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Scoob Final Trailer REACTION

Scoob Final Trailer REACTION

So yeah, as I’ve been telling you

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  1. Grace, it's Falcon and Dynomutt.!!!!!! I used to watch their Saturday morning cartoon!! Why'd they have to make Falcon egotistical? I don't know who the African American woman is though, but she seems really courageous and fun.

  2. Velma's my favourite Scooby Do character, honestly. Velma could function without the gang, but the gang couldn't function without Velma. She's like the only Avenger there with an actual power. lol

  3. I can't be the only one who is getting major Shuri vibes from dee dee? from the hair, tech and costume choices

  4. 3:22 I Agree! , No matter how Funny that They think that Kind of joke is, They Still Look F***ing Carnivorous 😆😳🤪

  5. I haven’t laughed at a Scooby movie, a Scooby ANYTHING in years!!! This made me feel so good, had me so engaged, and totally excited about the movie! DON’T BLINK!!!!!!

  6. Honestly, the mystery gang doesn't work unless you have all of them. I remember when they only had Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy and that was horrible.

  7. I love that they separated Scooby and Shaggy from the group. It allows Velma, Daphne and Fred to breathe. I think that they might fall to the background if they were together the whole movie.

  8. Nice reaction Grace! 🙂 I thought the trailer was just okay.. Now, with all the nostalgia, I just hope they don't completely chuck out the horror/mystery aspect of the Show! It was that low-key scary stuff which always made me come back to the Mystery Inc. Universe. I mean we always knew that it's just some bad villain behind a mask but, all the action before the unmasking would get most intense and interesting! So far it only seems that there is alien villains involved which were personally, my least favorite type in the shows/movies..

  9. How about one trailer that roughly outlines what it is about. I think trailers like the one for Dark City are perfect.

  10. So many Hanna Barbera Easter eggs here. Favorite scooby movie is Zombie Island followed by ghoul school. I’m excited for this!

  11. I think maybe there should be two trailers that would be about it because if you show too much then why go see the movie in the first place I mean let's face it movie tickets aren't cheap and honestly I'd say within the next year or two years everything is going to be streaming on television which is the way to go now and I think that's the way this movie should have been done you know it should have been shown on line instead of a movie theater cuz I think it'll do so much better there

  12. I'm glad that they didn't change the ethnicity of the original characters and instead added a new character for the diversity. That's how it should always be.

  13. Ashley Tisdale directed a movie origin story for Velma and Daphne! I'm especially excited for Blue Falcon and B=Dynomutt!

  14. I believe a movie should have 3 different trailers.
    Teaser- to give people a taste of what the movie looks like & whats type of film it is.
    First Trailer- sets the tone of the film and gives more details on the plot. Also changes the tone from the teaser trailer.
    Final trailer- better summary of the film as a whole with teases of the special scenes, characters, and plot points
    Extras – Tv spots with additional snippets, special theatrical trailers in between either teaser & first or first & trailer when it comes to details, and the red band trailers. The Red Bands that adds in the more mature stuff. OHH OHH also the special trailers/tv spot. The ones where they have special filmed pieces only for the trailer or tv spot. Like Deadpools promotions. Those are great. Great to have in bluRay extras.

  15. i think trailers should be two for hollywood movies and i hate that we get trailers for movies not coming from a year….i live in India and here in indian film industry,we get trailers a month before the movie and thats a single trailer to sell the movie….we do however have songs and dance numbers to promote the movie without actually giving away the plot of the movie…thats where movie's album is so important…if the movie's songs are a hit,that movie is a most probably going to be a hit….but this case is almost opposite in south indian movie industry whose trailers are infamously confusing….if you have time,everybody should check out Malayalam movie trailers from south India…they are almost an art piece themselves because they give away none of the plot and leave you all excited and confused yet eager to see the movie so that when you go to theatres to see the movie you are genuinly surprised because you dont have any expectations from the movie

  16. Hey Grace what do you think about Scooby Doo on HBO Max…i would love to see their return on TV with actual goos mysteris….i used to love watching them on TV as a child

  17. i wish there was a darker version of scooby doo….because of all the scooby doo i have wached the most horryfying and scary and remembering thing was that cat island movie where everybody turned to cat people and tried to eat scoob gang…..on that note i wish they did darker version of things better because Afterlife With Archie was fucking amazing and i remember that one weird adventures with archie and friends animated tv show where there were ghosts and aliens….i mean Cilling adventures of sabrina is doing great….why riverdale doesnt works is because they changed the characters too much to become dark and gloomy…rather they should have kept the characters the way they were light hearted….its the setting and everything around them that should have changed

  18. I think I can already see the plot twist of this movie coming a mile away……..

    That Falcon hero guy is going to end up being the ultimate villain and his talking dog will convince him to be on the good side in the end because Shaggy and Scoob's friendship.

  19. I don’t think Scoob needs many trailers because we know the story. Plus we don’t wanna put together who the bad guy is

  20. I grew up watching the original “Scooby Doo Where Are You?” Reruns during the 90’s and it made my childhood and this trailer made me so happy! And they even added Blue Falcon and Dynomutt!!!! Can’t wait!

  21. I know everyone was already going to see it regardless of how many trailers were released. But I think Disney and MARVEL had the perfect formula with "Avengers: Endgame." Come out with a Teaser trailer 4-5 months from the release date. Then you release a full trailer about 6-8 weeks from the release date. And then you release a little "Special Look" that's about a minute 30 long to let everyone know that tickets are now on sale. That's it.

  22. I’m a long time fan of the Blue Falcon and I pray “they” don’t dumb him down like “they” did Space Ghost (Coast to Coast) and Birdman (Harvey Birdman). I will just have to watch it to find out. 🙏

  23. Did anyone notice that Netflix took down Grace’s Ozark S3 trailer reaction! I didn’t get to finish watching it! What did she say!!! 😭😭😭

  24. "Another dog" OMG GRACE! You just crushed every aorta in my heart! Nary an eyelash batted or eyebrow raised at the sight of Blue Falcon and Dynomutt! It's TRUE, youth is wasted on the young!

  25. Blue Falcon and Dynomutt? Is that Dee Dee from Captain Caveman? A connected Hanna-Barbera Universe? Can we get Johnny Quest next? Space Ghost? The Herculoids? I mean, The Flintsones and The Jetsons should be a no-brainer for the big wigs at Warner bros, but getting Johnny Quest on the big screen is a license to print money. So many story possibilities, it boggles the mind..

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