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Star Trek K’Ehleyr Away Team (KAT)

Star Trek K’Ehleyr Away Team (KAT)

English subtitles by Lt. Cmdr. Dax
and Chief Glenn Phenix. Computer log of the USS
K’Ehleyr, Commander Logan, Stardate 82781.5. The K’Ehleyr is on her way
to Rutia IV. We received an emergency call
from the Union’s local ambassador after an outbreak of violent
revolts on the planet. A long time of peaceful trading
with the Union ended when Ansata separatists
started a surprising assault. They demand autonomy for their home
country on the western continent. Commander, we’re entering
the solar system. Open hailing frequencies to
ambassador Ratine, Commander. Aye, Sir. This is Commander Logan
from the USS K’Ehleyr. We received your emergency call.
What is your situation?>>Commander Logan, it is good
to see you.>>The situation down here is critical.>>A few days ago, armed riots
began all over the planet>>and Ansata rebels are attacking
governmental institutions.>>Our embassy is under attack, too.>>The government established
a diffusing force field,>>nobody can beam in or out. I could send a shuttle to pick you up. Due to the First Directive,
that’s all I can offer.>>Thank you, but I have my
own shuttle down here.>>Unfortunately, the rebels
captured several>>air defense stations and spaceships.>>I will never get through
the atmosphere like this. With active shields, we cannot
beam you out of your shuttle. Give me an evacuation point,
I will send an away team and we’ll beam you on board.>>I’m transmitting coordinates
outside the force field.>>Okay, I guess this was my
clearance to start.>>I hope to see you soon, Captain! Commander Logan, I suggest
to send the KAT, we trained for such an occasion. Make it so. Red Alert! – Chenara, activate the cloak.
– Aye, Sir. Dax, set course for geostationary orbit above the rendezvous coordinates
of the ambassador. Aye, Sir. Hillert to KAT. Let’s go! Get your equipment, we meet in 5 minutes
in transporter room 2. Take care, Tom. Don’t worry, old man. I will
be back in no time at all. Why do they attack members of the Union? We are not part of their conflict. Well, now we are. Helmsman, take us closer. Aye, Sir. Am I going crazy or did I really
just see Admiral Archer’s beagle? Quiet! She should be here soon.>>Away team, come in please.
This is Ratine,>>the air defense zeroed
in on me, I’m going to… Look! We have to get to the crash site, now! I’m establishing
a scrambling force field to divert the scanners
of the Ansata guns. This way! Remember this is a rescue mission. Phasers on stun! Kyrill Finn said once: one martyr is worth
more than ten presidents. Who the heck is Kyrill Finn? Status report! Phaser fire by an unknown vessel. It seems they traced
the transporter beam. Sir, ablative armour down to 87%. Helm, evasive maneuvers. Aye, Sir. The cloak stays
activated. We have to wait for the signal
of the away team, anyway. Mister Graydon, note the attack
in the mission log. Aye, Sir. I’m scanning bio signals, 200 meters in this direction. Two rutian, one bajoran. They are going to kidnap her and
use her as a bargaining chip. Far too often innocents are
involved in such conflicts. For generations, the Ansata
tried to break free from the authority of
the eastern continent. If they now managed to
enforce their claims, this kidnapping would serve
its intended purpose. You go for the right one,
me the left one. Ready? Ready. Good timing. Thank you! We are just doing our job, lady. There will be more.
We should hurry up. Right on cue. Commander, I’m scanning numerous
movements around our team. Apparently they were discovered. On screen. Magnify. Do you call this negotiating? I call this cowboy diplomacy! Hurry, fall back to
the evacuation point! Our team is still inside
the diffusing field, how did the Ansata get there? The Ansata do not beam, they use dimensional shifts. Our force fields are useless. Then this distraction field
is a really effective one. Commander Logan, take a look! They locked their weapons
on the team, Sir. Dax, bring us between the
vessel and the planet. Aye, sir! Engineering, structural
integrity to maximum. Deactivate the cloak! Shields up! Aye, sir! Cloak deactivated,
ablative armour at 73%. Shields are up. No time for games. Chenara, aim at the vessel
and fire at will! Aye, sir! Keep moving! I synchronized the targeting
systems of the K’Ehleyr with your phaser rifle, Sir. All right. Hillert to K’Ehleyr. Speak! We are under heavy enemy fire, Sir.>>I request immediate air support! We’ll do what we can, but we have
some problems of our own, up here. I locked on to Hillert’s signal. With the next approach I can
bring us in firing position. Sir, fire at the
transmitted coordinates! Mister Hillert, this is too
close to your position!? Fire, Sir! Now! What can men do against
such reckless hate? Nice shot, Chenara.
The Ansata are withdrawing. We have reached the
evacuation point, Sir. Commander, 5 to beam up. Wait a second, Hillert,
we still have a problem here. The enemy vessel is blocking
our transporter systems, Sir! We get in transporter range
in a few seconds. Be ready! Supporting ablative armour
with additional energy. I’ll clear this mess! Good work down there. Thank you, Sir. The ambassador will be fine soon. Commander, what will happen
to the Rutians? Experience shows, that
violence against terrorists does – in most of the cases –
not lead to the desired results. To us, the Ansata are to be rebels. To the inhabitants of the
western continent, they are freedom fighters. We do not have the right
to judge or to intervene. Not even if it would mean
to prevent suffering?

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  1. Wow! You people have some fantastic sets.

    Interesting that you chose the name K'Ehler for your ship. She was one of my favorite characters and I was very upset to see her killed.

    I might have missed it, but did you mention what version of Dax is on your ship. Is that supposed to be Esri, or some later incarnation?

    I know you guys are on a limited budget and all, but I would enjoy the movie much, much more if you had some English dubbing. The subtitles are very small and I'm not a fast reader!

    Lastly, who or what is the Captain supposed to be?

    Thanks a lot and keep up the amazing work.

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