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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Easy Allies Review

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Easy Allies Review

When you think of pop culture,
it’s hard to dispute the impact of Star Wars. Since the release of the first movie in 1977, the Star Wars series has become
one of the most beloved franchises of all time and has expanded its mythos into nearly every piece
of media, including books, TV shows, and video games. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a brand new story
developed by Respawn Entertainment, and unlike their previous works,
it’s a single-player only action-adventure title. Despite some minor issues,
Jedi: Fallen Order is an excellent installment that wonderfully captures the spirit of the franchise
and nails the feeling of being a Jedi. The story follows Cal Kestis, a young Jedi
that was forced to go into hiding following the events of Order 66,
which resulted in the deaths of thousands of Jedi. To stay hidden, Cal needs to be careful not to reveal
his past nor that he has a connection to the Force. However, one day at work,
Cal uses his abilities to save his friend’s life, prompting the Empire
to send two Inquisitors to investigate. After an encounter with one of the Inquisitors
called the Second Sister, Cal is rescued by Cere Junda and Greez Dritus. From here on, Cal and his new friends
begin a quest to rebuild the Jedi Order. There’s a solid story here
that fits the adventurous tone of the series. The main cast of characters is easy to connect with. Cal’s droid, BD-1, is particularly endearing, and the game does an exceptional job
of building up the bond between the two of them. While some characters do receive more spotlight
than others, they all feel relevant throughout the story. At first glance,
Fallen Order may seem like a more linear experience, but once you dive in, the level design
quickly opens up to involve more exploration. Levels are immense and densely packed
with shortcuts to unlock, secrets to find, and areas that require new abilities to reach. To help you navigate, you have a handy 3D map that concisely lays out all of the areas you’ve explored. Additionally, the game highlights elements of the map
to inform you when you can access new areas or if you’re missing an ability needed to pass. There are some puzzles to solve
in order to progress as well. And while most aren’t too difficult to figure out,
they’re still enjoyable, and there are a few that are much more elaborate. Throughout your journey, you need to traverse
the environment with basic platforming mechanics like jumping gaps, wall running, and climbing. Things get more interesting
as you start to incorporate your Force powers. For instance, there is a part where you need
to slow down a saw blade and jump between the gaps while sliding down an icy hill. Fallen Order’s combat is precise and fierce. Clashing blades and reflecting blaster shots at enemies
is immensely satisfying, and weaving lightsaber strikes
in conjunction with using Force powers feels great. Along with your basic lightsaber attacks,
you can also parry enemies to get the upper hand or incorporate special moves
like an overhead swing or a rush attack. The Force is a powerful tool in combat. Slowing down enemies to get an opening attack in, or
pushing them off a ledge can change the tide of battle. Each power is also bound to a specific button,
making it easy to incorporate during combat. However, you also have a Force meter
that drains every time you use one of your powers or special lightsaber attacks,
which can be refilled by several means like defeating enemies or resting outside of combat. There are a decent number of enemies to take on, including several different variations of Stormtroopers
that wield a variety of weapons and more elite units, called Purge Troopers
that specialize in fighting Jedi. Though the Empire is an immense presence
throughout the game, there are additional enemies to fight like giant spiders,
Tomb Guardians, and huge troll-like creatures called Jotaz. There are a decent number bosses to take on too
like an AT-ST and the Inquisitors, but while some of these stand
others aren’t all that memorable. Along with finding new abilities in the world
such as wall-running for Cal or the ability to hack droids for BD-1, you can unlock even more on the skill tree
by accumulating experience and skill points. These range from passive abilities
like increased health and Force meter, to active abilities like a dash strike. When you die before unlocking a skill point, you lose XP. However, it can be easily reclaimed
by attacking the foe that killed you. You travel between locations using a ship named
the Stinger Mantis which also serves as your hub. There are a few things you can do here, like using the workbench to customize your lightsaber,
planting seeds for Greez’s terrarium, or chatting with your crew. The most important part is the Holotable,
which is used to select which planet to travel to. While it may not seem too significant, the Mantis enhances the feeling of traveling the galaxy
with your crew. It’s worth mentioning that Fallen Order has four difficulty
options to choose from, making your journey flexible. Difficulty can be changed at any time,
and the differences are explicitly labeled. While the game doesn’t run into too many
technical problems, it’s worth noting that the load times after you die are very long. While this isn’t a huge issue,
repeatedly dying in quick succession can be irritating. There’s also one area of a particular planet where the game has a tendency
to abruptly stop and load. Star Wars is a beloved series,
and when a new game comes out, some particular hopes and expectations come with it. There are excellent games in the franchise, but
it’s been a while since they’ve reached those heights. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has combat
that feels tight and impactful, and exploring each of its imaginative worlds
gives a great sense of discovery. It’s a fantastic title
that stands as one of the best Star Wars games yet. Easy Allies Reviews are made possible
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100 comments on “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Easy Allies Review

  1. The combat is far from precise if you ever tried any from soft game, try beat the giant frog boss in the first planet you will know

  2. the frame rate is so bad even on PS4 pro with performance mode, dips, stuttering or loading when entering a new area, long loading time after respawn, bugs…

  3. I've seen all the other great reviews, and now Easy Allies gives it his seal of approval, I'll definitely be getting it.

  4. Great review guys, loving the game so far! My last truly great Star Wars game experience was Republic Commando some 15 years ago and I couldn't be more happy this game captures what Star Wars games are all about. It's up there with the KOTOR's Pandemic's Battlefronts, the Rogue Squadron games by Factor 5 and the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series!

  5. Reclaiming xp is stupid. This isn’t fucking dark souls and it makes no sense, if you die you’re dead so reclaiming Xp makes 0 sense.

  6. So every game is Metroid these days. Nothing wrong with that but the series has been so dormant that no one seems to remember that it was the originator.

  7. Still have to recover my wallet from outer worlds and d stranding lol. Now I got no money for this right now smh 🤦‍♂️ lol. It hurts not playing this yet haha.

  8. I love this Star Wars game so much and i love how much details they have put in the envorinment , planets , lightsaber combat and the Force powers :). This game feels like a modern version of the Jedi Knight games :).

    This is the best Star Warsgame ever on Xbox One 😃

  9. Deep down I legit thought EA was going to exterminate this project at some point somehow. But it is here. And it is amazing. I can’t fucking believe it.

  10. I've been playing the game for 5h now. Few issues I have. Controls suck. Animations recovery after your lightsaber swing is ridiculously long while enemies recover very fast. Combat is not intuitive. Enemies have a tendency not to telegraph their attack at all times as they should. Many times I felt the only way I can avoid damage is by knowing ahead of time about enemy placements. The game is stuttering and the camera has problems keeping up with the action. That's it for now.

    Edit: Forgot to mention that you get nothing for beating tough enemies, at least not where I am right now.

  11. Did we play the same game??? this game is full of glitches and frame rate issues. I played on ps4 pro and according to that intro you guys did as well. Sorry this game is nowhere near a 9 at all.

  12. This makes the decision to can Amy Henning's Star Wars appear even worse. We may have had 2 amazing Star Wars games. EA should have kissed her ass and called it gravy. Uncharted Wars would have been great.

  13. As a Star Wars fan who has been feeling pretty let down as of late, this game is just what I needed. I'm loving this game.

  14. Wtf game you playing the game is ok but a lot more can be done . More power would be nice . Change your weapon or mod it so you can have fire from your sword. Lots could of been done to the game

  15. Finally a great Star Wars game for everyone who loves the Star Wars universe. I love this game. It feels like a Dark souls 3 game sprinkle with shadow of the tomb raider exploration. I give it a 10 out 10. 🙂

  16. After playing this over the weekend, I've come to a sad conclusion: Easy Allies have been compromised…

    First, there was the 'Death Stranding Review' in which you pretty much stated that the game was boring, not fun, and even might make you angry, but still you gave it a 8.0(afraid of the blow-back by Kojima-boys, obviously). Then we have this game. Average…at best. It's like a low-grade 'Tomb Raider' game w/ lightsabers, just nowhere near as fun & inventive.

    Looks like 'Worth A Buy' is the only game reviewer that's trustworthy. Ding-ding-ding!

  17. Not a great game. Take away the Star wars skin and probably wouldn't get more than a 6/10. Has some poor design choices and you can tell Respawn don't have much experience with this type of game. If you are a fan of Star wars you should get some enjoyment from the game. But from an objective point of view not worth the money yet(wait for sale). Surprisingly the graphics are very subpar. Has slightly long loading screens and technical problems when moving from one area to another. But luckily the gameplay is fun enough. Good to see this type of single player game out there but definitely could have been better.

  18. It is a game that i want to be my most beloved one, but although it is a good one it is so frustranting that i still can see laziness in some or many aspects of the game. This game, in my opinion is way too short. Really not much to do after finishing it. I finished it and explored at least 90 per cent of the maps in tow to three nights. Now i have a shell of a game with no reason to explore again. One design flaw in this game that totally anoys me is that every, i mean EVERY level in this game is a platform with an enormous fall to nowere, even the undergound level (what???) like the building in the early 2000's spider man game. It felt lazy and i felt like playing an old game. I couldn't feel like i was on some planets ground, and it totally broke the imersion many times. First two locations had a reason for this, but when i realized the entire game was this way it just felt lame. Another thing that seems very wrong and also broke the imersion hard was the traversal. Specially the sliding parts. Just when the game was getting a good pace for me, there came a sliding part where i couldn't control my character properly the he would fall to the infinite abbys. many times. Other things that were not so critical, really, but sided by these terrible design that fells unfinished were those ridiculous bouncing plants that seemed like a ratchet and clank game, not a proper platform for star wars game, and areas were you are suposed to swing on a rope. The problem with this is that the ropes were sometimes placed horribly, like, it made no sense to have a rope in such location and it was obvious that it was there just so i pressed a diferent button. Something like this. It felt too 'game-y' and not in a good way. From software for exaple would never place a traversal item without thinking if it would make sense inside the game's world. I mean, like i sayd it is a beloved game of mine. I hope to love it and enjoy swinging my lightsaber and fighting the scarse fights that i fought while appreciating those beautiful graphics and scenarios for a long time, but not without realizing it's many, many lazy flaws.

  19. I can't help but feel that Respawn must have lied their asses off to EA to get this game released. Either that, or they had to agree to do what that previous EA CEO said, and get gamers invested THEN nickel and dime them via a patch that introduces MTX.

  20. I was really skeptical of this game, with all the footage i saw it looked really generic. The Youtube compression does this game no favor. I really like this game, there are some pretty great levels int this game, the story also has everything you would want from a Star Wars adeventure, the writers clearly love and know their Star Wars. Really great first attempt, sometimes i wished it's RPG system were a little bit deeper, but you can't have everyting.

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