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Star Wars The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Scene – Jedi History Breakdown

Star Wars The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Scene – Jedi History Breakdown

Do or do not there is no try
size matters not. look at me judge me by my size do you?
for my Ally is the force and a powerful ally it is. life creates it makes it grow, its
energy surrounds us and binds, luminous beings are we, not this crude matter you
must feel the force around, here between you, me everywhere. Welcome back everyone it’s
Charlie this is going to be my video all about Yoda’s species on the mandalorian
and in the Star Wars Canon because this is taking place right after Return of
the Jedi so a lot of people are wondering if it’s going to connect with
stuff that’s happening during the new trilogy in rise of Skywalker I am doing
videos for all the Mandalorian episodes so if you’re brand new to the channel be
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giveaway too so obviously careful for spoilers from the Mandalorian if you
haven’t seen it yet Lucasfilm technically lifted the spoiler
ban on talking about baby Yoda but that’s basically what it was people were
just waiting til after the first couple of weeks to start openly talking about
and posting pictures of baby Yoda but just to be clear even though the
Internet has largely dubbed this person baby Yoda we don’t know that he is the
biological child of Yoda we don’t know that he’s a clone of Yoda but I’ll
discuss that during the video so this scene is all about the Mandalorian being
saved by the young link that we’re dubbing baby Yoda and during a big
callback to Yoda lifting Luke’s x-wing out of the swamp and Empire Strikes Back
saves the Mandalorian from being crushed by the mud horn creature by lifting it
in the air with the force then stunning it when it drops to the ground long
enough for the Mandalorian to finish him off baby Yoda promptly passes out
because the effort taxes him so much you’re basically using your life
to do stuff like this which is why Luke Skywalker died in the attempt to project
himself across the galaxy to help give the resistance time to get away
baby Yoda is fifty years old according to what they’re saying on the TV show
that makes him around four or five years old in human years assuming that he ages
at about the same rate but he can’t quite talk so the planet kind of fast
and loose in terms of how fast he develops relative to other races because
he can climb out of his hovering bassinet he can walk on two legs he can
capture an e food by himself like we see when he snarfs down that giant frog
relative to his size the frog is almost as big as he is then he’s also able to
tell when the Mandalorians in trouble he’s able to use the force to sense
what’s going on with him even though he himself can’t speak yet the only other
two members of his race that we’ve ever met anywhere in the Star Wars universe
in any kind of Canon even the legends Canon or Yoda himself who was about 900
years old when he died then ya know who we last saw during Phantom Menace and
she was a little under five hundred years old when that happened there’s a
story about what happens to her after this moment but they got rid of her
during the legends timeline and even though that isn’t canon anymore she was
actually just referenced again during Star Wars fallen order if you’ve been
playing that game they reference the adil in passing during it someone thinks
that she’s still alive out there somewhere but that’s it George Lucas has
always refused a lot of questions about Yoda’s backstory where his race comes
from things about his people like you would normally ask questions about the
other races of the galaxy he’s been very meticulous in at least working with
other third parties in building out the backstories behind all these cultures in
the galaxy but when it comes to Yoda species it’s a hard pass the only time
he’s ever allowed or given his blessing to creating a new member of the race is
during the Mandalorian species that might be because Dave Filoni is working
on the show and he sort of George Lucas’s adoptive son George Lucas no
joke thinks of Dave Filoni as the son that he never had because George Lucas
only has daughters but a lot of people are now wondering if this baby oda if he
survives the Mandalorian series which it sounds like he will if he’s going to be
the future of the Jedi Order for the next 850 years which takes it way past
the rise of Skywalker and because of some Easter eggs from episode 1 on
Doctor Pershing’s in Pierrot uniform there are a lot of theories about who he
is and what the Empire’s plans for baby Yoda are
so if you missed this during episode one Doctor Pershing is wearing a white Imperial
medical officer’s uniform with a special symbol on it that denotes the cloning
facility a Kamino from attack of the clones implying that he worked in
cloning research for the Emperor now as of right now in the show the empire has
fallen after the Battle of Endor in the battle of jakku what remained of the
Imperial fleet has since gone into the Unknown Regions and they’re in the
process of becoming the first order so they’re nowhere to be found
The Imperials that we see on the Mandalorian are just the leftovers who
are vying for power now the moths the Admirals trying to consolidate what’s
left of the Empire the way Werner Herzog’s character refers to it and he’s
wearing him Imperial medallion is bring back a sense of order go back to the way
things used to be under imperial rule we know that the Emperor had all kinds of
secret projects all over the galaxy hidden from the rest of the Empire he
was obsessed with immortality Q the Darth Plagueis the wise speech and he
was obsessed with the knowledge of the force that being said is much contempt
as he showed for Master Yoda during brunch of the Sith because Yoda’s race
was so powerful in the force Emperor Palpatine tried to learn everything he
could to exploit that or in lieu of that get rid of all the other members of his race
top that would pop up because they were potential threats to him if every member
of Yoda’s race is just as force sensitive as he was and capable of being
just as powerful it’s a huge threat to the Empire when Palpatine seemingly died
which we know now didn’t stick because he just showed up in the flesh during
the rise of Skywalker trailer a lot of these secret projects that the Emperor
was working on sort of burst at the dam because he wasn’t there to keep them
secret anymore so a lot of people working on those
projects or who had knowledge of them tried to exploit them in his absence now
a lot of people are wondering if Doctor Pershing is either going to try and
clone baby Yoda to make an army of force sensitive beings that the remnants of
the Empire are able to use to maintain order a bunch of evil tiny Yoda’s
running around with lightsabers or if baby Yoda himself is a clone of Yoda is
part of that attempt after watching the episodes a couple times I’m starting to
think less that he’s an actual clone of Yoda but that they do want to clone him
and the reason that he’s a foundling just like the Mandalorian is because he
lost his parents they were killed sometime between the prequels in the
original trilogy during the purge if he’s 50 years old
that makes them about as old as Anakin Skywalker so baby Yoda predates the
prequels when the Mandalorian took the job. Doctor Pershing insisted that he be brought back alive and that probably has
something to do with the viability of the cloning process like living
biological matter is easier to clone than dead matter the reason why Werner
Herzog’s character is totally cool with him being dead is probably because
either doesn’t care about this army of clones Yoda’s or he doesn’t think they’ll
be able to control them there been a lot of jokes about Yoda maybe getting with Y
Adil but the thing is is that even though they’re male and female members
of their species and they reproduce like normal mammals would with male and
female the reason why I don’t think that baby Yoda is actually Yoda’s biological
child is because Yoda made such a big deal about the tenants of the Jedi Order
and one of the core ones was that they were never allowed to have children so I
think at least Master Yoda would have respected that
yato left the Jedi Council after Phantom Menace she might still be alive like I
said she’s mentioned during Star Wars fall in order by someone thinking that
she’s still alive after the great purge after order 66 but that hasn’t been
confirmed yet because of George Lucas keeping them secret nobody really knows
much about their race not in real life and not within the Star Wars universe
like the other Jedi Masters and historians don’t know much about Yoda’s
race themselves because of their in fibia slight qualities we know that they
come from very swamp like planets like Dagobah was the perfect planet for Yoda
to hide on one because it helped mask his force signature because it was so
strong in the force they just sort of drowned his signal out so that the
emperor couldn’t find him but it also served his biological needs for his race
because he needed to live in a swamp like environment we know they’re
extremely long-lived but because of that they reproduce very infrequently and
there are always very very few of them in the galaxy at any one time there’s no
actual count even Master Yoda probably doesn’t know how many members of his
race currently exist but when they’re born they’re all born with relatively
high force sensitivity so if you do want to talk about midi-chlorians yes you
mean you can make all the jokes that you want but they’re all born with
relatively high counts just like Master Yoda was that’s why everyone is always
so curious about them the Emperor the rest of the Imperials baby Yoda even
tries to heal the Mandalorian with the force just to give you an idea
for how innately force-sensitive and powerful he is he’s not old enough to
speak but he knows enough about the force that he knows that he can use it
to heal his wound even though the Mandalorian himself seems like he
doesn’t know anything about the ways of the force even if he grew up during the
Clone Wars which we know he did because of the flashbacks my assumption there is
that because his parents seemed like they were killed during the Clone Wars
and he went into refuge he became a foundling as part of these Mandalorian
clans that they just didn’t spend a lot of time teaching him about Force Lord
because most the Jedi got wiped out during the purge him learning about the
force by watching baby Yoda do crazy WTF things will probably just play out over
the rest of the season and if baby Yoda is doing stuff like this now at the
beginning of the series think about what they might be saving in
terms of big WTF force moments for the series finale if you’re really excited
about what’s going on with the series right now don’t worry they just started
filming season two a little while ago so unless they say something different I’m
assuming the season two episodes will drop next year around the same time and
by that time most places around the world will have access to Disney Plus so
you won’t all have to race around to find the episode somewhere else every
single week when they drop them my Mandalorian episode 3 video will post
tomorrow after the episode airs so be sure to watch it however you can watch
the episode while you wait for that everyone click here for my Star Wars
Mandalorian episode 2 video and click here for my brand new Rick and Morty
season 4 episode 3 trailer thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome I’ll see you guys tonight!

100 comments on “Star Wars The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Scene – Jedi History Breakdown

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  9. There was a Yoda type character in KOTOR. So no, not the only two. And just looked, another one was in the KOTOR MMO. So we're sitting at about 5 or 6 of them that are somewhat known.

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  18. George Lucas does have a son, his name is Jett & he played the young Jedi who almost escapes from the temple with Bail Organa. He also had a sort of cameo in animated form in Clone Wars along with his sisters & his father as a family of blue skinned aliens, remember?

  19. Ok, I'm about to key you in on a secret…Yoda's race is REAL and they're the ones who told George Lucas the Star Wars story. Sharing with him about the happenings a long time ago in a galaxy far far away 😉

    Mind Blown?

  20. I have a question that did not see discussed anywhere. Baby Yoda is 50 years old and looks like a human 2-4 years old in behaviour (?). So if I want to calculate Master Yoda’s year in human years it would be 800 *4/50=64. If I take baby yoga as 2 years old then master yoda was 32 years old in human years when he died. I am wondering if this has been discussed. It’s important in the sense that biologically they actually mature very slowly.

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