he worked in restaurants
for free! This is what you call dedication! Would you make any sacrifices for your dream
job? After a few years of learning, Salt Bae returned
to his country and opened his first restaurant. It turned out to be a massive success so Nusret
decided to open another one in Dubai. But the peak of his success was yet to come. A few years later there came his breakthrough
when Nusret posted the famous video of him slicing meat and seasoning it with salt in
a very spectacular way. As you probably know, the post went viral
and literally everyone wanted to visit his restaurant! Surprise, surprise! The popular spot was a magnet for the rich
and famous. The restaurant attracted stars such as Leonardo
di Caprio, Rihanna, Ben Affleck, and Leo Messi or Diego Maradona. Wow, these are some legendary names! Would you like to visit Salt Bae’s restaurant? Unfortunately, food critics weren’t as enthusiastic
about the steakhouses as the rest of the world. Despite the negative ratings, Nusret owns
multiple Steakhouses around the world. Two of them are in the US so you can see for
yourself if they’re worth the hype. The Internet’s Saltbae spends some time
in each of his restaurants so if you’re lucky enough, he’ll come to your table and prepare
the food for you. Yes, he will salt your dish in that characteristic
way as well! So call in and book a table now! Nusret is getting the most of his popularity
and takes part in various projects. Recently he’s appeared in DJ Khaled’s music
video “You Stay” and received the “Best celebrity blogger” award. Well, it seems that good cuisine sells as
much as the Kardashian family. Luckily for us, Salt Bae said that his goal
was to open more restaurants around the world. What do you think of the viral sensation that
is Saltbae? Would you like to try the food prepared by
him? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget
to subscribe to become a part of our CurioSips Family! See you!

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