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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker | Featurette

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker | Featurette

[BEEPING] – Take a few minutes
for the navi computer to calculate the coordinates. – A few minutes? Are you kidding? At the rate, they’re gaining. – Yeah– oh, what is it? – [CHUCKLES] – Traveling through hyperspace– – Do you have to shoot this? Traveling through
hyperspace is like dusting– ain’t like dusting crops, kid. Without precise calculations,
we fly too close to a store– they’re– bounce into a
supermarket, and then– – [CHUCKLES] Yeah. – –be a hell of a mess. – What’s that? – Watch this. We’re losing the
reflector shields. Go strap yourselves in. Be careful on the way out. – Yeah, sure. I’m taking it very cautiously. – OK, cut. – You, go away with that. – Bounce too near a supermarket? [CHUCKLING] [SERENE PIANO MUSIC] – This is a very
simple, basic idea. – It’s a story about a
farm boy in Nebraska, and not on Tatooine. – It was originally designed
to be a modern fairy tale. – About good and evil,
and what prevails, and what doesn’t prevail. – It’s unlimited,
the possibilities of what they can do. – If this one doesn’t work
out, we’re sort of finished. But hopefully, it will
justify it as a series. Make you say, gee,
what happens next? – The whole experience has been
so completely unanticipated. – I had my doubts about whether
another “Star Wars” would work. But I now get that phrase,
thank you for my childhood, because it’s something that
people carry with them now forever and ever and ever. – As I see it, this
has nothing to do with past, present, or future. “Star Wars” could be
in any of those areas. – It’s a big part of
what makes these films so important to pass on from
generation to generation. – I feel honored that
I’ve been allowed to continue the journey. – It’s very cool to meet
someone inspirational to a generation of moviegoers. – Those that have gone before
you, incredible artists in their own right. You delve deeper in your
appreciation and respect for that. – Oh my gosh. It feels like I was
just in a time machine, and I had traveled
back to when they first had filmed “Star Wars.” – Roll cameras! – If you’re a kid watching
this 100 years from now, 500 years from now– – [INAUDIBLE]! – –you see this inevitability. The story conclude
in a way that feels thrilling, and
shocking, and funny, and emotional, and satisfying. – I like these films. – I think there’s a
legacy that’s important. [ROUSING MUSIC] – Ready, set, and camera. – Take nine. – Episode 9 will be a
conclusion of a story that is over 40 years in the making. – Action! – So all stops are
out, and it’s all go. [MUSIC – “STAR WARS THEME”]

100 comments on “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker | Featurette

  1. Im guessing Disney are really trying for some "likes" these days on their videos. Understandable why .
    No Rian Johnson = instant like for me.

  2. I was really enjoying this until I saw the new star wars cast… Disney you screwed up royally. Next time put the emphasis on story telling and character development. What a waste…

  3. I love this. Seeing a ton of positive comments too, which is refreshing. I hope The Rise of Skywalker can unite the fan base again <3 Long live the legacy!

  4. Now you are playing the nostalgia card, your trilogy is terrible Disney. I wish your trilogy can be fixed once Luke enter into the world between worlds and remove the non-sense you created Disney.

  5. And yet you didnt reunite them for the sequel trilogy. Horrible planning from a horrible leader. Kathleen kennedy ruined star wars

  6. All good saga comes to an end saw starwars episode 4 bk in 1977 i was only 9 loved it ever since im sure they could make other films based on the old republic that would be good.may the force be with us all always.

  7. They are playing up nostalgia HARD to sell this slandering SJW dumpster fire this Christmas. Way to sell it on the forth wall, Mickey, and not the story…

  8. I kinda feel saddened that the trilogy is ending so many characters fir every family member to love funny/epic moments every character has their own backstory

  9. When Star Wars was fun!
    Now it's just pathetic people who will do anything PC and woke just as long as it slaughters anything that resembles 'patriarchy'.
    Now all that is left is men bad, waman good. Force is female and all that other shite!

  10. Hi Mickey Mouse. Will you please upload the movie music to Episode 9 soon? (just like you have done before) I need it to hype myself up before going to the premier.

  11. Disney has ruined it, grew up living and Loving Star Wars until Disney. Neither myself or any of my friends will pay money to see it anymore, truely sad.

  12. A story that’s 40 years in the making?
    Disney Star Wars is more like you’re making stuff up as you go…you’ve managed to tank a brand in 1/10 of the time it took to build it. Nice try though, the beginning of this is very moving.

  13. The original trilogy was the best. The prequels were tolerable and the new Star “Wokes” is just horrible. Wasn’t even interested after watching Mary Sue Rey become an instant Jedi master and the straight plagiarism of the first two movies JJ Abrams did. Such a sad progress of the whole franchise.

  14. What a travesty. A so-called "Featurette" of "The RIse of Skywalker" and it's mostly clips from George Lucas' 40 year old films. Give me a break. Disney has spit on Lucas' work, and now suddenly we are supposed to get excited by this new movie that is supposed to be the conclusion to the entire saga? The saga concludes with Episode VI. And that's it.

  15. I'm not asking for much. Just for it to be better then The Last Jedi, and for it to make me feel SOMETHING for these characters.

  16. So disney is so desperate that the only thing they can do to promote their film is to reminde us how great was original trilogy that they didn't make? Pathetic.

  17. Disney, you ruined Star Wars for good. Your version of films will never be true canon. Just glorified fanmade films with forced agendas and shortcuts. Star Wars is the first 6 films and the EU books – that's it.

  18. Why is never Ian in these? It's like the main villain doesn't exist… I get that you tossed Jar-Jar, but give Ian the cred he deserves! And where is James Earl Jones? They never show him either.

  19. Where are the prequels? Disney if you’re trying to market this as the end of the Skywalker Saga, then show the prequels

  20. New star wars has nothing to do with the actual star wars movies. Its disgusting you would try to use the goodwill from the OT and try to attatch it to whatever these new movies are. There is no connection other than branding

  21. What a lame attempt at using nostalgia to create interest in this terdfest that Kathleen Kennedy has made out of star wars.😕

  22. Does 2:43 confirm Wicket is returning because Warwick Davis looks older in that shot because he was just a kid when they filmed the original trilogy.

  23. It's only natural for us to choose our childhood movies and mine is the prequels feel sorry for those who are the sequels but i also like the originals too though

  24. It's so funny to see how Sir Alec is keeping Obiwan without a smile. I'm wondering if he was that serious, or if he felt "What Am I doing here?…"? Maybe both.

  25. What have I learned from watching Disney's Star Wars Trilogy?
    I've learned that JJ Abrams is no George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy is WAY out of her league.
    With the exception of The Madalorian and Rogue One, Disney's Star Wars stories have been forgettable garbage.

  26. Say what you want about disney Star Wars. But can we all agree that this was a good tribute to the characters we’ve grown to know and love over the past 40 years?

  27. It is a shame Rian Johnson didn't direct episode 9. Still I am sure JJ will be great. Can't wait for Rians trilogy. He is a genius.

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