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Star & Noah Talk About Their Baby | Season 3 Ep. 10 | STAR

Star & Noah Talk About Their Baby | Season 3 Ep. 10 | STAR

92 comments on “Star & Noah Talk About Their Baby | Season 3 Ep. 10 | STAR

  1. I really don’t want her and Noah together. That fire they had in the beginning is just not there. They have both moved on and wouldn’t even being together without a baby. So they shouldn’t be together because of the baby

  2. I’m sorry I don’t want them together🤷🏾‍♀️I’m not hating I just don’t think that they should go down that road again.

  3. I think that Jackson and star should be together and Noah should just step up and see his son and support him and they can all have that friendly relationship

  4. I think they had Star get arrested so it could create a storyline where Star can be in the episodes for a shorter time period. That way Jude( Star's actress) could spend more time with her baby.

  5. It's crazy that she and Noah have a cute baby together and are working things out to be great parents.

  6. Do y’all think star and Noah will get engaged? Like seeing them together just keep making me think that😂

  7. I've stop shipping these two long time ago when i see how toxic they both are for each other. I rather someone with a screwed head on for her

  8. Why isn’t star trying to tell that she does have feelings for Noah like come one baby girl tell the truth but what happened to star when she went to jail what she did is so her like star is nuts but my type of girl LOL😂😂comment if u like star or u hate star‼️I love her I’m a big fan and hoping to see her in real in the future ❤️❤️💕🤘🏽💙

  9. I’m sorry but I still don’t believe he’s the father it’s wayyy too easy we all knew that was gonna happen. I don’t think they would make it that predictable I just got a feeling there’s gonna be a huge bombshell that we don’t see coming. Then we’ll see Noah go off the deep in yet again and I don’t get it why ppl want him and star together he’s way too unstable. They are toxic for each other so once we get some more truth we’ll see that they’re not right for each other.

  10. Y’all know that the actual baby father is black right😂soooo her having this baby by him is good for the episode

  11. I like Star and Noah but I really feel bad for Jackson bc I know he’s hurt. he was really ready to be a dad and he was hands down one of Star’s best boyfriends. He even proposed to her😭

  12. i think that star still loves noah n want to be with him but he does not know how to say he wants her in his life (how sad)

  13. Stars is my girl im a big fan of her n i act just like her she has a bad side n a good side evena evil side yep 100

  14. I love Star. She's so real. I hope they get renewed but who knows with the Disney buy out. I'm still watching every episode til the last bow. I love my girls/the cast. I am a fan.

  15. Did they ever reveal what Jackson took out of stars bag the night they were together in a bar and she was very drunk?

  16. Star knows she whants to kiss him and i know they where going to get together anyways and i like alex with noah

  17. I'm really proud of Noah right here. He didn't plan it all but he IS HERE. He didn't just leave them like a coward men usually turn into when things like this happen (no offence to exceptions). Even when he thought the baby wasn't his he was helpful to Star and he was there when she was giving birth. He tried his best to become a good person for his child. It's not him who's the problem, it's his parents. He deserves applause.

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