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Star Trek The Quasi Machinima Episode 1 – Too Many References

Star Trek The Quasi Machinima Episode 1 – Too Many References

>>>Captain’s log, stardate…uhh… …sic semper tyra *cough* …point seven. Four weeks after being dragged into an alternate universe by a strange singularity event, we have finally found what seems to be our way home: A black hole that bears a striking resemblance to the one near Deep Space Nine. If my navigation officer’s calculations are correct, We should be home within the next five minutes.>>>Captain, there’s a ship approaching.>>>Can you identify it?>>>It seems to be the USS Enterprise Well, that’s not too bad. I mean, as long as Commander Spock isn’t sporting a goatee, we should be fine. Go ahead and put him onscreen. This is Captain Sharky of the USS I’m On A Boat. How may I help you?>>>This is Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise.>>>Hello, Captain Hotpants!>>>Aah! My eyes!>>>Your ship is compromised.>>>Oh, Jesus Christ, that bridge is bright!>>>If by compromised, you mean blinded by a crew of Stephenie Meyer vampires, Then yeah, we’re very much compromised. Oww. You’re too close to the singularity to survive without assistance, which we are willing to provide. Okay dude, seriously, we’ll be fine. We got to this universe through that singularity without taking any damage, I’m pretty sure we’ll get out just the same. The only way we wouldn’t survive is if you guys shot at us while we were trying to go through the damn thing. I mean, if you really want to help, would you mind turning your bridge lights down? We kind of need to see where we’re going here.>>>You got it.>>>Awesome. Thanks. Sharky out. Well, there it is folks: Our way home. Engage when ready.>>>Captain, are you aware that the Artificial Gravity Generators are malfunctioning?>>>No, I was not aware of that. [ Various Screams of Pain ] Oh gosh. Oww, my spleen!>>>So…want some help pulling you out of that console?>>>Please? Alright, folks. Now that we’re back I think we deserve a little shore leave. Helm, set a course for [ Beep ] Son of a bitch…>>>Captain, they’re hailing us.>>>Of course they are. This is Captain Sharky of the USS I’m On A Boat. Can I Help You? Dansa med oss Klappa era händer Gör som vi gör Ta några steg åt vänster Lyssna och lär Missa inte chansen>>>Crap. Forgot to turn on the Universal Translator. Uh, hang on, dude. I am so sorry about that. That’s….that’s kind of embarassing. Uhh…you were saying?>>>I said… I am Captain Piccolo of the IKS Over Nine Thousand! MUST! RESIST! OVERUSED! GAG! [ Resistance is Futile ] WHAT?? NINE THOUSAND??!!>>>Yeah, I didn’t really pick this ship. It was kind of a hand-me-down.>>>Right. So, what’s up?>>>Under Order of the Klingon Empire, I am hereby terminating you here by method of termination.>>>The Klingon Empire has a Department of Redundancy Department. Who knew?>>>Prepare to die, Federation! Birds of Prey, Attack!>>>Initiate Attack Pattern John-117>>>Curse You, Captain Sharky! You may have destroyed the rest of my fleet, But now, you face MY swift, brutal retribution!>>>I’m sorry, did…did you say “swift”?>>>Yes, SWIFT. Like LIGHTNING.>>>Uh, dude… We’re in the Vanden Sector of Zeta Andromedae. Our sensors indicate that you guys are broadcasting all the way from the B’Moth sector of Omega Leonis. That’s about 96 Lightyears away.>>>That’s where you’re wrong, Captain! Conning Officer! Activate the Onboard Transwarp Drive!>>>Yes, sir! Activating Transwarp Drive!>>>Con! What the heck is going on? Why aren’t we at Transwarp?>>>Oops. It appears I forgot to disengage the External Inertial Dampener. All engines appear to be offline. My bad! CON! Alright, now where were we? Oh, right. Shore Leave. Helm, plot a course for the Risa System. I heard it’s crazy this time of>>>Sir! We have an incoming transmission from Deep Space Nine.>>>Oh come the hell on! *sigh* Alright, put him through. Captain Sharky. I’m On A Boat. Can I Help Ya?>>>This is Captain James Kurland of Deep Space Nine>>>Hello, Captain Hotpants!>>>We require your assistance on an urgent matter.>>>Alright. Be there in a few Lightyears.>>>Thank you, Admiral. Meet me in Deep Space Nine’s Operations Office as soon as possible.>>>Will do. Sharky Out. Helm, set a course for Deep Space Nine.>>>Yes, sir. Setting course.>>>Sir, we have arrived at our destination.>>>Awesome. If anyone needs to do shopping, go right ahead. I’ll be in the Deep Space Nine Operations Office although I don’t exactly know where that is. They’ve renovated a bit since I was last here, so uh, yeah, wish me luck finding it!>>>Admiral Sharky, good of you to finally arrive. I hope you didn’t have too hard of a time finding the place.>>>Well, actually… Pardon me, Admiral, but would you happen to know where the Operations Office is? I’m kind of lost.>>>The Operations Office? I actually have no idea. Have you tried asking Biggs and Wedge?>>>You know, I tried that, but they seemed a little…preoccupied. Excuse me, do…do you guys know the way to the Operations Office? Hello?>>>Yeah. They do that. Well, you can try asking some of the people upstairs. They might know.>>>I’ll do just that. Thank you, Admiral.>>>You’re welcome. Alright, let’s see what we got here. Ah, these people might know.>>>LYK, OMG, Jacob is SO Hot.>>>Nuh-Uh! Edward is MUCH hotter.>>>Okay, I’ll just be on my way, then… Ah, this looks interesting. Excuse me, do any of you guys know where the… [ Love and Adoration and Much Fanboying ] Oh, great. But anyway, about that Engineer of yours. What was her last known location?>>>Well, she was last seen two floors down in the docking ring checking on some power failures.>>>Wh-whoa, wait a second. You last saw her TWO FLOORS DOWN, and you call me from TWENTY FIVE LIGHTYEARS AWAY to assist?>>>We’re…kind of short-handed.>>>Dude, you have HUGE Federation ships docking on this station every two minutes.>>>We’re…REALLY short-handed.>>>I hate you. So much. Alright, ladies. Our objective is to find the engineer. It’s a pretty big station, so it might take a while.>>>Uh, Captain? I believe I’ve found the engineer.>>>Oh, cool. That was pretty qui—and she’s dead.>>>And to think…she just checked in.>>>She checked in… …but she didn’t… …check out.>>>~You’re welcome~ (Don’t use that first part. Let’s try again. *ahem*) ¡You’re welcome! (Eww! No!) (Okay, accent, accent, accent…) *You’re Welcome* (Aah! Pfft!) (Uhh…) You’re welcome. (That’s it. That’s it. Use that one.)

39 comments on “Star Trek The Quasi Machinima Episode 1 – Too Many References

  1. Wow, great work. I was waiting for you to upload something in a episode format. You should hold a Q&A section for people who are courious about your production.

  2. @InfinityxShark lol Yea, your cast seems amazing. How did you manage to capture everything while playing in the highest res. possible?

  3. Shaggy appears to be the con officer on the IKS Over Nine Thousand.
    Wait, i seem to remember the IKS Over 9000 from Quo'nos.

  4. the game has a built in recording thing called Demo Record what can help you maike great video with the game

  5. You had me sold on the wonderful use of Backflip rolls for gag purposes. Backflips (or their rolling equivalent) make everything better.

  6. You had me sold on the wonderful use of Backflip rolls for gag purposes. Backflips (or their rolling equivalent) make everything better.

  7. I don't really want to read through all the other comments, but please tell me that someone took the time to point out that the artificial gravity generator that stops everyone from floating about the ship is not the same as the inertial dampener that keeps the law of inertia from making red splats of everyone on the walls every time the ship moves.

  8. EPIC! I've been playing STO for about two months and all I can say sadly Kurland's even more of a tool! You need to do a sequel with the new content from the "2800" series. That is if you still play? Maybe have some poor SOB cleaning up dead Jem Haddar parts & getting blown up by one of those [email protected]#$*-ING [email protected]#$ MINES!

  9. Mass Effect? Really? Was is ME1,2 or 3? Wait, I think it was John Wilkes riggin BOOTH! Put down the @#$^&'ing controller and GO READ A BOOK! Sheesh!

  10. =^=INCOMMING TRANSMISSION FROM U.S.S LEGEND, PRIORITY ONE=^= Captain, this is Admiral Sinbad Naiver of the U.S.S Legend. If you are looking for assistance, the U.S.S Legend and U.S.S Myth are at your disposal for reinforcements. Fleet Admiral Naiver out.

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