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Star Citizen : Anvil Aerospace Valkyrie 2948 – VOSTFR

Star Citizen : Anvil Aerospace Valkyrie 2948 – VOSTFR

ask any soldier they’ll tell you that battles aren’t won or lost based on weapons or numbers or even hardware their one on choices for over a century our ships have distinguished themselves in thousands of civilian and military combat operations we are proud to announce another weapon in the arsenal of victory get ready for the next generation of warfare with anvils all three dropship this multi-role weapon platform is designed to get personnel in and out of the hottest combat zones featuring four powerful rotating thrusters with VTOL capabilities the Valkyrie is capable of landing with surgical precision to deploy assets fitted with a vehicle bay and ramp you can also efficiently launch ground-based troop transports or reconnaissance vehicles in the field each high performance operator seat features rugged construction with added support to minimize g-force for up to 20 personnel making sure that your fighting force arrives on site ready to chop into the fray don’t think for a second that the volcker II can’t hold its own in a fight to remote turrets featuring size three hardpoints can provide suppressing fire during deployment to additional manned turrets provide even more devastating fire to blur the line between dropship gunship the days of activity the Volturi were believed to choose which warriors may die in battle and which may live with anvils for crate we put that choice in your hands you

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