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Star Wars Resistance Rewind #1.21 | General Hux Takes the Stage

Star Wars Resistance Rewind #1.21 | General Hux Takes the Stage

– Today is the end of the
Republic, the end of a regime that acquiesces to disorder. – From the get-go,
we knew that the end of season 1 needed to align
with The Force Awakens. So it was very
important to us to have General Hux in the show. – This fierce machine
which you have built, upon which we stand, will
bring an end to the Senate. – For the Hosnian
Prime moment, I think was really
important to have the audience recognize
what was going on, from the original movies. So we actually didn’t change
anything about the pacing, from what we saw in the movies. That is, one to one, what
was in Force Awakens, and that was all on purpose,
because we really wanted people to be like, I remember that. I know that that’s what’s
happening right now. – CB-23, what system was that? – [BEEPS] – Hosnian Prime. No. – Kaz is devastated. He’s absolutely in
shock, in disbelief. Everything he’s known
and loved, gone. And there’s nothing he
could do to stop it. – Destroying Hosnian Prime,
which is the seat of the New Republic Senate,
is a massive deal, and the fact that Kaz
is from Hosnian Prime, is kind of devastating. Now we have this connection
to someone from that world. It’s definitely a big
moment and exciting, because it just felt like it
was ramping the stakes up even higher than they’d ever been.

94 comments on “Star Wars Resistance Rewind #1.21 | General Hux Takes the Stage

  1. “Today is the end of the Republic! The end of a government incapacitated by corruption! The end of an illegitimate regime that acquiesces to disorder! At this very moment, in a system far from here, the New Republic lives and wheezes, staggering onward, depraved and ineffectual and unable in any way to support the citizenry it claims to serve. Meanwhile a host of systems are left to wither and die – without aid, without care, without hope. Drowning in its own decadence, the New Republic ignores them, unaware that these are its final moments. This fierce machine which you have built, to which you have dedicate your lives and labours and upon which we stand, will bring a final end to the worthless senate and its differing members. To their cherished fleet. When this day is done, all remaining systems in their hundreds will bow to the dictates of the First Order. And will remember this, as the last day of the last Republic! – General Armitage Hux


  3. It's interesting that Kaz is going through the same stuff that Leia experienced in A New Hope now, as the child of a senator, with his homeworld being destroyed in front of him. I'm excited to see how things develop for everyone on the Colossus from here.

  4. This episode made me love this show and gave me a new appreciation for the Force Awakens. This moment means so much more now that we can connect it with Kaz. But the other storylines are just as good. Tam and the first order, Yeager and Doza. So much for it being just a kids show. At 40+ it’s my new favorite tv show. Take that for data!

  5. One of my few complaints with TFA was that The Hosnian Incident (though a good show of power and force) lacked emotional resonance in terms of being personal for any of the characters. No one had direct ties to the Hosnian System, and we hardly knew anything about the New Republic. It lacked that personal touch that Tarkin had with making Leia watch Alderaan explode. But this is as personal as it can get for Kaz. Now whenever I rewatch TFA, I'll think about his family in that moment.

  6. Seeing the destruction of Hosnian Prime from Kaz's POV was just like seeing Alderaan's demise from Leia's own perspective. We now understand what Kaz has and loves at home, just as we know Leia does with hers. I was literally shaking for Kaz when the scene played.

  7. I wonder if the hologram shown to the Stormtroopers on the Colossus is a prerecorded footage. How long did it actually take for the beam to actually reach the Hosnian system? Hyperspace works in mysterious ways I guess. ^^; Be strong Kaz. You are the only hope of saving the Colossus and its residents. ><

  8. This made me really feel for kaz it shows how dark star wars shows can get even from the light hearted moments.

  9. It's even worse when you realize the last conversation Kaz had with his father (back in episode 1) didn't go well. Kaz's father died still seeing him as a disappointment.

  10. That sounds cool and i like the idea behind it. Please make a good execution I would love to see something good about star wars please please think in the universe of star wars behind that action the way a bad guy would act and how he's action affect the hero and the other characters don't pull jokes that are not necessary or that blow the moment if it's sad moment let it transcend into action normally or fluidly with a low joke o none at all please put your heart in the script and do research on star wars lore and make the script on how to be a bad guy that really wants to win and after give us a hero that can overcome this bad villain with intellect and heart but withing the reality of the universe not just because but give us a reason and interconnect small actions that pay out inn the end the hero helping someone just because it was the right thing to do and if your going to corner the hero because the bad guy is a smart bad guy make us hate him because reasons and make us love our hero because there is a reason to love him he asked Rachel slee he helps out people he learns he grows it's not all about hey help me you must that's it please no more lazy writing

  11. Gotta say, the way it's played in Resistance is an improvement over The Force Awakens, which was dramatic but not very narratively satisfying simply because none of the characters had any personal connection to the worlds destroyed. We kind of needed a Kaz in that movie, but I'm glad we have him here.

  12. Personally, I thought that the Hosnian Cataclysm as shown in TFA was already pretty impactful, seeing how the movie shows us the people who are about to die. Now seeing it from the point of view of someone who has family there makes it all the more devastating.

  13. This is a great way to bring Hux speech into this show. Well executed, this will change Kaz drastically for the better or worst.

  14. Question I have after watching No Escape Part 1: Now that we know the Colossus is actually a space station/ship, could or should it be the flagship/mobile headquarters of the reformed Resistance in Episode IX. Is the Star Wars Story Group bold enough to tie their show this directly to the development of episode ix? If not, will the show give us a compelling enough reason for a resource like the Colossus not to be tied directly to the events of Episode IX?

  15. I'd feel more for Kaz if we had gotten more scenes of him interacting with his father, even if only via comm

    Otherwise it's more of an apathetic "Oh, they blew up Coruscant Hosnian Prime. That's nice, I guess?"

  16. I wish that they released part 1 and 2 together, for I really want to know how they're going to liberate the Colossus and how they're going to move forward from there. Still, I have a theory that the season 2 premiere will tie into the Last Jedi and then everything else will happen between it and episode 9.

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  18. I wish Kaz would've shown just a little more emotion at the end of the episode. I know people deal with shock in different ways, but he could've expressed just a tad more feeling

  19. It was cool seeing Hux's fiery speech converted to Cartoon, and seeing the reaction from Kaz was tragic, but expected.

    Now in terms of the Colossus, I rely like the idea that the Colossus has a hyperdrive, and therefore, it can fly from place to place, just like the Imperial Complex on Lothal could. I can't wait to see what happens to the Colossus next week during the season finale!

  20. Well, everyone did predict that tam would join the first order so now I'm predicting that she and kaz will have a fighter battle later on

  21. I'll admit, I've been very critical of this first season. I wasn't convinced by the character dynamic, the static setting, the often filler-like feel. I loved the excursions with Poe, and felt like that should have been the show, but then they would go back and mess around doing errands around the station or something. But these last few episodes, especially this one—wow. I'm really turning around on this show. Kaz is actually a decent spy. Tora is off the bench and helping out. Yeager and Doza are hanging out. And now that we know the Colossus is a starship, I am feeling so much new promise for this show. I should have had more faith.

  22. You know seeing Starkiller Base fire again, and knowing that Kaz’s home literally came crashing down on him, was so much more emotional then when we saw it in TFA.

  23. I was disappointed we didn't get to see more of Hosnian Prime, but it was a great episode nonetheless.

  24. How can people accept soulless rehashes and copy pastes of the original trilogy? Star Wars is better than this!!!

  25. Meh this show is still boring. People finally die but its just planets full of random people that nobody cares about. Man nobody even cares about these lame new characters. Even the Rewind videos are boring. Star Wars Rebels was also bad but the Rewinds were somewhat interesting at least.

  26. Given the fact that there is a one year gap between 8 and 9, I have a feeling that Resistance will cover the year gap in the next season. Though it would likely tie-in with The Last Jedi early on.

  27. So, have they addressed why the loss of the Hosnian system utterly destroyed the new republic yet? My understanding was that the NR decided they were going to constantly cycle their capital to different member worlds, and we see, at most, a few dozen ships get destroyed in TFA. I find it difficult to understand how the loss of any single system would be that damaging to a galactic government.

  28. I really hope that we see the New Republic in Episode 9. Dialogue in TLJ states that the First Order hadn't totally won yet so I'm guessing a remnant of their fleet survived and regrouped with Leia.

  29. Today is the end of the Republic—the end of a regime that acquiesces to disorder!
    At this very moment, in a system far from here, the New Republic lies to the galaxy,
    while secretly supporting the treachery of the loathsome Resistance!
    This fierce machine which you have built, upon which we stand,
    will bring an end to the Senate, to their cherished fleet;
    All remaining systems will bow to the First Order,
    And will remember this AS THE LAST DAY OF THE REPUBLIC!

    Make this a meme like the Tragedy of Darth Plaugeis.

  30. Dare I say, back when Hux was a menacing First Order commander, before Rian Johnson turned him into comic relief…

  31. The discovery of the hyperdrive was a fantastic revelation. Could we possibly see the colossus jet off into space to link up with the resistance fleet in season 2?

  32. So many people were hating on the trailer for this show but I knew this show would get better as time went on. You gotta remember that this show is being created by Dave Filoni who gave us The Clone Wars and Rebels both of which started off pretty weak compared to how they ended. If anything, I think Dave is really good at saving the best for last. In a way this is giving me even more hype for The Clone Wars Season 7 because I know Dave won't let us down with a finally 5 years in the making.

  33. That lazy all this the truth… Disney never thought that you had such bad decisions with this franchise of worship, should return everything to George Lucas and that he fixed it with the help of someone else.

  34. Will you please cancel this worthless baby cartoon!!!!!! Star Wars Clone Wars and Rebels series are 100 times better than this garbage!!!! Dave Filoni please give Star Wars fans something better!!!!!

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