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Star’s Best Moments⭐️| Star vs. the Forces of Evil | Disney Channel

Star’s Best Moments⭐️| Star vs. the Forces of Evil | Disney Channel

Here’s your new room. Ow! Okay, I can work with this. Sparkle glitter bomb expand! Woah. Ah that’s better. I wish I had a room like this. You do? Mystic Room sunk-transport! (screaming) Sunk? Sunk? Why was the word sunk in that spell? I don’t know. It just came out that way. I’m sorry, Marco. How about a little sunshine to brighten your day? Ah I can’t take this anymore. If you’re moving in then I am moving out. Are you okay?
Luckily the cactuses broke my fall. Do you need any help?
I’m fine just leave me alone. Here he comes. Hey brother do me a solid. Refill this for me! They won’t let me back inside
because I’m soggy! Did you bring me my refill? Don’t make eye contact. Don’t come to my
house. You bring toilet paper. What are you doing here? I didn’t get a choice
about coming here to Earth and you didn’t get a choice about having to deal
with me. I’ll…I’ll find another family to live
with. Star? Star Butterfly! At last I’ve found you. Ludo! How did you know I was here? (laughs)
Wouldn’t you like to know. Yes, that’s why I asked. Well hey I don’t have to tell
you anything. Get her! (screams) Hi-yah! Woah you can fight?! It’s called karate. You said she was unguarded. Hi-yah! Woo-hoo! Rainbow glitter punch! You’re embarrassing me. Get up! Hallucination mist! Woah what is happening? Narwhal blast! I don’t want your wand. Destroy it. What? Surprise. I can’t. I don’t even know how.
Yes you do. It’s the first spell your mother taught you. The whispering spell.
Exactly. Marco’s waiting. Star? I’m sorry. (spell whispering) Now let Marco go. Star! Run. My babies. Okay you really got to stop shoving me. It’s not over. Gentlemen it’s been a pleasure. Lawyers. Look, nature. Where is my castle?
It’s gone. And where is your wand? That’s gone too. Everything? We are no longer friends. We never were friends. You are now my mortal enemy. This day, I found…uh You’ve been a stone in my lane
for too long. My incorrigible little niece. You’re
about to abdicate the throne. What is she doing? Marco come on! Star, this game is
changing you it’s not about who vs. who or rivalries or whatever. It’s about
winning no matter what and that’s just not you. (screaming and fighting) Let’s just go back down the hill Star She’s got our flags. Get her! Get our flags! Give me flag! Give it to me! Mom? Are you alright?
Oh man mom those are some sweet magic moves with your big ole wings and stuff.
Star you’re never going to believe, but I just met your twin sister. She was made
out of corn. I don’t even remember giving birth to her. River, did I ever give birth to a corn baby? No I’m
afraid we just have the one child, my dear. Thank You River. Her name is Star. Okay why don’t you just lay back down. Thank you. You see what Flags does to
your brain. I’m sorry I tried to trick you with my corn twin and maybe you’re
right. Maybe I’m not ready for Flags but maybe the real problem is that Flags is
dumb. Yes there she is. I found her. Star Butterfly her only child my dear. Okay. I was trying to bring all these flags to the top of the hill not so that I could
win the hill for myself, but to claim the hill for all of us. (cheering). Who wants food? That’s the most adult thing I’ve heard all
day. I misjudged you Star. You’ve earned a rightful seat at the grown-up table. Hugs!
Star, public displays of affection aren’t a butterfly virtue. The Johansson’s on
the other hand are amazing at it. You are the perfect blend of both sides of
the family. I’m proud of you. Thanks mom. Only an idiot would want to win this
game. Woo-hoo! I’m the winner! King of the hill in your face. Well I
like our adventures and I thought you liked them too and we only got one money
left. What?Where did it go? Photo booths are expensive plus I gave a tip to Ben. Much obliged. This is
all we got left. You want to know what’s different in
this photo? This was before. Before what? Before you told me you had a crush on me. I just blacked out. Go on. Well I was
caught off-guard by it and then like a Marco I never brought it up again and
that’s stunk. I stunk. Well a lot was going on, but yeah that stunk. It’s getting
harder to end up on these adventures pretending things aren’t different. Are
they? They are for me. Oh oh oh like different different? Well no wonder we’re
stuck here hearing truth bombs like that. Weird question but what are you guts
feel like? My guts? Yeah my guts were all like (grumbling) like you know? Uh my guts are more like blahhhh (laughs) Well they do feel better after you talk
about it. Yeah I guess. Last photo. Anything you need to tell me?
No, but there’s one last thing I need to do. What’s that? Take the photo the booth
is waiting for. Go get em tiger. Congratulations! Three cheers for the happy new couple! Hip hip! Hip hip! Huzah! Oh you think it’s a coincidence that your mother just happened to end up here on Pie Island. I I don’t know why she
ended up here, but mom this isn’t your home. Don’t you remember anything besides
this place?I don’t. I know how to make pies. And what delicious pies they are.
Thanks to you we finally have a pie that we can be proud of.
Oh you you like my pies? I do like your pies and if you don’t mind could you get
back to the oven and bake some more. We’re way behind schedule. I’m going to
go make pies now. I do hope you find your mother. Oh long bake the pies! (cheering) Sorry to cut this short, but we are
behind schedule. Pinkus give them a parting gift one of
the day old pies. But those are Pinkus’s favorites. What did I say about sharing?
Hmm I’ll show you sharing. Okay everyone back to work. Maybe this is where she
belongs. (singing) Over, under, around and through. Grab the little Mewni and pull him through. (singing) Pinch it and fold it and tie it in a bow
like two little bodies made out of dough. Over and under wherever you roam. Sweet little Mewni running back home! I remember this song. I don’t remember
anything, but I remember this song. Wow I can’t believe how much I missed all my
stuff. Everything’s here. My favorite Jackie Chan poster. El Chapo. Looking good buddy. Ooo the new line of Princess Turdina merch. Let’s dismantle the patriarchy. Star this is amazing. I know, but don’t
mention it. Is this Marco Diaz’s room? Yeah that’s me. Oh thank goodness. I have been looking for
Marco Diaz’s room for months. I got a ransom gram for you. Uh what? Oh yeah it’s a ransom gram with a funny little song about how somebody
stole something you love and they’re holding it for ransom. What? (singing) You stole our
sword so we stole your dragon cycle So bring back the sword I will return
your dragon cycle. Sincerely, the Never-zonians. Finally. Oh my gosh. Nachos is in trouble. I got a save her. Where are you going? To the Never Zone and then maybe to talk to Hecka Poo about
telling me when she loses my dragon cycle. Wait you’re going to that weird
future dimension where you’re all buff and rugged. I am in. Uh I don’t know Star.
I went through some really tough times in that place. It’s more treacherous than
other dimensions. Right right right right. Yes, I see your point, but consider…abs.
Ah okay fine.

100 comments on “Star’s Best Moments⭐️| Star vs. the Forces of Evil | Disney Channel

  1. season 1 – just a cute kind of strange magical princess
    season 2 – friendzoned and broken girl
    season 3 – powerful queen
    season 4 – mature, wonderful soul that would do everything for love

    her trip is beautiful

  2. I miss this series ☹️ and I love how ludo is kinda bad at doing his job in season 1 and in season 4 he is such a boss

  3. That song is weird and buddy👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️

  4. Goodbye Star vs the forces of evil I will never forget the greatest times you gave me.

  5. A few months since SVTFOE has ended and fans are still waiting for another season, a movie, a comic book series and I’m still waiting for iTunes to release the series for the UK and Disney if you’re reading this comment please contact iTunes UK to upload the series thank you.

  6. Star:doing whisper spell

    Other:hears normal whispers


  7. Me: hmm what else is in this episode?
    Me:keeps looking until
    Me: EEEEEK!! STARCO!!! 😀 SHIPP!!!!

    11:33 keel watching!! OMG! SHIP!!!

  8. Wait,speaking of the whispering spell… did we ever get to hear what the unicorn said? Or what star said?

  9. 2:12 When my Friend ask me something & she wants to know but suddenly, I say "why do you wanna know?"

  10. God, these subtitles are terrible! The first one is basically a paragraph. The others break in the middle of sentences (and stay on the screen even when no-one is talking). They aren't even separated when two characters are talking. There are even errors!

    Edit: Ok, the subtitles also cut out before people are finished talking in some places. Did anyone even edit this, or did they just copy-paste the script?

  11. Episode 1:laser puppies lasers barely scratches Marcos pants
    Episode 10:laser puppies lasers can cut Marcos beard hair in an instant

    What, did they level up or something?

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