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Sean Spicer Plays Dirty on “Dancing with the Stars” | The Daily Show

Sean Spicer Plays Dirty on “Dancing with the Stars” | The Daily Show

Sean Spicer, former White House
press secretary and the human version
of a clammy handshake. After he left the White House, he did something
no one else did. He decided to dance. It’s official. The new cast
of Dancing with the Stars was announced today,
and one of the celebrities putting on his dancing shoes is former White House
Press Secretary Sean Spicer. I hope what this show is
at the end of the season is an example of people of
a bunch of different backgrounds getting together,
leaving politics aside -and having a good time
-Great. Mm-hmm. in a civil and respectful way. I think too much we– of what we
have in this country right now is every conversation
has to turn into politics. You know, that’s actually
a beautiful sentiment. I actually agree
with Pasty Spice over here. ‘Cause, in the past few years, everything
has become politicized– our food, our sports, even our kids’ cartoons. Ever since Dora the Explorer
got arrested by ICE, -it hasn’t been the same.
-(gasping) Just like,
“I wasn’t cross illegally! I just like to explore!” To be fair, she did have
marijuana in her backpack, but that was the monkeys.
That was the monkeys. But, believe it or not, since he joined the cast
of Dancing with the Stars, Sean Spicer
has brought everyone together. It’s just to laugh
at his terrible dancing. -(shouting)
-♪ Colors of the world ♪ -♪ Spice up your life ♪
-♪ Every boy and every girl ♪ ♪ Spice up your life ♪ ♪ Bamboleo ♪ ♪ Bambolea ♪ ♪ We know how to show it ♪ ♪ ♪ (guitar playing) (rapid clapping) ANNOUNCER:
At the bottom, Sean and Lindsay. At the bottom
are Sean and Lindsay. And at the bottom
are Sean and Lindsay. Dancing doesn’t come easy
to you. It looked like they were set
in cement, your hips. Technically, it wasn’t,
you know, great. You are just
a little bit robotic. TONIOLI:
What were you doing there? It was
like you were being attacked by a swarm of wasps. You got to admit, it is fun to
watch the judges dragging him. Like, I actually wish
every Trump official had to go through this
after leaving the White House. Yeah. Just be, like,
the judges going, “Stephen Miller,
you dance like a snake trying to shed its skin.” He’s like,
“Oh, I wasn’t dancing. I did just shed my skin.” (hissing) (laughter, applause) But those judges are right
about Spicer. Not only was he bad
at lying to the press, it turns out his hips
also can’t lie for shit. Right? In fact, I’m not even sure
that he has hips. I wouldn’t be surprised if,
underneath that stupid outfit, he just has the body of a Lego. Like, that’s what it is. So, look, Sean Spicer has-has
clearly been the worst dancer on the show
and possibly in history ever. He’s been getting
the lowest scores and should have been gone
a long time ago. But Dancing with the Stars
factors in both scores and the viewer votes at home. So once it became clear that he wasn’t gonna
win over the judges, Sean Spicer decided, “Screw the whole nonpolitical,
kumbaya crap,” and he started going on
the far-right website Breitbart to turn this dance competition
into a full-on civil war. (audience groaning) -(groaning) -Okay, I-I
haven’t said this in a while, but, Sean Spicer, what the
(bleep) are you talking about? -(cheering and applause)
-Like, first of all, first of all, people on the left don’t care if a conservative wins
Dancing with the Stars. Trust me, when it comes
to the liberal agenda, dancing does not make the list. You won’t see Bernie Sanders
onstage like, “College should be free. “Health care should be
a human right. “And the cha-cha should go
dun-dun, dun-dun-dun. We’ve got to fight for that.” (cheering and applause) But, once again, I guess
Sean Spicer has lied to America, because now he’s totally making
this thing political. He’s trying to convince people the only way to free
conservatives from persecution is to help him win
a reality dance competition? That’s not how things work. Nelson Mandela was never like, “To fight the oppression
of apartheid, we will be joining season 23
of Top Chef.” Like, that’s not a thing. -(applause)
-WOMAN: Ow! And-and Spicer hasn’t only
lasted this long on the show by turning this
into a culture war– he’s also basically resorted
to election fraud. You can vote tonight 20 times. Ten times text “Sean” to 21523. Keep hitting “send.” Just type
“Sean” over and over again and hit “send” until it tells
you you’ve maxed out at ten. You get another ten votes
by going to Make sure that you cast your
votes while the show is live on the East Coast,
between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. If you’re in Central Time,
that’s 7:00 to 9:00. Mountain, 6:00 to 8:00. Here on the West Coast,
5:00 to 7:00. Don’t wait for the show
to come on live if you’re in the Mountain
or-or, uh, Pacific Time. Vote between 8:00 and 10:00
Eastern Time. Those are the only votes
that count. All right,
did-did you hear that? Did you– He just told people
to vote for him 20 times even if they haven’t seen him
dance yet, which is messed up.
Although, it’s also smart. Because you could wait
to see him dance, but then how you gonna text
the right number once your eyes are bleeding?
I get it. I get it. I totally get it. But beyond riling up
Breitbart listeners and showing his supporters
how to vote a thousand times, Spicer’s campaign
has been successful. Because, you see,
he’s harnessed the full support of the conservative world. REPORTER: It is your Shot
of the Morning. That is Sean Spicer dancing
his way into America’s hearts. Oh, my gosh.
It makes you feel like dancing! Wow! Sean Spicer! The biggest star right now
on Dancing with the Stars. He keeps going
and going and going. I’m telling you,
you’re doing great, my friend. You know what, Sean.
I-I think you’re getting better -every week. -I’m sure
that you improved quite a bit. Congratulations on that.
On to the next round you march. REPORTER 2: The president
found time to throw his support behind former
Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Dancing with the Stars. (reading): -(groaning)
-That’s right. Even the president
of the United States is stepping in to keep Spicer from getting voted
off the dance floor. You know, I guarantee that,
at some point, between running the country
and promoting Sean Spicer, Trump has accidentally texted
“Sean” ten times to the president of Ukraine. I know that’s
happened at least once. He just sent it,
and the guy’s like, “Mr. President, who is Sean?” “Uh, sorry.
Wrong number, wrong number.” So, look, I know Sean Spicer isn’t
technically breaking any rules. I mean, he’s breaking a ton
of dancing rules and just general rules
of physics about how the human body
is supposed to move, but he is ruining Dancing with
the Stars for a lot of its fans who genuinely love
to watch good dancing, because this-this is not
supposed to be about politics. It’s about talent. And a guy who dances
with the elegance of a dial-up modem logging into
AOL does not deserve to win. And you might be wondering.
You might be like, “Well, Trevor,
why do you care so much?” Well, I’ll tell you why. ‘Cause back in South Africa,
I was lucky enough to be a “Dancing with the Star.”
All right? I samba’d out there,
I paso doble’d, I waltzed. -(applause and cheering)
-And I-I did whatever that is. And you know what?
I’m proud to say that I kicked ass
because I worked hard at it. So if Sean Spicer’ gonna destroy
one of the greatest, most-respected institutions
in the world, I have no choice
but to defend its honor. Sean Spicer… (cheers and applause) We’re gonna settle this
like men, man. You and me! You meet me in the parking lot
after work! And it’s gonna be… a dance-off, Sean. -We’re dancing, Sean!
-(dance music plays) We’re dancing. We’re gonna be dancing, Sean.

100 comments on “Sean Spicer Plays Dirty on “Dancing with the Stars” | The Daily Show

  1. The extreme right: This guy will make a terrible president. Let's vote for him. This guy can't dance. Let's vote for him. Fox news, as the world crumbles: What a great job Trump is doing. Fox news, about a video painful to watch: look at him go, what a great dancer.

  2. Ahh, you epstein pedophiles and haters are always going to hate. Oblama racist ethnic cleansing of caged Hispanic children should be tried in NATO courts. Jail oblama now for ethnic cleansing and isis terrorism.

  3. Wow that smooth slip in of pasty spice. Pshhhkkkkkkrrrr​kakingkakingkakingtsh​chchchchchchchcch​*ding*ding*ding*

    What the hell is on Trevor's chest that look liked the fies around Pig-Pin feet.

  4. Wth? Spicey we have eyes, we can see your not even in step with you're partner! You're just a terrible dancer! And rigging a dance competition? Omg how tiny his peenee must be! LMFAO OMG. Politics in our country, has come to this? Uuuugghhhhhh.

  5. It only shows brief clips of the dances, but you do see Trevor dancing. This is from Strictly Come Dancing South Africa.

  6. He has got to be eliminated next. Bottom of the list. What are they going to do, get rid of someone with a score of 27/30?

  7. it's really sad to see a disrespected Press Secretary go to such lengths to mess up a show that was designed to entertain people who love the art of dancing.

  8. Ahhh man. Just for a minute, I ALMOST kinda liked Sean Spicer. He seemed like a human being. And then he had to open his mouth so his garbage brain could burble out. What a nut job. Where is he even getting this stuff? It would be funny if it weren't actually dangerous. People actually believe the stuff he says about the left! They base a whole world view on made up lies!! Breaks my heart. We used to be a nation.

  9. Right now, we r living in an opposite world. Where people dancing 🕺 on the stage without knowing any steps and people running country without knowing anything about it!!!

  10. DUDE wtf sean spicer just when my heart started warming to you after your nonsense, i even said many times he's just doing what he has to do and he at least looks slightly ashamed of it. sorry for my blindness holy shit. thats some deep rooted insecurity

  11. I was hoping that Sean Spicer was secretly a pro dancer while serving in the WH. I was disappointed when his hips didn’t amaze me. He just doesn’t bring…the Spice.

  12. Sean Spicer dances like All trump supporters dance. Badly or Not At All,.. They have No Rhythm, No Skills, No Intelligence, and No Clue,..

  13. After this 8 minutes if obvious that Sean Spicer dances a heck of a lot better than this guy tells jokes.
    Really what the heck did I just watch?

  14. The sad thing is the media allows these lying assholes to rehabilitate their image by coming on these shows when rightfully such despicable people should be made pariahs for all their lies and damage caused! And then a few years pass and a war criminal president is having fun with Ellen at a ball game

  15. I’m getting nauseous listening to him. Sean Spicer that is.
    And I was hoping to see the bottom of that suit you were wearing lol!

  16. Trevor should look at the last season of dancing with the stars Austria where an ex politician and terrible dancer went almost to the finals for the same reason…..but he was worse than Spicer.

  17. "i think what we have right now in this country is every conversation has to turn to politics." He says lol HEY, SEAN; That's true for you because you began your political career, your whole, "claim to fame," by coming out to Donald Trump's Press podium on his first day as President and chose to LIE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    Sorry, but with your History of lies and obfuscation, during your short tenure as Trump's official White House mouthpiece, you have FORFEIT the privilege to live a, "politics-free," public life.

    Sorry, man.
    But that was a decision that YOU made.

    Now, all the dancing, jokes, and whining in the world won't relinquish you from who you've become.
    You've exposed yourself as a fraud and people without honor or dignity don't get to live honorable, dignified lives in the public square.

  18. Probably no one will read this. I was genuinely impressed by a couple of his salsa clips– the light green outfit. Some neat tricks, and overall good energy. 🙂

    But he's still a jerk. No amount of dancing will fix that. 😌

    Edit: I just watched the whole dance. I didn't realize that was his debut. Outside of those clips, the rest of it is… not very good. But he looks happy, and that makes me a little bit happy. 😌

  19. how can I be both very surprised AND also not surprised at all because as it turns out life is just a bot who was built to learn all telenovelas and black mirror and reproduce it

  20. Funny how things weren't so "political" before Trump was elected maybe there is a problem beyond just your minor annoyance

  21. Shut the fuck up bath tub plug. Who gives a fuck @ dancing with the stars or with idiots like you, you could not even dance your way out of a toilet paper bag.

  22. Sean Spicer you dance worse than I do. You are a white boy from somewhere. I am a white boy from Montana. I used to think that ketchup was spicy. I have since moved to Arizona and now think that Tabasco sauce had a nice kick to it. I have seen you dance and I still dance better than you. When I dance people call 911 be cause they think I am having a grand mal seizure. When you dance people would think that you are in need of a proctologist turned electrician to get that dildo out of your ass that is definitely shorting out. Sean, you need to know when the time is to pull the dildo out of your ass, sit down and just shut the hell up. That time is now.

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