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Star Wars Resistance Rewind #1.14 | Bringing in BB-8

Star Wars Resistance Rewind #1.14 | Bringing in BB-8

– [CHIRPS] – I miss you too, buddy. – I love BB-8. I was so happy
that we were going to include BB-8 in our show. He’s just an amazing droid. – I’ve always felt like BB-8 is
the brains behind the mission. He is very factual. I also like how he’s fearless. – [CHIRPS] – For BB-8, I went back to
Christian Alzmann’s original drawings of BB-8. And I noticed the proportions
were slightly different. The head was a
little bit bigger, the eye was a little bit bigger. And I thought that
really translated well into the anime-inspired
style of resistance. So that’s where that came from. That’s how BB-8
evolved for the show. – [CHIRPS] – BB-8 is just as much a spy
on the Colossus as Kaz is, so it’s fun getting to play
those dynamics of BB-8 trying to get Kaz to understand
or learn certain things and trying to improve himself. It’s just great fun having
BB-8 being along for the ride.

57 comments on “Star Wars Resistance Rewind #1.14 | Bringing in BB-8

  1. Can’t wait to see what Star Wars has in store for us this year also what their gonna do for Star Wars: Episode IX: Rise of the New Jedi

  2. Dear Disney:
    I have played Star Wars video games since the Star Wars vector arcade game in 1983. I have played dozens of SW games on nearly every platform you can name. SW gaming had a big part in keeping the franchise alive with fans during the long years between trilogies. Your deal with EA is killing SW gaming, and it needs to stop. Their corporate practices are horrendous, and their view of gamers as nothing but a revenue stream is a slap in the face to SW fans. All of this at a time when many are questioning the future of the franchise. I sincerely hope that Episode IX will redeem SW movies in the eyes of the majority of fans (instead of the divided fan base we have now). But if it doesn't, SW gaming may be the saving grace the SW needs. But this can only be if EA no longer has a choke-hold on SW gaming. EA says fans don't want a sinlge-player gamin experience? Nonsense. Utter, complete nonsense. The real truth is EA can't squeeze "enough" money from gamers in a sinlge-player game, and that's their problem – why should it be ours? Let another gaming studio take a crack at it. I know SW has been commercialized almost since its inception, but it always managed to have a heart and show love for its fans. Fans are not feeling that love these days, and that must change. I hope you see this message.

  3. bb is the sweetest thing i like to look at on Resistance, bb and the First Order troopers. honestly would love to see his rig

  4. The question was how BB-8 is gonna come back to the Resistance with Poe Dameron during The Force Awakens for the map of Luke Skywalker, journey on Jakku and Takodana with Finn and Rey? How is he going to leave Castilon?

  5. Dome to ball to eye ratio is disproportionate. Even if he is adorable
    30 seconds in and my issue is addressed, touché salesperson

  6. The fandom menace is ready to give you hell when you release the next star wars trailer… are you gonna delete the comments section because you're afraid of criticism?

  7. Love BB8, reason I watch this show. Worst part is when BB8 say he not friend with main character. Don't know it think that.

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