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Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Evolution of the Crystal Fox

Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Evolution of the Crystal Fox

You got animatronics, puppetry, visual effects. Yeah, it looks fantastic. This is a little evolution of the crystal fox. We’ll do a combination of a hand puppet,
there’ll be animatronics in the face, and then we will make a perfect version for CGI. Who will then scan it to be able to bring her to life in any way that Rian wants.

100 comments on “Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Evolution of the Crystal Fox

  1. Before Disney era: Let's make our animals to look nothing like earth critters! Let the imagination go wild!
    Disney era: It's a fox but with crystals instead of fur! Neat, huh?

  2. This has disturbing implications tho. Foxes are already being hunted and trapped for their luxurious fur coat pelts, what more if their coats were made of shimmering precious gemstones? I'd bet these critters are high on the list for intergalactic wildlife poachers…. 🙁

  3. Build animatronic
    Create CGI scan of it so it can be "perfect"
    What's the point then making the animatronic if its ended up as CGI anyway?
    I'm complaining because their work seems to be wasted 🙁

  4. Disney's another merchandise. Insignificant to Star Wars but good for earning extra millions off of it. Episode 9 would probably include a rainbow caterpillar or a flying jellyfish.

  5. I mean these look cool, but all these aliens are just based on real life creatures. George Lucas created ones unlike anything we’ve seen before.

  6. This is very misleading. Basically they made this awesome physical creature, only to scan it into CG and duplicate it a bunch of times for the film. I don't believe there was a single physical crystal fox in the movie, just the 3D recreations.

  7. The animatronics is amazing. I just thought it was completely CGI. I’m sure that crystal fox, was super expensive to design.

  8. Redicioules in every sense! Just to satisfy the annoying "original" Star Wars Fans. Oh Wow this movie has less CGI than ever before. In the movie there wasn't a minute of a scene where one could see the puppet crystal fox. It was all CGI. They made it to make money with it by showing it at museum or theme park. At the end the Crystal Fox looks in CGI different than the puppet. Compare the skulls.


  9. They didn't even use the model for any scenes in the film; It's all CGI and it looks very fake.

    It's such a disappointment, at the start of The Force Awakens they had animatronics (including BB8) and they looking incredible and allowed scenes with the actors interacting with them. At some point they seem to have gotten lazy or cheap, and just gone down the CGI road. Notice that all the shots of these foxes in The Force Awakens were cut-aways, and none of them looked convincing.

  10. so much work on these great creatures and we get only a few seconds of screentime. hell, burn the porgs and make these foxes more.

  11. i think they should have ditched the CGI stage. the moving model looks amazing and even though you saw it without the face, looks real. the CGI just looked like a CGI

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