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Star Citizen: 3.7 vs. 3.6 comparison

Star Citizen: 3.7 vs. 3.6 comparison

51 comments on “Star Citizen: 3.7 vs. 3.6 comparison

  1. In this video: / В этом видео:
    0:18 – Character customization / Кастомизация персонажа
    2:42 – Awakening / Пробуждение
    3:14 – Mobiglas opening / Открытие мобигласа
    3:32 – Skybox / Скайбокс
    4:29 – Flight model / Лётная модель
    7:35 – Sounds of EMP / Звучание ЭМИ
    8:37 – Rental kiosks / Киоски аренды
    9:07 – Flashlight / Фонарь

    Greetings, citizens!

    This time I was a little late again, my apologize.

    Patch 3.7 brought quite a few new things, but at the same time almost didn't update the old ones, which made this comparison very simple. But future patches are full of changes, so wait for them!

    I hope you enjoy this video. Enjoy watching!


    Приветствую, граждане!

    На этот раз я снова немного опоздал, за что прошу прощения.

    Патч 3.7 принес довольно много новых вещей, но в то же время почти не обновил старые, из за чего это сравнение оказалось совсем простым. Но будущие патчи несут в себе полно изменений, поэтому дождемся их!
    Я надеюсь, вам понравится это видео. Приятного просмотра!

  2. Saw some people complaining about the new customizer. I think it's easier to understand than before, which seems to have been their goal. But now they need to polish it, streamline it, and add quite a few more options.

  3. Может делать сравнение так:
    Слева старая версия а справа новая версия?
    Типа из старого в новое движемся…

  4. So basically they improve nothing with their "proximity assist" they just removed hover mode and now we are back with weightless ships which don't care about gravity… fun.

  5. О, народ все ждет и верит))) Видимо ждут прорыва))))) Нам нужен такой рывок, такой……

  6. How do this ship can hover laterally ? if they put animations on thruster to keep them always facing the ground , it can make sense when your ship is verticaly inclined, but not on the side…

  7. Very good video. I think the shorter animations are much better. I just wanted to say that you missed one point of the new flashlight. Now it has GI and therefore not only the light cone becomes brighter but also the surroundings around it. If you stand close to the illuminated surface the front of the player also becomes brighter.

  8. I miss hover mode…
    But because the majority of players complained about it so loudly that CIG was forced to listen to them (they're paying for the games development after all). Sadly many of those people just didnt fucking understand that tilting your ship works like a helicopter. I've seen million views-per-vid youtubers complain about how "hover mode sucks" when they just left their mouse way off to the top of the screen, then complaining about "WHY WONT MY SHIP STOP GOING BACKWARDS", completely oblivious to how it works, never once thinking maybe they shouldnt be continuously tilting the nose up 60 degrees when trying to land..

    But thats the way crowdfunding works. The majority (or the loudest) is what dictates development.

    Personally i had zero problems with hover mode. How? Easy.

    1. Level your ship out at 0 degrees horizon level.

    2. Use WASD to strafe sideways and forward/back.

    3. Done. Now hover mode works as if it didnt exist, because your nose is level. No automatic drifting in any direction. That wasnt hard was it? Took us 2 seconds to explain.

    Now, there was ONE problem, where hover mode would BUG OUT and initiate max thrust in a random direction WITHOUT you tilting the ship. But thats a bug, that they had to fix. Not remove the entire mechanic.

  9. Только-только проклюнувшиеся намеки на физику летной модели у поверхности планеты, опять изничтожили! Не прощу!!! А автору видео – респект. 🙂

  10. спасибо за проделанную работу! очень приятно впитывается информация(языкового барьера – нет) ! желаю успехов в творчестве! ждём горячих короткометражных мувиков! и в общем.. да! ребят это лучший контент по теме Звёздного Гражданина!

  11. I wish they wouldn't try to reinvent the wheel with every bloody feature they touch. Why can't we just have a tried, tested and loved character generator?

  12. Very Cool!

    The highlight of this patch is that it has many new things that can't be compared to those of previous patches. The caves and FPS mining are great 😀

  13. господи, какое дерьмо! и это игра про космос? или про педиков переде зеркалом и утюги, лишенные flight model? гребанный стыд

  14. Well, your video is both useful and A E S T H E T I C

    But seriously, very well done, i really enjoy your comparison videos,
    On the negative side, i detest the complete removal of a proper phisycs representation of that happens when anything VTOL banks and rolls when "stationary" midair sustained by thrusters, it looks like garbage again.

  15. I think it's a shame they completely removed the hovermode. A fine-tuning to eliminate sudden accelerations with a slow effect would have been much better.

    Very good video as usual!

  16. I don't like the new camera-on-a-rail-hence-boring "stand up" animations. Hello immersion? I agree the 2nd one is too long (3.6.2) but I wouldn't mind to see it randomly once in a while.

  17. The creaction screen just got a little more fancy but still bollox to use
    and the character models are still DOG-SHITE!

  18. В 3.6 лётная модель выглядела более реалистично, чуть-чуть допилить было, нет же всё испортили снова

  19. OH LOOK A GAME THAT DOES NOT NEED RAY TRACING Hardware .. its coded in the game .. reflections lights shadows .. no extra hardware needed ..

  20. They made a mistake when they showed spaceship hovering over the ground on the side, back , front…. They switch the version by mistake i think… Lol

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