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Star Wars Battlefront II Launch Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront II Launch Trailer

Get ready! Reinforcements! You’re a target! Watch out! Give them everything we’ve got! Roger, roger! Not clear! Not clear! The Empire’s time has come.

100 comments on “Star Wars Battlefront II Launch Trailer

  1. In this Trailer tho a AT-ST turns over on its side but we don't actually see that in the game tho but it wouldn't be nice tho right

  2. 0:13 I should’ve known this was gunna go wrong when a rocket gets fired at the AT-ST and the whole cockpit thing doesn’t fucking explode

  3. Can we all just restart our thoughts on battlefront 2? (All this honestly give it a rest look EA fouled up and now the game is reemerging). All I ask is that can you give it another chance.

  4. I really like this game, is fun and all, but really needs more modes and new skins customization, weapons, heroes, new reinforcements, and more maps, I'm excited for geonosis, most people would love to see more content on this game than buying the new battlefield game.

  5. Oh my god this is so fucking misleading can we please get someone that actually cares about the game and not just a fool us to buy copies

  6. Baffled at the stupidity from others.
    If you haven't played the game, why the fuck are you here talking shit.
    This game has been really fun, yeah sucks they didn't add enough heroes in time, but clearly they are making up for it now. People need to stop joining hate bandwagons just to be apart of something. Pathetic.

  7. I feel like ea really messed up the hero system again. Because instead of having the cis and the empire having access to every villain is annoying, and op. There should be faction specific heroes which would balance the game a lot.

  8. It was a valiant effort to try to save this. But it's time to face the facts, excluding graphics, your game pales in comparison to a 15 year old game. Just give the fans what they deserve and remaster the Pandemic version. You do like money don't you? People will buy it, I promise.

  9. Hey!
    I am coming from the future, and now I am able to say more one year after the release, that the trailer is as epic as the game!

  10. i like how all the haters are wrong with theyre visions about this game
    present day weve got the battlefront 2 balanced and with only free conent
    there are no dlc or expansionpacks just free uodates
    i payd 60chf on release and got everything there is in the game
    thank you EA and Dice for just a great Starwarsgame

    so if you read this and think "no thats not the truth" so, did you pay more? why?
    or didnt you biy the game and just jump on the hatetrain to be cool🤣🤣

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