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Terminator Dark Fate SPOILER Review – John Connor

Terminator Dark Fate SPOILER Review – John Connor

Hello and welcome to my spoiler review of Terminator Dark Fate

100 comments on “Terminator Dark Fate SPOILER Review – John Connor

  1. I feel you are nit picking and overthinking this. It was a fun action movie with familiar characters. I recommend it.

  2. I love this channel. This is a generalized observation on reviews, etc. We (fans) aren’t owed anything. If you don’t like the art before your eyes based on its merits…OK. But not liking a movie in which time travel, robots from the future, SKYNET, etc. are real and one human being dies (JC)…Come on. It’s like saying: “da Vinci, after the Mona Lisa, we need to see her sister” or you failed. No; da Vinci does what da Vinci wants. The writers, directors, etc. owe us us nothing.

  3. at this point I think james cameron is purposely sabotaging these films, I don't think he wants anyone to make anyone to make terminator better than his, so he probably doesn't give a shit, hes not trying to bother making a good movie with a good script, I sense a bit of a ego trip going on.

  4. The entire movie franchise was, protect and die for John. How tf are you gonna kill him off and then replace him. The simplest way is have John Connor end the war, giving us little easter eggs and what not along the way…

  5. I haven't seen it, but seems to me that if killing John Connor in the past will just give rise to a new human savior in the future to take his place, it invalidates the whole premise of the Terminator franchise to begin with. What makes the new chick so special that she wouldn't be just as easily replaced as JC, had she died in this movie?

  6. Wait, wasn't the T1000 a prototype? It could be that they sent the prototype and one of the "older" infiltration units (we don't know the time between when they sent the first T800 and the T1000).

  7. So John Conner is Newt from Aliens. You spend a whole movie trying to save this character just to off them at the beginning of a sequel. I hate that stuff!

  8. The first 10 minutes? Didn't care…I never liked that little puke anyway. This was a pretty fun movie…a worthy addition [moreso than some others] to the Terminator storyline. Yeah, it had problems but while I may enjoy these movies, I don't actually care about the continuity or the things that nerds [ahem, Grace] think are important. Sue me… Will I see another sequel? My interest grows smaller with every repeat. Quite probably not.

  9. I was so disappointed. T2 is one of my favorite movies. The story threads were there but it was lifeless and delivered lazily. Mackenzie and Arnold did their best. Just bummed.

  10. I enjoyed the film. Sarah Connor was BADASS. Grace was BADASS. But I agree with you about Dani, the actress just wasn’t anywhere near the level of Linda and Mackenzie. Cast a stronger actress and the role would have been soo much better.

  11. I actually really enjoyed this movie!
    A lot of your points are on the money,but truthfully,it’s the death of John Connor that was the major element that led you and many others to just get angry at the filmmakers..and that’s completely understandable.
    I just went with it and didn’t let it bother me…it felt like a fresh approach that we haven’t seen before.
    Yes,the Dani character was terrible but I loved seeing Linda and Arnold back and I thought Mackenzie Davis was great.
    There was also just something that “felt” like a sequel to the first two films,even though,of course,it was nowhere near that quality.
    So I was entertained!
    To each his own I guess!

  12. Honestly the last two movies have been such huge disasters this franchise needs to stop. At least maybe a whole new series without Arny or the Coners. Same for Star Wars as I feel it will take at least 5 to 7 years to get the bad taste out of our mouths from the latest trilogy.

  13. I disagree with you on this one grace. This movie was great. The terminator was top notch. I think if you didn't just watch t2 you wouldn't be so harsh. T2 is one of the greats. It's going to be really hard to top that one. I think you just upset that you didn't get the sequel to t2 you wanted. But this movie was great and original unlike the force awakens.

  14. T1.. Terminator, "I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle" T6… "Let me carry your groceries" ☹️… Could someone explain to me what "screwing the pooch" means and does it apply to this film

  15. Terminator salvartion was sheit, genysis was also sheit. So i did not care when john connor got killed. John was in no trailer what so ever, so why are peps surpriced when john is dead.
    The story was sheit anyway, they just coped every termi movie to date.

  16. i love this movie. i love u grace but i love how they went with this movie it totally made sense to me & after this movie ppl were like wow this movie was awesome & i am cried at the ending. it was awesome. i love u still grace but with this movie i disagree with u for the first time lol

  17. The 3D show in Universal Studios still seems like the better continuation for T2, and that was just an attraction.

  18. Dani Ramos character is useless i don't like her to be the new John Connor she's not attractive like Edward Furlong

  19. They should gotten rid of Grace and had John be there with Sarah, Arnold and Dani. He could still for but I'm sure it would've been so much more meaningful and heartfelt that way.

  20. After all this junk, I have to say I prefer T3 Rise of the Machine’s. Sure it wasn’t as good as 1 & 2 But I like the overall direction the story took. Loved how it ended. It had the bones of a great terminator film but wasn’t fleshed out well.
    Honestly I enjoyed all the movies because I’m so die hard into terminator from birth, but I am so utterly let down by this. I was always hoping for Cameron to return and rite the ship…. but instead he put the last nail in the coffin. For me it’s T1 T2 and T3.

  21. It's a reason the critic grace sits behind a cheap bootleg studio, and the real grace makes action motion pictures. Find a real job and stop hating talent Blondie.

  22. I just walked out from the cinema…it’s a very Tim Miller movie. As a true terminator film, my heart just pounced at 10 minutes but it’s the third movie for the third time of a same franchise. This is the best film we can get out of this scales and budget. A score for my man Tim Miller.
    So if you’re looking for best action film with good one liner delivery… my guest

  23. 🤦🏻‍♂️ The second John died, I walked out. This movie was a big🖕🏻from all involved in making it to the fan base!

  24. T1000 was a prototype, they had a shit ton of t800s ready. They just drop another one. John Connors death was enviable, what else could they do? John Connor future leader of the future has been done to death. The only other way out was to have him sectioned. My problem was they killed him in such a fuck you way. They could have spent a bit more money and made it more emotional satisfying.

  25. You should do a video exploring if a Future War Terminator Movie would work to sort of close the loop….it‘s what Terminator fans want ever since T2

  26. Great points. I agree that Danny Dyson should have been in there. As for the film, T3, and even Genysis were better than Dark Fate, and Salvation was by far the best attempt at doing something new with the franchise. All three of those films at least had some decent production values and a drop or two of trying some interesting ideas out. Dark Fate has none of that, and it was utterly cheap looking with some of the blandest cinematography I've ever seen in a feature film. I think the people who like this film now will rewatch it in a few years and see that it doesn't hold up.

  27. I have been DYING for you to do this Grace! This movie franchise is now officially TERMINATED!!!!!! Avatar will be woeful!!!!

  28. I actually thought most of the movie was bad. The characters were very poorly developed. The fact that they killed John Conner in the first 10 minutes just to necessitate another future with new terminators from Legion instead of Skynet.

  29. The story was soooooo sloppy in this film. There was so much potential for a better story if they kept John Connor alive, but the producers wanted a reboot.

  30. So the moral of the movie is: ALWAYS be sure to stay current with your backups. You don't want to risk any lost Termin…. data.

  31. I had leggit hope for this movie and franchise, I no longer do. Same thing with the alien franchise, watch the first two then stop. JUST STOP! NO! YOU PUT THAT BLU-RAY COLLECTION DOWN!!!

  32. This review is just crap. You just don't like this movie. The points you've stated are certainly not the reason. Anyone can make these similar comments about EVERY OTHER MOVIE. Endgame had more silly and unreasonable crap but you chose to ignore them.

    This movie was awesome for what they planned to do with it. I totally enjoyed it. The performance from the actors was great, the action sequences were beautiful to watch. It's rare to have action sequences that combine horror and emotions all at the same time.
    It's a great movie. Rotten Tomatoes is 69, how many action movies can boast of that.

    Please stop spoiling people's hardwork

  33. Terminator should have never been a franchise. The story was wrapped up perfectly in two films. Why they needed to make so many inferior sequels had more to do with making a quick buck than giving the fans a quality continuation of the story.

  34. Im a pretty big nerd but thee only subject. I disagree with my heros on AI is the unjustified fear. The idea an AI would fear humanity. Let alone waste resources on such a… Trivial way of extermination… Like… Matrix… Wtf wouldent they just leave the planet? Such a waste trying to…. Battery humanity… Or exterminate in camps… Also we stock piled nukes to wipe humanity and all life off earth 25 times over… Soo…. Judgment day would also leave everything radioactive.

  35. Fuck this shit movie, disgusting and like how none of the women in this movie is even remotely feminine and none of the men are useful

  36. this film breaks Terminator completely and if James Cameron had anything to do with it he needs to go back and watch the first two films again, John Connor and Skynet is the terminator franchise without them.
    no Skynet = no John Connor

    no John Connor = no kyle = no Sarah Connor = Skynet wins
    unless John Connor is in the future to send his dad back humanity's F'D

  37. Killing John Connor was he biggest slap in the face to T1 & T2, the best movies of the franchise. All of the work done and the sacrifices made to ensure his birth and survival turned out to be for NOTHING. They then recycled the exact same plot with a few tweaks. What was the point in killing him, if they were just going to replace him and tell the exact same story again?

  38. I have no intention whatsoever of watching this movie. It's why I watched this spoiler review. Plus the hilarious thumbnail.

  39. You're spot on Grace, the whole movie was just a big "fuck you" to John Connor. And they even tried to pass it onto the girl saying, literally saying "She's the new John Connor"..

  40. So once again, the movie that we figured would save a franchise, like The Predator, ends up probably being the final nail in the coffin….until someone else resurrects these further decaying corpses.

  41. Grace, Thanks for speaking out on the angst experienced by terminator fans!! Terminate this franchise. It’s only T1/T2 Canon for me.

  42. nothing says " we have no idea what we're doing" like completely pissing on the previous( and best) movies in your franchise… Kyle Reese going back and dying for nothing, Miles Dyson sacrificing himself for nothing ect. but hey we have PC diverse representation and Arnold doing a guest shot in his own franchise as a comic relief terminator selling curtains so there's that…

  43. John never dies. He isn't related to Sarah Connor, but is adopted on the battlefield by her. Skynet doesn't know this and this is what keeps him safe. Reese is sent back only to protect her, as she is the one who helps him through some dark times. He owes her that much.

    now focus on making a film set in the future and thunder mountain.

  44. Well John's story has been done to death so it was a bit of fresh air to continue the story and also push it in a new direction without playing with the timeline aka genysis I thought it was awesome action movie with a bit comedic moments

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