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Star Wars The Mandalorian Episode 1 – TOP 10 WTF and Easter Eggs

Star Wars The Mandalorian Episode 1 – TOP 10 WTF and Easter Eggs

I can bring you in warm or I can bring
you in cold welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this
is going to be my Star Wars the Mandalorian Episode one video so I’ll break
everything down there was a whole bunch of Easter eggs obviously it’s just the
first episode they’ll be eighth this season so if you’re brand new to my
channel I’ll be doing videos for all them be sure to subscribe to get
everything I’ll do a Star Wars giveaway for all the
videos – careful for spoilers from the episode if you haven’t seen it yet but
we’ll just do top 10 and Easter eggs as we go along so starting with number
10 the place in the setting in the time period the series takes place five years
after Return of the Jedi mostly in the Outer Rim territories we don’t know
exactly where it takes place they haven’t said which planet’s these are
but they’ll be visiting a bunch of different planets during the series for
the most part it seems like we’re going to new places that we haven’t seen
before but with a lot of Easter eggs for things from the classic trilogy from the
books from the expanded universe they’re REE canonizing some things there’s even
some stuff from the Star Wars Holiday Special in here – as of right now the
Empire has already lost the battle of jakku and what was left of their fleet
was taken by the Imperials that seized command in the chaos there was a bit of
an imperial Civil War at jakku using special maps from one of emperor
palpatine secret caches on jakku to plot a course through the unknown regions
where they would eventually grow into the first order but that didn’t happen
until many years later so right now the galaxy is still in chaos and the new
Republic has not been formed by the rebellion yet so everybody is still
scrambling for power as you’ll see over the next couple of episodes not every
Imperial left to go form the first order so there’s still a lot of people that
are trying to maintain or restore what power they had under imperial rule
number nine meet the Mandalorian though so you sort of get that intro with the
special musical cues just to let you know what the series is going to be like
and what his character does it’s sort of a tutorial on the series in general this
opening scene in the cantina bit of a callback to obi-wan throwing down in the
cantina and Star Wars a new hope – opening with a scene of them doing
something really badass to let you know how hardcore they are apparently the
Mandalorians name / Pedro Pascal is denge aren but we don’t know quite how
to spell that yet I haven’t seen it written only spoken Pedro Pascal did an
interview here where he revealed that name there’s a couple big East
during this big cantina fight so we get our first tutorial on beskar steel
best not scratch it because it’s almost priceless beskar steel is the special
metal that Mandalorians used to make all their weapons in their armor it’s way
stronger than Duras steel which is the most common type of metal used to make
ships and other weapons it’s way more resistant to blaster fire and it’s
resistant to lightsabers they don’t mention the great Jedi war that the
Mandalorians had thousands of years ago but as we go through this series I’ll do
more relevant backstory on the Mandalorian cultures history you notice
that the bartender slides him a replacement drink on the house but it’s
empty because the bartender knew that the Mandalorian was going to beat the
crap out of those two dudes and wanted to help him do it the one that’s
spitting insults at the blue mithril is actually speaking Huttese it’s one of
the major languages of the criminal underworld of the Star Wars Galaxies the
blue mithril you may recognize as horatio sanz from Saturday Night Live –
he was our first really big cameo in the episode but number 8 beware the rabbinic
so this area is mostly covered in a frozen ocean when he goes to secure the
taxi to get to his ship the alien that helps him is a Kubas first seen during
episode 4 this speeder that pulls up is a slightly modified version of Luke
Skywalker’s land speeder from episode 4 driven by an r2 unit but he doesn’t like
droids then we get our second big celebrity cameo its Brian Posehn and
driving the taxi may he rest in peace he takes them to the Mandalorian ship which
is called the razor crest it’s a pre Empire patrol ship modified to suit his
bounty hunting lifestyle but the Easter Egg for its design is that it’s actually
based on Jango Fett’s ship from the video game Star Wars bounty hunter that
some of you probably played but not before the rabbinic eats Brian Posehn
and his land speeder in a very jaws esque scene shark in the water it’s a
brand new creature that they created for the show but it’s kind of like a rancor
crossed with a giant hippopotamus the next big easter egg is actually for the
Star Wars Holiday Special so his signature rifle with the dual
teeth at the end he uses to shock it away his Boba Fett’s rifle from the Star
Wars Holiday Special that cartoon was also the very first
appearance of the Boba Fett character and yes Boba Fett did appear during this
episode when he’s going to get his car pauldron made by the smith in the
background he passes someone wearing armor that looks identical to Boba
Fett’s green Mandalorian armor number seven the Carbonite freezer
obviously big easter egg for Empire Strikes Back and Han Solo being frozen
in carbonite but the myth world tries to fake having to go to the bathroom we see
what is probably our very first space toilet in the Star Wars universe ever at
least I’m pretty sure when he accidentally opens the weapons Locker
you also see Han Solo’s blaster on the wall when he’s thumbing through the
Carbonite bounties you noticed that the aliens are all major characters from the
original trilogy from Episode four to Jabba’s palace and Return of the Jedi
the first one is a Rodian r.i.p Greedo you may have also seen yesterday there
was a bit of an Internet controversy on Disney Plus yesterday with the 4k
restoration version of a new hope number 6 grief carga and the bounty
hunters guild so Carl Weathers plays the administrator of the batty hunters guild
the guild itself was only created right after the fall of the Empire so their
organization in the bounty Puck’s that they use all that stuff is only a couple
years old you get a shout out to Mon Calamari Admiral Ackbar’s homeworld we
get a reminder of the state of the galaxy times are tough no one wants to
pay guild rates they give another shout out to Star Wars underworld during their
conversation which is actually a shout out to the original live-action Star
Wars TV series that Ronald D Moore worked on they wrote 50 plus scripts but
then wound up scrapping the series at the last minute before they started to
shoot it but then number 5 we learn about the client so everyone probably
knows at least a little bit who Werner Herzog is or you just remember his voice
from some project that he did you may also remember him he did some Rick and
Morty during season 2 interdimensional cable that was pretty funny
based on the necklace that he’s wearing in the episode it seems like he’s a
former Imperial magistrate trying to retain some power in the chaos in the
fact that he’s commanding all these stormtroopers he also has a very
official looking Imperial doctor working for him the Droid that opens the door
for him is the same Droid managing the gate at Jabba’s palace and there’s also
a gonk droid that walks him back through the hallway they have their three-way
Mexican standoff moment and we get another shout-out to beskar steel
and the bounty itself the amount of money in beskar that he’s offering
the Mandalorian is actually priceless the magistrate
makes it very very clear that he wants the bounty terminated but the doctor
insists that it be brought back alive that’s important for later that’ll come
back around in a future episode but he also lets us know what happened to the
Mandalorians under imperial rule terrible what happened to your people
then later the Mandalorian armor when she sees the beskar says this must
have been taken during the purge so it sounds like the Empire stole all the
Mandalorians beskar and that’s where a lot of this beskar these being
offered as bounty came from number four the weapon Smith and all the flashbacks
to the prequels so on the way to the Smith you see a salacious crumb species
roasting on a spit and what in a cage just meant to be a funny Easter Egg for
Return of the Jedi and then we see where the local Mandalorian clan lives the
Mandalorian symbol above the forge is actually designed to look like the skull
of the mythosaurr which Nick Nolte’s ignite bounty hunter mentions later in
the episode the mythosaur was a great flying creature the size of a city that
lived on the Mandalorians previous homeworld of Mandalore and was said to
have been conquered by the first person to bear the name Mandalore when he says
to her that he does not have a signet yet that’s just an indication that he
hasn’t been recognized as part of the local Mandalorian clan or one of the
other clans it’s a sign of membership like you’re not recognized as an
official Mandalorian unless you have a signet which is one of the reasons why
Boba Fett was not a true Mandalorian just someone who adopted Mandalorian
armor and weapons all the flashbacks are to the Clone Wars so you have to picture
this happening somewhere around Star Wars Episode two will probably get more
flashback scenes like this in future episodes number three meet the ugh not
bounty hunter in the blurbs so the blogs are actually Easter eggs for the
made-for-tv Ewok Star Wars movies caravan of courage and Ewoks battle for
Endor super deep cuts the ugh not bounty hunter is played by Nick Nolte his voice
is very identifiable you’d recognize it anywhere he mentions the great mythosaur
like I said then we meet IG 11 played by Taika Waititi from thor ragnarok he also
probably recognized his voice he said his character is meant to be kind of
like the Terminator inside the Star Wars universe you kind of get a sense of his
personality during that introductory shootout that he has number two shootout
at the O.K. Corral very awesome classic
gunslingers shootout right out of a spaghetti western they even have the
Star Wars equivalent of a giant Gatling gun in blaster form the self-destruct
device that IG 11 keeps trying to use is actually just a thermal detonator also
seen during Return of the Jedi in Jabba’s palace when Leia whipped it out
the number one the bounty this was such an awesome twist reveal they said
it was fifty years old some species aged differently even if
you’re not a big star Wars fan you probably recognize that as a baby of
Yoda’s species it’s not Yoda just to be clear because Yoda died
during Return of the Jedi that was about five years ago
so Yoda is a force ghost right now laughing at the Mandalorian above
thanking him for helping this baby of his species the reason why this is so
huge on multiple levels is because George Lucas made it so that virtually
nothing was known about Yoda’s race we do know a couple things about them other
than the fact that they’re long-lived they’re very rare so members of his
species do exist throughout the galaxy but there are only a couple of them at
any given time they have basic male and female genders and they all live very
long lives and they’re all very very force sensitive
yeah ttle is the only other member of his species she’s a female that we saw
during any Star Wars movies any books or any comic books so it’s possible that
Yoda could have mated with her at some point in his 900 years my other best
theory is that is actually a clone of Yoda because the doctor who was asking
it be brought back alive has the same symbol on his sleeve as they did at the
cloning facility on Kamino during episode two attack of the clones so let
me know in the comments do you think that this is a clone of Yoda or do you
think that it’s actually just another baby of his species that’s popped up but
now you see why the magistrate wanted this baby terminated so badly because it
could grow up to be just as powerful a Jedi Master is Yoda someday so a big
threat to the return of imperial rule which is clearly what they want and then
we’ll obviously see what happens through the course of the series but a big part
of it will probably be him protecting this baby from the Imperials it was a
great episode episode 2 is going to be released on Friday so obviously my video
for that will post a little bit more timely than this one did just because so
much is happening this week if you spot any other really big Easter eggs in the
episode that I didn’t mention in the video just write them below in the
comments everybody click here for my Rick and
Morty season 4 episode 1 video and everyone click here for that Star Wars
mandalorian trailer thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome I’ll
see you guys tonight!

100 comments on “Star Wars The Mandalorian Episode 1 – TOP 10 WTF and Easter Eggs

  1. Here's my Star Wars The Mandalorian Episode 1 video and Easter Eggs. Post all your theories in the comments! Episode 2 is on Friday. Here's my Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 1 video too!

  2. If he is such an elite bounty hunter then why would he let his first bounty target, the blue guy just walk around his ship loose?

    Also, when Mando landed on the planet where his main bounty was, why did he get out and start walking when he could have just flown to be close to the target? Instead, he took lessons and rode the lizard thing wtf

  3. dont think its a clone of yoda think there going down a similar but different road or at the very least a swerve moment,episode 2 adds a lot more intrest to the situation as well!

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Boba Fett get eaten by that creature when Solo knocked him off the ship accidentally in Return of the Jedi? So how is that Boba Fett in the background? Did he survive that?

  5. If anyone who worked on Mandalorian is reading this thank you so much you've done my heart something real i fully intend to buy this on blu-ray and keep it for the rest of my life

  6. Probably mentioned already, that cannot be Boba Fett because he was eaten by the Sarlacc in Return of the Jedi. Perhaps its another Mandolorian in the same outfit (but even Boba Fett armor went into the Sarlacc with him).

  7. Dude! Nice look on noticing the doctors patch being the same as the ones on Kamino! Holy shit that’s got my mind running a mile a minute…

  8. I was thinking Yoda species first but then once you started using his powers I started thinking clone Yoda. Luke does ask about The Clone War"s" ,
    Could this be another clone war?🤔😂😵

  9. How did you not mention Boba Fett (wannabe) in the Mandalorian guild hall and that the Droid (or similar model) was also hired by Vader to find the Millennium Falcon?

  10. Theory going around the baby Yoda, when Yoda first put the clone army order in he cloned himself. That time frame fits almost perfect.

  11. Have you seen the originals? don’t confuse entertaining with feels like starwars. Same with rouge one. I like it does not mean it feels like starwars. NOTHING has captured the relatable awe of starwars since the original. I didn’t say I didn’t love it. But western in space about sums it up.

  12. You have no idea how hyped I am in any way shape or form about this movie.

    Can you guess why? It’s literally about Boba fett! If you didn’t catch on before Boba Fett is my favorite character in all of Star Wars.

  13. Do you think the child's species "yodas people" could be the ones from the
    Leaks for rise of skywalker referring to the planet full of force sensitive people palp is trying to destroy?

  14. It’s a force created being it was born the same year anakin skywalker was. In Star Wars there is always balance so when palpitine created anakin the force created this baby toda

  15. When you think about it that green helmetted Mandalorian figure can't be Boba Fett because he's dead. He got 360 no scoped by the Sarlacc.

  16. I just watched Episode one…HOW CAN DISNEY MAKE SOMETHING THIS AWESOME ! I've gotten so used to their mediocrity regarding story, specially Star Wars Stories, that I didn't think they could do such a 180 on us.
    If the rest of the series is at least 2/3 as good as this episode… then they will out play GoT, becasue it's F-ing SW, it's like the T-re in Jurassic Park, you don't need much to make it awesome !

  17. It fell short from my expectations. Perhaps viewing it on a tv screen doesn’t help. I would recut the entire part with the blue guy. Their is too much talking on his part that serves little to no purpose. My guess is to show that our hero doesn’t care and doesn’t speak much but there are more subtle ways to do that. Once in the ship out of danger their is simply no reason not to freeze him immediately. I would also cut the part with the droid speeder, even if it foreshadow it’s hate for droids, there is plenty of time to develop on that later. The armor ‘forging’ was also a big disappointment. Working with metal can be really impressive in itself and in this case it is also a ritual, so it should have more gravitas. Just look at one of Alec Steele video and you will understand that there was a lot of potential there.

  18. There are blasters that LOOK a lot like Han's, but I'm pretty sure it's not his. First of all, none of them look quite right, and 2, Han never loses his blaster until he's killed. It might be the same model with some slight modifications, but it's not HIS blaster.

  19. It's ok…it's simple..and entertaining. ..I liked both esp.'s 1 and Friday was wondering when it was streaming…thanks…

  20. I dig it…but in an age of Disney posting trigger warnings to old do they square the hosting the violence in Mandilorian. Im totally cool with it, but i see future PC Babies crying the violence is too scary.

  21. I was thinking the Purge would have been after the Mandalorians rebelled against the Empire with the leadership of Bo Katan. They had been part of the Empire under the governorship of Gar Saxon until he was killed. This was in Rebels and they didn't make any mention of a Purge during that show. Since the uprising was still going on at the end of Rebels it is easy to deduce the Empire might have cracked down HARD.

  22. I think that the baby Yoda is a real Yoda species, but the scientist wants it alive so that he can efficiently clone it.

  23. I'm pretty sure that's a Lancer Class Pursuit Craft that's parked on the ground at 1:15

    As seen in Clone Wars piloted by Ventress and SW Rebels piloted by Ketsu Onyo – made by Mandal Motors at the behest of the Black Sun Syndicate – so it adds a little foreshadowing of the kind of people who occupy place where the Mando is landing

  24. My fiance kept bitching that the CGI wasn't the best and I was like… "STFU! It's a good storyline & they're world building. It's already light years beyond Dinsey's Star Wars movies!"

  25. I appreciate the original story but they’ve seriously missed the mark with this, it’s a bit of a contradiction the storyline

  26. I have to say this dude the amount of info gathering and fact checking it took to make this video amazing had to be strenuous and long. you inspire me so much well made videos and accurate sources and references. I love your channel. keep raising the bar!!!

  27. I really hope the baby is not a clone, they need to stay away from just cloning everybody in canon versus what they did in legends. Otherwise, a character's death will be meaningless.

  28. Regarding something you mention in the video, if The Mandalorian takes place after the Battle of Jakku, then the New Republic has definitely been formed by that point. The trilogy of Aftermath books basically talk about the events leading up to the Battle of Jakku, at which time the New Republic has already been formed, with Mon Mothma as the new Chancellor.

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