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Star vs. the Forces of Evil – StarCon (x2) [Watermark Free]

Star vs. the Forces of Evil – StarCon (x2) [Watermark Free]

Olivia, is that you? [laughs] Kelly! Today, I am Star Butterfly. A magical princess from another dimension! You’re amazing! [neighs] Star Butterfly is here to amaze us all on “Disney XD on Disney Channel”. She’s down to Earth and up for anything. HAH! You should see what else this wand can do. You look just like Star, Olivia. Your boots and your dress are spot on, And I love your hair. Aww, thanks. The wand is my favorite. It is so magical! I love puppies! [attendees screaming] [glass shattering] Oops. Fall under the spell on “Disney XD on Disney Channel” with Star Butterfly. Olivia, cast the anti-laser spell, quick!

45 comments on “Star vs. the Forces of Evil – StarCon (x2) [Watermark Free]

  1. wait she said spot on just like marinette says to transform into ladybug i love miraculous and svtfoe but i believe svtfoe is a little more amazing that just my opinion

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