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STORYTIME: Celebrities that blocked me | Beef with a celebrity ❗Receipts❗️ft. Roman Zolanski

STORYTIME: Celebrities that blocked me | Beef with a celebrity ❗Receipts❗️ft. Roman Zolanski

!don’t forget to subscribe! no, Peter no home now or at the coffee bit about Because it took this backwater bitch man, cuz I took the spot Hey, did you see you there? How are you? How are you do it? Hey guys, what is going on is your boy and I’m back Story time the time when a celebrity blocked me. Yeah, I’m gonna expose all of them and we precedes I got Reese’s baby period I’m fucked up I’m not gonna mention names because no shit, I Want my channel to be locked here. I Know my channel to be today that bitch. Alright, let’s get into this First off. There’s this guy. He’s a Nicki Minaj fan like me, you know This guy is the biggest Nicki Minaj fan page like he has a lot of followers he knows how to make hit twits, you know and Becomes even bigger in social media one day this guy starts making music that music Turns into a meme and that me turns into a head Share anyways, so then everyone started talking about the fan page that he was a Nicki Minaj Flambeau But he denies it he doesn’t want to talk about it and I go to Twitter. I see a lot of like barbs Cyberbullying him in the comments. Then I go to his Twitter page and I comment Barbie things but why you ask me? Why right? Because he posted something pink, you know something related to pink and I was like Barbie things Then I go to sleep the next day. I woke up and I go to his page and I see Blocked you Like He gets like 2k comments 3k comments on a tweet and then you clown that’s clown This is Barbra jeans and you blogs me when I catch you when I fucking catch you bitch I’m gonna violate you and your security bitch. I’ve got a whole army that stand behind me bitch. I got niggas for your fucking security Like you that pressed By that like I’m not saying that only that he was a Nicki Minaj friend but like I’ve seen so many receipts that he’s also like Islamophobic, you know and like so many like bad jokes about all of that and Basically a mess. So out of this like I don’t get one thing like what is it about? Nicki that so many people hate her like not just him but like so many people like they just deny her at all 7 she started mixtapes and all that but like Till then my man might like the twenties were empty like without any female rapping the game then Nicki came and she opened so many doors like EDB repeatedly time is over the mixtape Oh my god Like she has so many good songs That helped so many people come after her and now we’ll try to deny that like come on my man like what the hell are you that pressed that I said Barbie things to go to in your Comments and then you block me like it for what then I go to his Instagram and I say also Barbie things Then guess what bitch guess what guess what guess what happened? I am blocked on Instagram, too And I show you do exist I show you I’ll show you Blue the name though. I will blue name because I don’t want my page. Later Beach Shit, you’ve got me fucked up To industry like tries to not just replace her but like erase her the fuck. I’m so angry about that. I’m angry Roach’s My man, like Shoo-in fuck the Grammys like fuck. Fuck you all that says that she doesn’t have a Fuck you Ya better wake the fuck up pick up a fucking book fuck giggle Why don’t you bitches pick up a book or niggas pick up a book go to a fucking live baby like niggas You see it’s okay girl like that. It’s okay. It’s the safe place dumb motherfucker I’m off this shit cuz you niggas don’t fucking understand. My second story is about also email rapper this time. There’s this woman I think you’ll know her Nikki did a collaboration with her in the summer. Yo her be a fast bitch She wanted to shoot a video with Nikki. Ok, and then Nikki didn’t agree because of the business purposes You know it she didn’t had a budget and all that and her team got online and talk to shit about Nikki then everybody went to her page like maybe commented something bad but for this time I haven’t commented anything badly about her. I swear like I swear I will show you the receipt like you can see I Just said um and dot dot dot then I go to her page I’m blocked She just funny I don’t explain myself to you Mitch motherfucking, right? This is war war six. That’s right here my nigga bitch then this right. Here you go Make a bitch and it will be not such a break, but I do Something What the fuck? What the fuck am I doing? Oh my fucking god. I have mental issues. I swear like I’m Not from this world So the third story this is year 2013 There’s this girl made a cover of Drake song. Hold on. We’re going home And start following her on Instagram, you know, like comment so many like good stuff about her like hearts but like annoying way dance, I don’t have the receipts about that because it was on my old phone and my old phone is like Fuck you This girl Comes at me becoming play stop. She said stop being so annoying like Okay, I mean shoot you hurt my feelings Anyways, I was I guess annoying Then I go to her page A clown that’s clown shit freedom the freedom. I Am so sorry, I Guess that’s it, so If you like this video if you want more story times because I’ve got some tea bitch. I guess um Okay, I gotta go again subscribe to my channel for more content like this more Okay, shoot

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  1. You're so beautiful, funny, inspirational, truly a great video. Always a pleasure to see your videos. Keep up the great work harris, you're awesome

  2. guys lemme know if you want part 2!
    ok so many of u messaged me about the third person bc i didn’t had any receipts, she is Pia Mia

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