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Tackling Trump’s Attacks on Vindman – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Tackling Trump’s Attacks on Vindman – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

– One of the tactics
that Trump’s defenders and some of these
Republicans have mastered is they’ve figured out
that one of the best ways to defend Trump is
not to defend him because you can’t defend him, but rather make it seem like
everybody cannot be trusted, there is no truth, there is nothing you
can verify in this world and nothing can be believed and so if that’s the
case, why do anything? That’s fundamentally
what they’re doing. ‘Cause I’m sorry, when
you get to the point where you’re going like, “Purple Heart veterans
are not patriotic,” and you don’t trust
them, it’s like, so — explain the long
con to me as well. That’s this thing, I always like to go with
the conspiracy theorists and be like, “Okay,
tell me the full story.” ‘Cause a lot of people don’t
say the why and the how. So this person came
as a three year old and already then the plan was, they’re like, “Okay, we’re
gonna get this three year old “to grow up as an
American, okay? “And then what
we’re gonna do is, “he’s gonna go join
the military, okay? “Then he’s gonna go
fight in the military, “not die, but fight. “Just fight. “Fight so hard that he’s gonna
receive the Purple Heart, “but not be endangered, “just enough danger to
get the Purple Heart, “but not so much danger
that he doesn’t come back. “Get the Purple
Heart, win everything. “Then, wait for Trump
to become president. “Then when Trump is president, “listen to his call with Ukraine “and then bust him
on the quid pro quo.” That’s the plan? Like, really? And then Bill Taylor
and another person, and you’re like,
what’s more believable? Is it that all of these people who have served under Obama and
Bush and maybe even Clinton, all of these people are
somehow corrupt liars or is there a possibility
that the one guy is not telling the truth? – I mean, I mean…
(audience applauds) (upbeat jazzy music)

100 comments on “Tackling Trump’s Attacks on Vindman – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

  1. Hey, folks who are white, this is going to sound really weird but I need your help analyzing something.
    For my folks of color, feel free to add in but you'll understand why I asked this as I go along. Is the discrediting of Vindman prejudiced? I feel like it could be but I'm not sure, prejudism exists Beyond white and black, but in this instance, is that what's Happening Here? I feel inclined to say yes but I'm not sure if I'm overreacting.
    This is why I'm primarily asking white folks, because I'm not white. Is this negative a thing? Or is this okay?
    I mean the man fought hard for this country, got injured for this country, he literally bled for this country. But because he wasn't born here there are talking points trying to discredit anything he has to say.

  2. Both sides lie. One with a smile and the other with a finger. But in this case Trump is guilty. But so was Hillary and Bill and Bush and Obama catering to the rich donors and corporations. Google Glass-Steagall act.

  3. Candace Owens 2024 ! Zuby , Kanye, Larry Elder follow these wise black leaders…It's time for all black people to wake up and LEAVE THE DEMOCRATIC PLANTATION !!!

  4. My dad tried to defend t-Rump by saying we only remember his mistakes. I tell him that he set himself up for ridicule when he claimed to be a "stable genius"

  5. You are right on some things, but I'm struggling to laugh at your jokes more and more each day since I realize you are a puppet of the political left. I'm very disappointed

  6. Everyone that speaks against trump is lier for Trump. It's become a cult. His fallowers literally fallow him blindly. I'm finding they say exactly the same things. But you tell them they have been brainwashed and they trash you and everything you stand for. Like Trump taught them. Proving it's becoming a cult!

  7. Who do you trust? a military veteran who dedicated his LIFE to protect you and the country OR a politician who uses his power and laws to protect him first as he helps his corporate and corrupt friends LOOT the American people of all the taxpayers dollars the diligently paid?

  8. I'm thinking it was the fact that he said he had "concerns" about what he heard. Leaving it open to consider "concerns" are more am individuals opinion not necessarily fact. Words and phrases can make or break a testimony. That's just the way the letter of the law works. If they have another person to collaborate it will give the testimony more merit.

  9. What troubles me more is the attitude from most Trump supporters I see online. With Obama supporters, I saw most of them acknowledge Obama's shortcomings and mistakes.
    With Trump supporters, he can't do anything wrong. Unfortunately, never Trumpers do the exact opposite in response. But the truth is, Trump is an incompetent narcissist, so who is more right in this case?

  10. Aside from a constant barrage of repetitive blatant lies, the Trump camp have only one weapon. It's a combination of two of the most common logical fallacies, the Ad Hominem attack and the informal logical fallacy known as "Poisoning The Well". Every single political act by the Trump White House is a cynical connivance driven by that process, in order to deflect attention elsewhere, and to make any opponent look like a worse option. It works because this kind of attack will always appeal to the lowest common denominator in society, since all they have to say is "But what about that guy?" to everything.

  11. Isn't that similar to what democrats do also though? Hillary called Gabbard a Russian Agent without a shred of evidence. So let's get on that conspiracy train.

    Gabbard's father is placed in US. Then they give birth to Tulsi. Tulsi joins the army and fights till she reaches the post of a Major but doesn't die. She serves in Iraq and Kuwait and still manages to not die. Becomes senator and then runs for president and BANG! She's outed as a Russian agent by Hillary.

  12. Flat out, they do not support the troops, it’s all a dog and pony show…throw in some lip service, and an investigation into a VA hospital (sacrifice) , and the currently outraged masses will calm down and go away until some “new” fact makes them woke and ready to hashtag, boycott, and then gradually descend into apathy once the outrage has had its 5 minutes.

    But really, who is the current masked singer…!

  13. I heard you Trevor you have our permission to go ahead and say it you do whatever you want but in the meantime you go ahead and say it

    Namin……… and by using this word today ……..I heard you try to say it it………… make you honorary African American don't forget to duck watch out for the hangman

    And it is the joy that you decided to be here your point of view is so necessary…….namin! NAMIN…!

  14. The reason Republicans aren't able to connect the dots is because Fox news is only showing them like every third dot. You should see the clip they showed about Mick Mulvaney admitting to the quid pro quo, they literary cut out everything important. No wonder their watchers think this is a witch hunt they don't have all the facts and aren't smart enough to seek them out for themselves

  15. I mean, I think they're not arguing that this was all planned from the time the guy was a kid, but rather that his ethnicity has made him sympathetic to the land of his heritage so he could be willing to take advantage of the situation for their benefit. That's not my personal belief, just my best attempt at explaining the conservative thought process. And this is the only conclusion they can reach becasue they cannot conceive of anyone making a different choice, certainly not they themselves. This is what comes from a narrow minded sheltered upbringing.

  16. Don't you love it when your president makes it easy for the journalists, he gives them headline news on a daily basis and never disappoints. Everything is either controversial or so unbelievable it makes you laugh or giggle at the very least. It doesn't take any effort to make it a head turning – jaw dropping – eye popping news or article, just tell the story as it is and they'll do the work.
    I'm not even a US citizen nor do I live there, but I always try to get the latest update everyday about the president just for my entertainment. You gotta admit the news about US politics is more interesting now than ever, thanks to this one man who leads it.

  17. In the words of R Kelly
    “They lying on me!”
    Gail: “All of these women who don’t know each other?”
    R Kelly “Exactly!”

  18. I really enjoy this show .. im from Guatemala .. I live at nj.. and im
    Learning English from this show .. I like how his voice is so clear . At the same time Im watching the most important news in the funny way ! Thants for help.. even if u dont kno .. u r helping. Me !

  19. Evolution of rethuglican party: Treason is…
    * despicable
    * dishonorable
    * unAmerican
    * punishable by death
    * confusing
    * might sometimes be ok
    * probably not even a crime
    * ok if we do it
    * necessary during elections
    * justified if it’s trump

  20. Think about it– this is coming from a guy who said that the previous President of the United States was not a natural born citizen; the ranks of that nasty conspiracy theory went so far as to say that this nation's first black President was set up from birth to somehow topple America. If someone can believe that with a straight face (and there have been plenty of those people online), they will believe the cockamamie Big Lie about Col. Vindman.

  21. At this point this clown could show up at their house, eat their children and they would defend him and deny the fact their children were gone…🤣

  22. Oh man, please come to Christmas dinner at our house this year, the meaningful conversations we all would have… 🙌🏽

  23. Trump supporters are now so desperate they are even saying that he is too dumb to do what he did…

    …That was until Trump himself said he could have done it whenever he wanted.

  24. Yeah i noticed that Zlatan did not put His penis in women from Africa or China. His racism are not defined as racism. And we are Still not allowed to prevent thouse ISIS radio airwaves in our ears.

  25. Totally believable like in that movie SALT starring Angelina Jolie who was a Russian kid who was sent to the USA to commit espionage as an adult! Haha 😉🤣

  26. Of course! So you own the truth now! Is that it? You're not working you're just doing politics for next years campaign! Shame on you men!

  27. The state of our entire world is a joke or perhaps just pure nonsense!
    We live in an age where everyone should be able to live a descent life, especially in first world countries. Also, if we had that sort of society, we would then have time to figure out how to help the third world nations as well.
    This is NOT the case!
    We instead live in a world where some people have so much money that they could not spend it all in a single lifetime even if they tried. We have a society where people who have such riches that nothing in history compares. Yet for some reason here in the United States we do not have healthcare for all, we don't have living wages paid for all jobs and we also don't prioritize education in order to create a workforce which is the best in the world. We instead keep people dumb so that the wealthy can keep running things and getting even richer. If you take someone who has a billion dollars and tax this person at 75%, they will still have $250.000,000 dollars………..If you take someone who makes $30,000 and tax that person at 10% you end up with only $27,000. The problem is that when you have incredible wealth, even if you have high taxes, you still can live a life of total luxury. Some people will claim that these rich and entitled people worked hard and that is why they are so rich………..but I have NEVER EVER seen anyone work a billion times harder. In fact it is often true that those who are super rich can barely work and let the money they already have just earn for them. It is not fair that a person who works two or three jobs pays more in taxes than someone who happens to have $50,000,000 and pays less on the interest and investments this money earns for him.

    People, however are dumb and they elect the wealthy because those are not the best or smartest choices, but because they have the connections to raise money for elections.

    We MUST find a new way to have elections and we MUST fight for campaign reform………..this is a topic that everyone in the middle can agree on……………….and I truly hope it is something which is implemented.

  28. Thats exactly what they're doing….. Its fucking ridiculous.!!!! A year ago they would bring up Hillary, for every single thing and now its just nothings real…. Like this is the Middle Ages or something

  29. He convinced a good percentage of the country that Obama was born in Kenya, but some how knew he was going to run for US President 50 years in the future so he (just born) had his birth announcement published in 2 Hawaii newspapers — minutes out of the womb and he had a full understanding of immigration as well as the requirements to become a US president. Honestly, that is some next level Jedi moves right there. So, a 3 year old setting out to be a spy and to destroy Trump some 30+ in the future isn't all that big of a stretch…if you're brain dead.

  30. Republican tactics are straight out of '1984.' Which were to always believe in the party regardless of the 180s and contradictions they would spout.

  31. When the only reason you're still the president is simply because you're the president maybe you shouldn't be president….

  32. I just want behind the scenes show. Honestly the bells and whistles are cool but can I just sit and listen to Trevor make sense of our world. Best part of he daily show, best part of my day

  33. Oh yeah…the people of American willingly voted for him ,you said the Russians helped,that had been proven to be a lie ..

  34. His defenders are so terrified of facing the idea that they may have backed the wrong horse that they are deluding themselves.

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