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Star Wars Battlefront II: Battle of Geonosis Official Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront II: Battle of Geonosis Official Trailer

The balance of the Force
has been shaken. The Clone Wars have begun. Target that speeder! Engage! Watch out! Surprise! Attack! Together, brothers! Give it everything we’ve got! Your move. Kenobi!

100 comments on “Star Wars Battlefront II: Battle of Geonosis Official Trailer

  1. The problem is EA is DICE's boss and even when a game has such potential, EA is used to screw games up by implementing probabilities rather than fixed rules, the weapon that kills in one shot enemies will not do it for other players, purposely unbalances they have implemented in Fifa and obviously I don't know if other of their games

  2. it feels they are hiring cheaters that can one-shot kill you so we get bored and stop playing this game so we buy new ones (instead of $upporting this one), idiotic strategy

  3. Obi Wan:The balance of the force has been shaken !
    The "Clone Wars" have begun!

    Clone on speeder: target on that speeder

    B1: attack!

    Clone Faze 1: lookout !

    General Grievous: Suprise!
    B1: attack!
    General Grievous:hahahaha!
    Clone Faze 1: Together Brother's!
    Obi wan: Your move !
    General Grievous: KENOBI!

  4. This was a dope map but am I the only person in the world who has a huge problem with the fact that you can’t play the large maps/modes single player or split screen? I personally believe multiplayer SWBF gets over crowded and feels less epic.

  5. Can they make a Jedi temple map where the droids try to steal information from the arkives and kill the Jedi and the 501st legion have to protect the Jedi temple

  6. Every boy in my class plays Battlefront ll and they hadn’t seen the trailer yet

    So while we were waiting for our teacher I got my computer and played this on the projector.

    It was crazy

  7. 9 months later and it still gives me chills. This is what brought BFII back into the spotlight. The Clone Wars actually saved this game and I'm super happy for it.

  8. Every time I see the clones and droids fighting it puts a smile on my face, than seeing the First order and Resistance takes it away…

  9. It needs really really MORE (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Singleplayer-Modes like Instant Action for players who only play the game offline like me. I was NEVER a fan of multiplayer, because PvP was always to difficult and sometimes my network was too slow etc. I absolutely never liked PvP, but was only in Player vs Bots and Offline Battles – like Instant Action in the former Battlefronts.

  10. This trailer is such a lie. There's no saberlock last i checked (if there is no one shabla uses it) and lightsabers aren't one hit kill (they should be btw). Plus, Greivous can't jump FIFTY FEET IN THE AIR LIKE HE'S GOT A DAMN POGO STICK.

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