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Star Citizen : Variantes & Skins – VOSTFR

Star Citizen : Variantes & Skins – VOSTFR

[Music] so we’ve got four new variants for four of our most popular ships we’ve got the Avenger tighter and Gladius saber and Hornet f7c they’re each getting a sort of special edition variant that promotes a different style of gameplay so we’re doing this for a few reasons one it really pushes us to get at the new painting material system working so we can quickly iterate on these wild paint schemes and gets us closer to ability to customize your own ship paint and to it means we get a better spreader weapons out in the in the world so everyone’s got the same sort of same level of ships and quite a few people don’t actually customize them that much so by giving these extra options means we’ve got so will vary combat off the bat just with these things being around so for these variants we’ve picked some sort of quite different load outs to really promote different types of gameplay the the default load apps that come with every ship a sort of average load outs so there they good at everything equally but for these we’ve really pushed some of the gameplay styles like the ballistics versus energy in our ship weapons and a few of these go all one way or all the other and we’re also with the new missiles in 26 giving some of those on these loadouts to really put them right in the missile racks and the quantities the missiles on them so these variants we whilst they change how you you would play the game with these ships they’re not massive hole changes they don’t change the handling of the ship is still the same Gladius saver hornet avenger that you know from before so if you get one of these is the exact same time to fly is the normal ones they don’t have any super secret advanced items inside that make them way better it it’s purely a visual change with the paint system and a loadout change geared towards a specific play style so essentially the process kind of begins with we want to get these pre-configured schemes done so you could for example go off and go oh you know what I want I want a NASA themed kind of skin or I want you know a district nine thin skin or I want to work you know a pink hello kitty theme skin and then essentially you know we we as artists create what basically the material files they’re tiny memory they’re like there’s so small that we can have like hundreds of them if we want to because they’re all calling the same textures that’s that’s what’s done under the hood okay once those material files are created and obviously named accordingly and sanity check that the emblem is called emblem and the sub material ID is called so material ID 1 2 and 3 they have to be the same names that’s then handed to tech design to then kind of set that up with the load out that they’re they’re putting together for that further forward we want these lower these these kind of paint configurations to become hex codes so if you in if you in like a you know a guild of you know 20 players and and you know the the clan leader said all right this is our paint scheme there’s going to be no like guessing work like you get the hex code you put it in there and it automatically will say oh you know what you know our we’ve got matte black against yellow against pink something crazy and every ship in your fleet you can put a hex code on and it will automatically go into that color configuration so there’s there’s a lot of kind of cool things and you know as artists we do this stuff all day every day and we were just like you know why wouldn’t we give the end user this functionality so that’s that’s the that’s that’s the overall plan there is a lot of there’s a lot of kind of very things you have to be careful with when your authoring the shaders for this stuff so it can accommodate these options but we’re on top of that and that’s that’s kind of yeah it’s good that’s what we’re doing on the initial kind of burster ships right now I think it’s really cool and it’s really amazing to see like today I just kind of caught up with the guys and looked at what we’re working on for that stuff and there’s like a fleet of 50 ships all with different skins all different load outs and it injects color into the game you can have your kind of personal things going on which is kind of cool if I was going to pick one to flying customize myself I’ve always got sweet spot for the Avenger if it was me with it I’d probably go for a dirty chrome kind of finish the shape is just kind of so kind of primitive to get some kind of highly reflective material on it I think we just look super cool in space so that’s that’s that’s that’s what I would go for [Music] you [Music]

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