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Sith Trooper from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Revealed

Sith Trooper from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Revealed

– This week, we’re revealing
a brand new Trooper from “Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker.”
– What? Like you need more than
that to keep watching? – Let’s start the show. – This is The Star Wars Show. From the Lucasfilm
headquarters in San Francisco, here’s your hosts,
Andi and Anthony. – Hello and welcome
to The Star Wars Show, the only Star Wars show
on the internet that’s part of a balanced breakfast. – That’s right. Little known secret
about the two of us. We’re packed with riboflavin. – Plus, there’s a free
prize inside of both of us. – Open up that belly, Carboni. – Oh, no, thank you. Let’s talk about news instead. – I hope it’s a
color changing spoon. – San Diego Comic Con is
a little over a week away. And attendees will
be some of the first to see the brand new
Sith Trooper from “Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker.” – Shown in these product
designs, the Sith Trooper is the next evolution of the
Imperial First Order soldiers and bears a more
modern and menacing look worthy of its namesake. – Plus, the actual
Sith Trooper armor will be part of a special
exhibit celebrating generations of Stormtrooper design. – A total of nine different
costumes, all screen used, will be on display at
the Lucasfilm booth. – We’re talking Imperial
Stormtrooper, Tie Pilot, Death Trooper, Shore Trooper,
Biker Scout, First Order Stormtrooper, First
Order Tie Pilot, and of course, the
aforementioned brand new Sith Trooper. – For more on the Sith Trooper,
including a list of exclusive Sith Trooper products coming
to San Diego Comic Con, check out – And speaking of
Comic Con, there are a few Star
Wars related panels you will not want to miss. – ILMxLAB will be there to talk
about bringing new Star Wars stories to virtual reality. – From trials on Tatooine
to secrets of the Empire, the team will take you
through their experiences and reveal a sneak peek at
episode 2 of “Vader Immortal.” – Lucasfilm Publishing will also
be on hand to talk about all of the new and upcoming stories
set in a galaxy far, far away. – Panelists include Timothy
Zahn, Charles Soule, Cavan Scott, Delilah Dawson,
Zoraida Cordova, E. K. Johnson, George Mann, Rebecca Roanhorse,
Lou Anders, Katie Cook, Kevin Shinick, and more. – The panel will also
reveal new information about the books and the
journey to “Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker” line. – For a complete
list of Star Wars panels and merch coming to SDCC,
check out – And for more breaking
news from around the galaxy, check out [MUSIC PLAYING] – My favorite Star Wars
movie is “The Last Jedi.” – I agree.
It was amazing. I’ve seen it, like, 10
times (LAUGHING) already. – Exactly. I think it’s the one
that I’ve seen the most. I saw it in theaters,
like, six times actually. I went so many times. – I just re-watched “Solo”
for the second time. Love it.
It’s funny. – Good answer. “Solo” doesn’t
get enough credit. It’s such a good movie. – I love the sassy robot. – L3. – L3. – My favorite character
would be Kylo Ren for sure. – Kylo Ren is so hot. [LAUGHS] – I really like Yoda a lot. He reminds me of my grandma. – Aw. – [LAUGHS] – What about Yaddle? [LAUGHS] – I would love to play at
Forest Moon of Endor for sure. Do the, like, Ewok concert
or something, you know? – Yeah. I like that. I’m very Ewok obsessed,
so I agree with that. But I would like to play Hoth. – I feel like I got this
sweatshirt from Hoth. It’s very– – Yeah, very Hoth. – I would love to play
a show with Chewbacca because I feel like
he’d be a great drummer and would play really hard. And then I could take the
night off and just watch. And it’d be fun. – I feel like Han and
Lando kind of have that, like, rock star vibe. So they might–
– True. True. – Totally. – Fun or, like,
annoying on tour. – [LAUGHS] – Leave the opening
for Han and Lando. – Yeah, exactly. – Everybody, please welcome
Justina Ireland to the show. – Yay! – Thank you so much
for joining us. – Thanks for having me.
– Yeah. It’s super fun getting to talk
to authors because it’s always interesting to pick your
brains because I feel like you guys understand Star
Wars characters in such a unique and intimate level. – That’s because it’s
so messy up here. Like, there’s, like, so much
to, like, just choose from. – You’re fairly new to the
Star Wars publishing game. Your first–
– I am. – Your first Star Wars
book, “Lando’s Luck,” came out last year. Let’s talk a little bit
about writing for Lando because he’s so special and
so dear to so many people. And this was a fun book for
some of our younger audience. And it might be some of their
first introductions with him. – Lando has not come out
yet in the newer movies. So a lot of the younger readers,
they kind of know him as, like, the brown dude with the capes. But yeah. Like, the book takes
place when Lando and L3 are still the proud
owners the Millennium Falcon. And it’s really just kind
of about their friendship and, like, how they
kind of navigate the intricacies of the galaxy. And plus, the illustration
is done by Annie Wu. And they’re just amazing. They’re so cool. – “Lando’s Luck” is considered
a middle grade novel. What age group does
that encompass? – Middle grade’s
usually 8 to 12. But I always tell
adults if they’re not reading middle grade,
they’re missing out just because if you
wanted a quicker read, like, “Lando’s Luck”
you can read in an afternoon. So if it’s, like, raining,
it’s a Sunday afternoon, and you kind of
like, I just want to read a quick Star
Wars book, middle grade is really where it’s at. Plus, you get pictures. I think pictures are awesome. Like, I love pictures.
– Yeah. – Right? And I think a lot of
times, people think, well, it’s for 8
to 12-year-olds. It’s dumbed down.
It’s not. It’s the same story
you would get. It’s just a different
kind of phasing. There’s going to be
more child characters. But at the end the day,
still a Star Wars story. My only goal is an
Ewok with a Lightsaber. I’m like, there
has to be one Ewok. – There has to be. – I am going to make it–
like, if you see an Ewok with a Lightsaber, and you’re
like, why is this random Ewok wielding a Lightsaber? That’s me. – [LAUGHS] I will keep
an eye out for that. – –contributed.
Yeah. – You try to put Ewoks in
all of your stuff, huh? – Yeah.
Yes. I love Ewoks. As a kid, they were,
like, my first love. Like, Luke and Leia were cool. But freaking Ewoks, man. I’m, like, these, like,
tiny little murder bears, they are the best. The Ewok cartoons, and like– – Ewok cartoons are a special– – Yeah. – –that was a special time. – It– [LAUGHS] it was the ’80s. Everything was a little awful. Like– [LAUGHS] – So that’s why
you add, you know? – Yes.
And I still love them. So my only goal is to,
like, try to figure out a way to work in some Ewoks. – At Celebration,
you did announce an upcoming book that you have
in the journey to Episode IX. Can we talk a little about that?
– Yeah. There’s no Ewoks in there. [LAUGHS] But it’s
post Battle of Crait. And they’re rebuilding
the Resistance. And Rey, Po, and Rose Tico are
kind of on this supply run. Then they get this distress
call, and they go to help. And what they find is the
First Order is up to no good because that’s what they do. They’re always up to no good. It’s for a middle
grade audience, but again, fast paced
story, cool battles. The Millennium Falcon’s there. And of course, BB-8,
everyone’s favorite Droid. – I can’t wait to read about it. Getting to know a little bit
more about those characters while they’re in the
middle of a big battle is something that I
really look forward to. So thank you so
much for coming by. – Thank you so
much for having me. It’s been great.
– –watching– – –the–
– –star– – –wars–
– –show. – Since we’re a week away
from San Diego Comic Con, we thought it would be fun
to see what kind of things you want to see
on the show floor. – This could be anything from
covers of the Lucasfilm booth to more silly stuff like
trying to swap clothing with a Stormtrooper cosplayer. – Let us know using the
hashtag #StarWarsShowDare. And maybe, just
maybe, you’ll see them during our Comic Con episode. – And as always, remember
to like the video, subscribe to the
channel, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and
Instagram, and try and stay hydrated this summer. – Thanks for watching. And may the Force be with you. – I’m telling you, people don’t
think enough about hydration. [ENGINE ROARING] [BEEP] – You know, now that
you just reminded me, I’m going to go
drink some water. [BEEP] – If hydration wasn’t
important, then why would half of “A New Hope” be
about moisture evaporators? [BEEP] Just where are we getting
our next glass of water? [BEEP] That’s what “Star
Wars” is about. – Not Uncle Owen.

100 comments on “Sith Trooper from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Revealed

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    A trooper with Sith powers…
    …is this the return of Jek-14??

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  7. Landon’s luck – was a pretty good book, she maintained the spirit of Star Wars, was also very professional and creative and humorous with nothing added or taken away from our beloved Star Wars universe.
    For anyone is skeptical because of the female rider, or a rider was a little flavor… Just give it a chance

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  11. The Sith Trooper in concept is a bit more exciting than the realization of that concept. IMO there's too many details and angles that seek to obscure, rather than reinforce the overall concept. Since the design is based on the original Stormtrooper from New Hope, it might be better served, to reduce that back to it's raw form or it's original inspiration (a death's head and a skeleton motif) and build up from there. I do realize the Design Dept. do have to maintain the idea that the Sith Trooper comes from the same timeline as the First Order Storm Troopers but those are details they can add in later, once they nail the concept they want to convey. CON: The chest area sometimes looks like a life preserver. PRO: But the fact that there are Sith Troopers makes me excited for the Rise of the Skywalker.

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    Myself &
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    No Questions Asked

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    SW Show producers: Yes, Yes, Yes, Of Course, I Agree, Uh Huh, Absolutely…I love those Chevy Commercials! And…I've seen every episode of the Hills!!!

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  22. A new model so you can feel you are buying something completely different than before. I just hope they do something at least in the movie.

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