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Solo: A Star Wars Story In-Home Trailer (Official)

Solo: A Star Wars Story In-Home Trailer (Official)

[engine whirring] – So you want to make a
difference. – Yeah. – Your name.
– Han Solo. I’m a driver. And I’m a flyer. I was kicked out of the flight
academy for having a mind of my own. – Feed him to the beast. – [roars] – Ooh, hey. Follow me. I heard about this big job.
[horn honks] All we need is a ship. – I know a guy.
– Captain Lando Calrissian. – I heard your ship is the
fastest is the galaxy. Punch it. – [growls] [dramatic music] – I might be the only person
who knows what you really are. – Chewy! – [chuckles]
What’s that? – You are the good guy. – [growls] – [breathing heavily] – [growls]

100 comments on “Solo: A Star Wars Story In-Home Trailer (Official)

  1. It’s quite a shame this movie didn’t make that much money. It was pretty good much better then the last Jedi. But Disney better start paying attention and treating their fans right

  2. aaaaand the movie wasnt even bad… Way better than people said it was.. People seriously hated this WAY to hard before they watched it.. Always give a movie a chance and watch it before you hate on it people.. Only the new Ghost busters can be an exception.

  3. This trailer actually made me want to watch this movie, unlike the other ones. I have yet to see it but I’m looking forward to watching it at home.

  4. Looking forward to seeing this again. I thought it was sort of average for a Star Wars movie but had some good parts in it.

  5. I was never a huge star wars fan but I have watched them all regardless except for this one because of the huge mess the last jedi was.

  6. katherine kennedy and jj Adams killing star war squeals not good to me most friend too rough one good solo good never to be made as movie for open to episode 4 was the best

  7. Everyone I know enjoyed this movie which suffered the backlash of Last Jedi, guilty of killing Skywalker and destroying the series. Yet Solo was a great surprise and thoroughly entertaining. I now would watch a Solo sequel far more likely I would Star Wars 9, the final bollocks !

  8. I can't wait to watch it. I refused to pay to watch it after the Episode 8 insult but I really wanna watch it now.

  9. Hey In 0:04 you can see a drandnot of the empire and send it back to canon

  10. My expectations were so low they were negative, but I was very positively surprised at the cinema! Definitely better than the unoriginal TFA or the complete OOC mess TLJ. I didn't constantly remember I watching a film (and when I did I thought how much better it was than I expected and how much I was enjoying it) or think what time it is and how far in to the film we are. Both happened multiple times with TLJ. I hope the spin offs keep being bold and original, and keep bringing new things to the Star Wars universe like Solo and Rogue One did.

  11. This trailer gives away the whole movie, a movie where everyone already knew what happened going in. Why would I spend my money to not be surprised?

  12. I think if lucasfilm & disney put up this trailer instead of the other one we got…it would probably attract more people to watch it in cinemas

  13. I hope quira and maul make an appearance in the boba fett spin off and then set the events for the obi wan film

  14. We need to get Kathleen Kennedy and her acolytes out of Lucasfilm. Get Gale Anne Hurd and Dave Filoni to take over. Also can we get Michelle McLaren to become the head writer and showrunner of the upcoming live-action "Star Wars" series!!!! 😝😜✌

  15. Looking at the positive comments in this trailer makes me think that my prediction came true: I predicted that Solo would become like Blade Runner. When Blade Runner came out in the summer of ‘82, it was released on the same day as E.T. And E.T. Stole its thunder and it was a box office flop. When Blade Runner came out on home media and on cable, Blade Runner got the respect it deserved and garnered a cult classic status. I think Solo is going to become the Blade Runner Of The Star Wars franchise. The Star Wars movie that failed, but was not forgotten.

  16. This is the best Star Wars film I have seen in a while. The actors did an amazing job, the story, the action it was all there.

    Can't wait to own it

  17. This film HAD to flop at the box office to send a message unfortunately. Im glad it did. However, to send an even stronger message I hope the Bluray sales are great. Whoever else boycotted the theatrical run, I hope you all buy the bluray. Show them it wasnt Solo that was the problem, the REAL problem is….well we all know what that is dont we?

  18. Well, it's finally out in the Microsoft Store and the subtitles are hardcoded on for the opening credits. (Why in the world are the opening credits subtitled in English when they are in English to begin with?)

    The image is soft and grainy, like watching slightly out of focus 16mm film on DVD. It is well below the standard expected for a title marketed as HD.

    Turned out to be a good film, but a lousy transfer that was not worth the price paid.

  19. Great movie, best Star Wars movie disney has made in my opinion.
    As soon as kathleen kennedy is fired from lucasfilm I will buy it!

  20. Star Wars movies (Best to Worst)
    1. The Empire Strikes Back
    2. A New Hope
    3. The Last Jedi
    4. The Force Awakens
    5. Return of the Jedi
    6. Revenge of the Sith
    7. Rogue One
    8. Solo
    9. The Phantom Menace
    10. Attack of the Clones

  21. this movie was pathetic the worse starwars movie made i watched about half of it it was so pathetic i refused to watch the rest thank god i only rented it

  22. u want to see a good movie go to youtube watch luther the geek its free and a million times better and its an halarious horror movie

  23. Solo: A Star Wars Story is the perfect Christmas gift on Blu-ray, 4K UHD Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD from 20th Century-Fox Home Entertainment and Lucasfilm Ltd.

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