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Sesame Street: Usher’s ABC Song

Sesame Street: Usher’s ABC Song

USHER: You guys ready? Let’s do it. Clap your hands. [CLAPPING] USHER: [SINGING] The alphabet. Yeah, yeah. ALL: [SINGING] A B, Cs. USHER: [SINGING] They can help you move, so
get up and dance with me. MUPPETS: A! USHER: [SINGING] Move your arm. MUPPETS: B! USHER: [SINGING] Bounce like a ball. MUPPETS: C! USHER: [SINGING] Make like a crustacean and
do the crabby crawl. MUPPETS: D! USHER: [SINGING] Everybody get down. MUPPETS: E! USHER: [SINGING] Elbows out. MUPPETS: F! USHER: [SINGING] Fingers flap and
flutter about. ALL: [SINGING] Move your body to the letters
that’s what you do. It’s the A, B, Cs
are moving you. Yeah. MUPPETS: G! USHER: [SINGING] Glad once. MUPPETS: H! USHER: [SINGING] Hop twice. MUPPETS: I! USHER: [SINGING] Start to shiver like your
covered in ice. MUPPETS: J! USHER: [SINGING] Everybody jump. MUPPETS: K! USHER: [SINGING] Kick the air. MUPPETS: L! USHER: [SINGING] Lift your leg and shake
it everywhere. ALL: [SINGING] Move your body to the letters
you know it’s true. Because the A, B, Cs
are moving you. MUPPETS: M! USHER: [SINGING] Make a muscle. MUPPETS: N! USHER: [SINGING] Give a nod. MUPPETS: O! USHER: [SINGING] Move like an octopus,
it’s not that hard. Take it up now. MUPPETS: P! USHER: [SINGING] Point. MUPPETS: Q! USHER: Quiver. MUPPETS: R! USHER: [SINGING] Run. MUPPETS: S! USHER: [SINGING] Slither. So many letters in
the alphabet. ABBY CADABBY: What about T? USHER: Right. [SINGING] Turn around because we’re
not finished yet. MUPPETS: U! USHER: [SINGING] That’s for Usher. MUPPETS: V! USHER: [SINGING] Play the violin. MUPPETS: W! USHER: [SINGING] Wiggle again, and again, and
again OK that’s enough. MUPPETS: X! USHER: [SINGING] Make an X. MUPPETS: Y! USHER: Yeah, man. MUPPETS: Z! USHER: [SINGING] Zoom around because zooming’s
the best. Move to all the letters
and now we’re through. ALL: [SINGING] The ABCs are moving you. The ABCs are moving you. [CHEERING] GROVER: C’mon, David. Let’s just play another one. [BANJO PLAYING] [SINGING]

100 comments on “Sesame Street: Usher’s ABC Song

  1. I have a 9 month baby boy and as soon as I put this song on for him he gets super excited with his eyes lighting up when he hears this song. Let alone hearing Elmo's voice.

  2. Does this go too fast for your kid to do all the motions? Tip, play it at .75 speed. So much better for doing the actions.

  3. Have to watch every night to put my 15 month old to bed first time I ever really watched what the others were doing this is probably my favorite guest artist song


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  5. My 2yr old son seen this for the first time today.. lets just say he wanted to listen to it 20x in an hr. Lol he loved it!

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