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Teachers Grade Celebrity Tweets

Teachers Grade Celebrity Tweets

hi my name is Ryan I’ve been a substitute teacher for two years I’m also a tutor for the SAT and for the AC T my name is Mandy I am a former teacher I taught for six years a wide variety of subjects but one of them was English which is why today I am grading celebrity tweets so the first thing that I’m gonna grade is actually this hall pass it says hot on it and that is just misspelled although I do like the creativity not a fan okay so the first one we have is from the Biebs and he says I love arm I get a Justin Bieber there’s some nice arms out there but unless you’re talking about one specific arm or maybe a person named arm I don’t know that might make it more grammatically correct I mean I would just capitalize that I put a period and I mean I wonder what’s going on in his life that made him say that but that’s not terrible I guess I’m gonna say we’re gonna go I love arms I think that’s what he meant he might have just made me too you know so we’re gonna give him I’ll give him a b-plus just because I think he can do better I would say I love arms they’re handy I’d give him a C because it looks like you fell asleep maybe in the middle of that a little nice X who in New York and want to have a crying contest we’re missing some capitals here right this needs an apostrophe s at the end because the apostrophe has two jobs either creates a contraction or it shows possession I don’t understand whenever I see people who are typing things in it’s all lowercase I want to know what they’re using because I feel like you have to actually make an effort for that to not be capitalized because my autocorrect does seems like an interesting thing for a rapper to want to have a contest about but at least he’s in touch with his inner you know his emotions not a lot of men are these days so you know what because of that I’m gonna give him B – I’m feeling nice today and then I’ll just do that I’ll give them a B cardi B oh boy cardi B this is gonna be interesting I wish I can chew on my toenails but I ain’t that flexible no more they look really tasty licky face don’t want to grade this like it’s English so much as I want to judge her for this desire of hers I love the use of emojis but the one problem that I have here don’t want to be a stickler but this period this loading period here is confusing me chewin on toenails you do what you want cardi B here’s the issue that I have here right can means that you can do something so you wouldn’t need to wish because you can do it right cardi B come on you’re better than that you wish that you could chew on your toenails I’m gonna have to fail her on this one just because that’s so gross so you know what cardi I love you we’re going C plus o poor share share tweets oh this is old 2012 what’s going on with my career well I’ll tell you what share you forgot that they’re supposed to be spaces between words I thought that especially when I was a teacher quite a bit we’re also missing an apostrophe here come on share this is a question we’re missing a space share I mean the education system has gotten worse in this country I know that and so I would imagine that when she went to school the education system was probably a bit stronger so I would expect better from her share we’re going with the D I’m sorry this isn’t too bad it’s sad I’ll give her a B just because you are well-loved share your cruise great legendary Chrissy Teigen its Twitter different or did I accidentally click on old lady mode I felt that I’ll tell you what you clicked on old lady mode for the way that you wrote this this is like the way that my great-grandma might tweet this is actually pretty good again I don’t know how they’re not capitalizing that I I feel like that shouldn’t happen automatically Twitter is a proper noun come on Chrissy but you know what I dig it I like the question I like her asking the you know the important questions and admitting that she’s kind of an old lady when it comes to this technology stuff so you know what for honesty we’re going with the solid B Chrissy I would I’d give her a – Jaden Smith okay so this is one of my biggest pet peeves is capitalizing the first letter of every single word I don’t even want to read it but I’m going to the only thing he could do that was worse would be capitalizing every other letter if everybody in the world dropped out of school we would have a much more intelligent society woo those are fighting words for a lot of people a whole shade and honey can we just like delete somebody’s Twitter account he has the opposite of the other problem that I’ve mentioned where he is capitalizing almost everything which I guess is slightly better than capitalizing every letter so that you’re like shouting but I’m just gonna go ahead and uncapitalized is egregious J and if you want to know what the word egregious is catch me in class I’ll teach you so the only thing that I think is really an issue would be the capitalization and that comma to separate the first and second part of his sentences we’re going F – whenever you have two independent clauses that function as their own sentences you would need a word like then anytime that you have that if you must also have that then that’s something that you learn in school maybe you’ve heard of it I’m gonna give Jaden a B Donald Trump oh dear everyone knows I am right that Robert Pattinson should dump Kristen Stewart this is already educational in a couple years he will thank me be smart Robert yeah he didn’t make any really any egregious errors here I mean I would you know if I were being a stickler and we’re talking style and stuff which is one of my things I would put it that there well of course embarrassing that the man who is now our president is tweeting about celebrity teenage relationships it’s not new that he thinks he’s right about everything but actually there aren’t any errors that I see this was in 2012 all right so it’s been seven years do we know if he thanked him Robert Pattinson have you thanked Donald Trump maybe if you thank him then things would get better Robert I unfortunately as much as it pains me I have to give this an A I definitely had students who I didn’t agree with but did things right and I still gave them the grades they deserves I’m giving them a W and it’s not for win it’s because that’s like almost the last letter you could possibly give someone creating a new grading system Kris Jenner I feel like there’s a giant meat loaf inside of me I hope she ate meat loaf otherwise the explanation for this is very interesting is she talking about the singer because if so then that should be capitalized I think we all have a giant meat loaf inside of us just wanting to sing like our life’s a musical but Chris I don’t know if I believe you need to put a period there all she did here was not put a period at the end and it makes me wonder if there’s more she had to say but she got overcome with the meatloaf thing and couldn’t say anything else I guess an a-minus just for the missing punctuation if she’s talking about the dinner food then maybe she ate one I don’t know looking for a C I think she did a good job but she could have done better I think Twitter is an interesting platform because it gives us more instant access to celebrities brains that we wouldn’t normally see and it’s unedited and probably much to the chagrin of many publicist I think that social media has been terrible for Grammer people should aspire to be a little bit better with the way that they write and speak it’s funny just to get a little slice of life in the moment of someone who you kind of think you know a little bit about from their public persona and then you know just thinking well the next time I’m wondering about meatloaf I might think of how Kris Jenner and I have something in common [Music] you [Music]

100 comments on “Teachers Grade Celebrity Tweets

  1. bring my teacher here lmaoo his name is mr b and he’s been a teacher for like 40 years and he’s my english teacher. awesome dude lol

  2. Are we just not gonna mention that Kristen Stewart was actually cheating on Robert?? Donald actually got one right??? How did he—???

  3. The guy finding a mistake on Cardi B’s text on “I wish I can…” makes me confused like what is he trying to say???

  4. I’m confused. The first part of Jaden Smith’s tweet is a dependent clause, not an independent clause like the guy says, so adding a “then” isn’t really necessary.

  5. The irony of Jaden Smith’s comment makes me laugh. It’s funny because if he payed more attention in school, maybe he’d know how to use proper grammar rules and capitalization.

  6. Okay women at 5:23 this video literally has nothing to do with politics. So stop bringing up how "trashy" Donald Trump is. Your intilted to your opinion, but this video is suppose to be fun. As a personal trump supporter either you like it or not, I would like if you didn't bring politics into a fun video. I mean I know she ain't gonna see this comment, but just ranting to myself.

    Please don't respond with hateful comments, I have my opinion as so do you. Just don't attack me for mine.

  7. I think this show is that English teacher grade you base on how the perceive you. Cause some of those grading didn’t make sense to me.

  8. This video is beyond useless nobody talks like how they would at school on the internet because know body cares unless your writing is unrecognizable which is sad if it is because everybody’s words look the same

  9. What about the double negative in Cardi B's tweet?? She's saying she's very flexible when she uses both the "ain't" and the "no more"

  10. “I have definitely had students I’ve disagreed with, but still have them the grade they deserved.” Thank you, ma’am. It pained me to see that BuzzFeed chose a Tweet from a Trump from 2012. Why not from 2019?? There are plenty to choose from that are atrocious.

  11. lowercase aesthetic you teachers.
    it’s aesthetics XD

    anyway, just to make teachers in the comment section mad…
    sToP bEiNg MaD aT oUr AeStHeTiCs

  12. So this is proof Teachers play favorites when grading. I go out of my way to not put "that" into sentences when they do not need them.

  13. 1:19 so basically we believe that uppercase letter are so over rated,, we feel the need to type only on lowercase letters 😎👉🏽👉🏽

  14. is it just my school or do we grade on a 1-4 grading scale? like, 1 would be minimal, 2 would be approaching, 3 would be proficient, and 4 would be advanced?

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