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#SUBITA – Sister Cities Trailer (2016)

#SUBITA – Sister Cities Trailer (2016)

so I was thinking July destroy this is what will happen on a Friday afternoon you’ll call your sisters hey I’m Carolina bathtub she’s dead it’s a pen Carolina like three years too mom’s at the tub yeah she looks good how long does her mother have to stay in the tub I have to have a medical examiner take a look at the crime scene crime scene I don’t think this is mom’s handwriting what happened to mom Austin I need to know we all need to know mine was a dancer for Christ’s sake dancers dance our mother plan is wonderful sisterly reunion for her dive why didn’t you tell any of us was she nuts should I worry that I’m gonna be nuts to you could have done something about it and you did nothing I came home and I took care of our mother I’m sorry that’s not enough for you do you believe in God yeah and Mary picked the right person I’ve always dreamed of retiring to Palm Springs as aberlin I can’t do it with these gams I’m a shoo-in you be a showstopper

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