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Star Trek Into Darkness NEW Trailer 1 (2013) – JJ Abrams Movie HD

Star Trek Into Darkness NEW Trailer 1 (2013) – JJ Abrams Movie HD

there’s greatness in you but there’s not an ounce of humility you think that you can’t make mistakes but there’s going to come a moment when you realise you’re wrong about that. and you’re gonna get yourself and everyone under your command, killed. you think you’re safe you are not. is there anything you would not do for your family?

100 comments on “Star Trek Into Darkness NEW Trailer 1 (2013) – JJ Abrams Movie HD

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  2. If it's not a Star Trek Movie for fans, it should not do its utmost to suggest it is. The trailer doesn't thrill me at all, it looks and sounds as the thirteenth in a dozen of SF movies with a far too bombastic sound track or at last music. I'll wait untill the DVD lies in the 5 $ baskets of shops in 2014.

  3. If you did watch TOS and the movies afterwards then it does cater to fans. I think he was trying to say, it was a movie everyone could enjoy, not just fans. But you probably already knew that and you're just acting like a dick about it.

  4. I see most people are saying not in HD, if you actually pay attention it is, its in 720p, its a HD format that was not uploaded in HD, so it plays in default 720p resolution. I miss videos like this, they look great and they play smooth for lower grade computers. Great job on this trailer and your choice on uploading like this.

  5. Some people just can't have it other people have an opinion that's different of their's without becoming insulting. Reminds me of my Kindergarten-years…

  6. As a Unique Selling Point, this trailer sucks. As trailers are supposed to show the best moments, and add a teaser to make people come and see it, it's not at all very promising.

  7. …when you went around knocking over the other kids lego blocks when they were having a good time. Goes both ways. So was it really necessary to twist the other guys comment into something negative? Reminds me of my days as a virgin…

  8. His race was never a focal point in the original timeline. It was all about him being completely superior against any human, regardless of gender and race.

  9. il n y a pas de plus grand plaisir que de voir ces films et cette continuité depuis tant d année.. sublim..

  10. I don't think you can call star trek a reboot, its in its own right another movie and an awesometacular one at that. The balance JJ Abrams brings is perfect, he said he didn't want to make a movie for star trek fans, he wanted to make a movie for people who love movies and he nailed it. As a star trek fan I can say this movie is just epic, I don't know what else to say. I'm really glad Abrams is doing star wars because I believe he will deliver a star wars film we've been waiting for since 1999.

  11. I watched this trailer 100 times before the movie and the movie is awesometacular, and i'm still watching the trailer its just that good 🙂

  12. No. Khan was created in India so he'd best qualify as Indian. In this universe he has been living undercover for many years as a British Starfleet agent named John Harrison. That explains the accent. Many people also like to believe his appearance was altered to fit the part. Khan was really famous after the Eugenics Wars – it seems unlikely that they'd risk him waltzing around in the open for years looking like he did before.

  13. where are your videos mr. critic?
    i actually run my own seperate review channel if you're interested in actual movie reviews and not just one comment criticisms.

  14. You don't need to have videos to be a critic. If you've ever had an opinion about something, then you're a critic.

  15. I haven't seen this one yet. But as someone who watched the Original Series…the first movie didn't measure up at all…hoping this one does.

  16. It's Brian Tyler's The Awakening music. It can be downloaded at, a multimedia website containing thousands of Star Trek images, audio, music, etc.

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  18. They only make stupid action movies these days!! This is NOT Star Trek. This is only action for the audience to see blood and destruction!!!

  19. Actually there is a good story told, hardly any blood. Good amount of action to keep you at the edge of your seat. 70% Story. 30% Action.

  20. The story is much deeper than just a point A to point B if you know the background to the story. Spock would say your statement is illogical because you dont know what your talking about

  21. There IS something worse than having greatness but no humility: having neither greatness nor humility. I am living (and dying) proof. Living proof is obvious to those who know and have met me: dying proof will be apparent in X number of years. (sorry, somewhat depressed about my life lately). Nice trailer here, btw.

  22. I would say this trailer is quite misleading in comparison to the actual film but it's still incredible anyway and well worth a watch!

  23. Life is too short to preoccupy yourself with negative thoughts. Speak honestly to yourself and open your eyes and REALLY look at what it is that's taking you down. The truth hurts but if you embrace it, it will set you free.

  24. I have seen this movie like a million times since it came out, and the trailer still gets my heart racing! Incredible movie!

  25. The trailer sucks, I bet the movie sucks even more considering how much shit jj abrams threw at us in 2009.

  26. The film has its moments and I find it hard to ever fault Benedict Cumberbatch, but as a whole really isn't very good. The trailers, however, were really damn good. Especially this one.

  27. God, this film was actually so perfect. Utterly incredible. They managed to progress the new alternate canon while honouring the old one. Cannot wait for the third film 😀

  28. I have to say I'm not a 'trekkie', but this franchise lives up to the kudos of the genre. I loved the first film in the franchise, but this movie was above and beyond what I expected. Even with that said, this is still one of the best trailers I have ever seen !!!!! I continually return to watch this trailer time and time again !!!! Anyone who says this trailer or franchise does not live up to expectations, clearly has no idea what the franchise, or moviemaking in general is about. KUDOS to JJ for bringing 'trekkies', and non 'trekkies' a truly great cinema experience !!!

  29. I'm from 2019 and call me crazy but I feel like this the trailer to avgengers endgame it feels like that to me

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