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Texas Teacher Under Fire After Playboy Photos Leaked

Texas Teacher Under Fire After Playboy Photos Leaked

I’m Brooke Burgstahler and you’re watching
The Hollywood Gossip. Same story, different scenario.
A teacher is at risk for losing her job due to racy photos resurfacing from the past. 21 year old Dallas magnet-school Spanish teacher,
Cristy Nicole Deweese, is currently under fire
after pictures from her Playboy modeling days came to the school’s attention. She posed for “Naked outdoors,” did a little
bit of modeling for a simulated lesbian sex scene, and was named Playboy’s Coed of the
month! I’d say accomplished, if anything! All before
the age of 21! Unfortunately for Cristy Nicole, her modeling
name, her sexy past is a little bit harder to run from than she thought. Complaints have
been made by parents at the school, while students on Twitter have been rushing to Deweese’s
defense. One such student wrote “She’s a teacher now,
not a Playboy model anymore! Leave her alone guys!.” While other students praised her teaching
abilities. It remains to be seen whether the district
will act on the complaints, but a Texas Education Agency spokeswoman told the Dallas Morning
News that while there’s no illegal activity involved, the situation is potentially “murky.” Murky indeed…. But did you see those pictures?!
I don’t know why she ever left Playboy… How do you guys feel about this whole debacle?
Would you be able to concentrate in class if your teacher was a Playboy model? Thanks for watching The Hollywood Gossip,
I’m Brooke Burgstahler.

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