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The agony of underage mothers in Nairobi slums | Tuko TV

The agony of underage mothers in Nairobi slums | Tuko TV

I sat for my KCPE while I was pregnant but no one knew about it He would buy me chicken, chips, give me money for salon He provided everything I asked for My mother used to cry because she felt I was an embarrassment and I was pregnant for a criminal I would pick items even from my friends house then sell to buy food and diapers for my child My name is Margaret Njeri, I was a pupil at St. Martins Primary School I dropped out in class 6 Why did you drop out? I felt like no one loved me, I was like a trouble maker and I seemed to more aggressive than my friends I also felt like the odd one out because some of my friends came from well off families like they had the money Sometimes we would go without breakfast and you know you cannot concentrate in class on an empty stomach How did you meet your boyfriend? I met him after I had dropped out of school I used to go hang out with some guys who were my friends in Kawangware I asked them about this particular guy who would comment on my status and photos on social media they told me he lived nearby and that he was into art mostly printing on t shirts I was elated and wanted him to print one for me I reached out to him on Facebook and told him that I wanted him to print my name on a t shirt I was supposed to take the t shirt to him but he kept taking me in cycles he said he was not available during the day but could only be found at night he told me to take a bodaboda to his house and that he would pay for transport I arrived where he lived on that day but I had forgotten the t shirt, so he showed me around and said that is where I will deliver it I ended up spending the night at his place then the next day I went back home We were in constant communication from that day until I ended up dating him We dated for close to one year when I got pregnant and delivered in April 2019 My name is Minayo, I am a mother to one child that I gave birth to at the age of 13 I met he father to my child while I was attending school where exactly? Just along the road while I was heading to school in the morning he asked me if I was heading to school and I said yes love blossomed right there I never liked visiting his place but lack of school fees pushed me into it the back and forth that I witnessed because my mother could not go to school since she did not have money made me give up on education I was being sent out of school every other time and yet my younger siblings needed education as well whenever I was sent out of school I would spend the entire day in my baby daddy’s house in the evening when I go back home mom would ask about home work and I would lie I finished it while at school She would cross check my books and realize that indeed I had done my home work but truth is I left some books in school I met my boyfriend while in class 8 although I begun dating him while in form 1 during half term holidays he used to buy me chips, chicken and give me money to make my hair he provided everything for me and even gave me money, close to KSh 2,000-3000 I had no idea where he got the money and I never bothered to find out the guy gave me everything I needed, money was never an issue to him my mom would ask me where I got the monies I had and I would lie that I had picked it along the road she had no idea what I was doing and even if anyone would tell her her anything she wouldn’t have believed them your mom never got suspicious whenever you told her you had picked money along the road? she did ask why I was the only one that lucky to pick money I would collect money from my boyfriend and keep it somewhere in the house where mom would see it she would then try to inquire about the money but I would not disclose that it was mine she would eventually give up and send us to buy food with the same money I thought by falling pregnant for that guy it will strengthen our relationship which one do you prefer among these two boyfriends? tell them you will date both of them shouldn’t be like your mom just tell them you will date both of them everything was okay at first but he started dating other girls when I got pregnant he said that I was trying to joke around with his mind and that the baby was not his he never visited me at the hospital when I went to deliver and never even picked any of my calls 3 weeks later he started looking for me because I also went silent on him one of my friends asked me if I knew what kind of job my boyfriend was doing but I said I had no idea she told me that he was engaging in robbery I wasn’t shocked that much because already I was in love with him We continued dating when I got pregnant for him during our August holidays while still in Form 1 I was 15 years at that time and I was living with my mother here in the ghetto I felt really bad that I was pregnant for a robber I thought of abortion but I decided to carry the pregnancy I neither told my mom nor him about it, he got to find out through friends he said he wasn’t ready to become a dad and I told him I wasn’t ready to become a mom either I asked him for money to terminate the pregnancy but he said should I do that he would beat me up I decided to carry it and I ended up spending at his place that night my mother came looking for me and I ended up disclosing that I was pregnant she felt bad and even cried but there’s nothing she could do because terminating it was not an option I knew my mother cried bitterly because I had embarrassed her by getting pregnant for a robber he has never stopped the habit though, it worries me a lot because I know he might end up being arrested or gunned down It’s hard for me to convince him to stop because he turns violent sometimes, he is a rebellious person I never disclosed to anyone that I was pregnant, my boyfriend was scared and never wanted my mother to find out I kept silent for 3 months and never told my mother because she is a hot tempered woman were you still attending school? I got pregnant while in class 8, I sat for my KCPE while pregnant but no one knew I scored 179 marks, I performed poorly when I discovered I was pregnant and also I would skip going to school I started experiencing mood swings at 3 months, I would throw up at any given time even the smell of perfume would irritate me the first person who became suspicious was my grandmother but when she asked I denied and said I was fine she told my mother that I was pregnant my mother confronted me and when I confessed that indeed I was pregnant she sent me to the village when I came back she said she wanted to know the man who was responsible I called my boyfriend and told him to come along with his mother because should he come alone my mother might hurt him the mother asked to go live with me then bring the baby home to my mother after I had delivered I lived with my boyfriends parents until when I gave birth later on he changed, he started dating other girls but whenever I would ask him about it he turned hostile I have been so patient with him for the entire 2019 but I have seen a lot but come 2020 he suddenly turned violent and whenever I asked him why the sudden change he said I was scrutinizing him I told him that I was exercising patience because the baby was still young I left his house and came back to live with my mother I had never told my mother that this man was violent but upon coming back home I opened up to her she went to his house to talk to him with the village elders but the man was so harsh to them he said he had already buried our child and I told him it was okay I was taking care of the baby I came home with my baby we took the matter to the chief but the chief was bribed he ended up defending the man does he support the child in any way? not that much and unless I remind him he doesn’t bother he would claim that he’s even forgotten, but I would often remind him that I need food and diapers for the baby It’s challenging bringing up this child because at times I would lack all the basic needs and it feels like the world has come to an end The baby is there crying and here I was having not taken breakfast, lunch and not even sure of supper Sometimes I feel dizzy because of hunger and you know a male child breast feeds a lot does your boyfriend support you? not really because he doesn’t have a stable income his kind of job is flooded and because of that he doesn’t earn good money he only sends money when I reach out to him but if I don’t remind him he doesn’t bother either when I reach out to him especially when the baby is unwell he promises that he would send some money the following day but when that day comes he goes missing, doesn’t receive calls or respond to my texts my mother would say she can’t settle my child’s hospital bills so I would look for jobs in peoples houses, wash utensils and do general cleaning then I would use the money I have earned to buy pain killers for the baby there’s a guy who gave me a job at his place where I would clean his clothes the man started making advances at me, he wanted to sleep with me but I refused because he is old enough to be my father I threatened that I was going to report him to my mother and you know both of them are friends he did not want to ruin that friendship but he said that he will still sleep with me anyway what are other challenges are you facing? some people fail to pay on time when you clean for them then they will end up avoiding you the disappointment of asking for your payment makes you give up on them how do you manage to get food for your child when you work for someone then you are not paid? I ask for help from some friends although I don’t do that all the time because again you could ask for money and someone genuinely doesn’t have any some people will tell you off and ask you to go get money from your baby daddy others even backbite you and call you a beggar saying that they were not responsible for your pregnancy have you been forced to engage in any other activities to ensure you get food for the baby? I have engaged in stealing, I would pick items from my friends house just to sell and get money to but food and diapers for my child I once stole a phone from my friends house, I sold it and used the money to buy clothes, diapers did general shopping for my baby what else? I once attempted to steal a gas cooker from another guy’s house but I was scared I might get arrested I thought of how my child would survive should I end up in jail I had hidden the cooker in the toilet and I was just about to leave when he suddenly came back although he never noticed I decided to disappear with his phone and leave the cooker behind I knew his phone password and his mpesa pin I just wanted to sell the phone and the cooker so that I could get money to buy a baby carrier for my child but my plan failed did you manage to get the baby carrier eventually? no how has been your relationship with mom? it’s been strenuous, because she once told me that should I get pregnant I should never step in her house she would chip in sometimes but when I annoy her she ends up collecting all the stuffs she had bought for me she would say that if at all I decide to leave her house then I should not go with the items she had bought for me what about your father? he has never visited us since he separated with my mother there’s a time I left my child sleeping and went to collect a shawl at my friends house the child woke up and started crying before I could come back when I reached the house I had to explain to mom where I was coming from because she thought I had gone for a walk she ended up hitting me badly and even insulted me saying that she did not ask me to get pregnant she told me to leave her house, so I took my child and went to live with a friend of mine called Anne I was away for one week I ended up smoking weed and chewing khat but I stopped because I felt it was wrong to indulge in drugs I decided to concentrate on raising my child do you feel like you disappointed your mom? Yes, at times when my younger siblings make a mistake and I try to discipline them I am told never to touch them but instead punish my own child I just decide to keep to myself because I am reminded that I made a mistake already by getting pregnant it’s difficult getting along with your mother once you give birth because she feels the burden of looking after your siblings, yourself and her grandchild why is she crying she is often scared of strangers okay my baby my baby what do you think is the main reason young girls in the ghetto end up in such situations? most of them get attracted to someone because of money they love touts because they make quick cash the girls love being taken for outings and receiving nice treats but one thing they forget is this man is not spending on them for free the lady falls pregnant in the process then later on find out maybe this man had a wife and kids the lady ends up living miserably because what the guy needed was just pleasure touts are very canning, they can do anything including spending all their cash they have as long as they get what they want in the end there are so many single mothers here in Kibagare and most of them are underage Most of them are into drugs, weed, cocaine and some are even injecting themselves some are engaging into witchcraft they take in some stuffs claiming that it makes them invisible when they go out for a mission to steal some are swallowing drugs of different types and colors we have yellow, some white when a person takes in such stuff, it’s like they go crazy, you find someone diving in dirty stagnant water claiming that they are in a swimming pool have you ever used them? Yes, mostly alcohol and weed which I used to smoke on daily basis what about now? not any longer because I want to be a good example to my child, I don’t want her to engage in what I used to do I also don’t want her to go through the life I went though as a young mother I just want our parents to stop mistreating us even though we failed them, let them forgive us we made a mistake but when we repeat the same thing then there’s no excuse let them treat us nicely, we have learnt our lesson and we are ready to make amends if it’s going back to school we are ready as long as they treat us nicely like before let them also treat our children well since they are their grandchildren I always feel I disappointed my mother from the very day I dropped out of school I always tell from the way she treats me compared to the other children things got worse when I got pregnant because this are the things she used to warn me about these men are just after sex, they cannot help you in any way and in fact most of them know nothing about being responsible I just want her to forgive me and I ask her to be a little bit nice to me because the mistakes I made are now in the past and we can’t do anything about it how do you feel when you see girls of your age who have not yet given birth? I am happy for them, I would advice them to take care of themselves and never rush into relationships because it’s not easy I am 16 years old and I already have a child, let them know these things will always be there so they should take their time you might rush then end up getting pregnant for a young boy who is still depending on their parents such a man may not be in a position to help you, the money they were using to chase you around with is what they got from their parents are still going to school? no, because there’ s no school fees but I can still go back to school should I get money what are your aspirations in future? I just want to be a chef why a chef? I love cooking will you cook something for us today? sure what will you prepare for us? anything you need that’s great I want to become a doctor or a comedian I make people laugh in class and I want to feature in Churchill show one day what would you love to engage in? I just want to do a course then work and get money to educate my child and to further my education as well mostly engage in the adult education that is how you want to build yourself? sure then become what in future? I just want to tour around because I love adventure like you want to study a travelling course? yes tourism and tours? yes so that I can travel in all the nice places what do you want your child to become in future? whatever it is that will please her, I can’t chose for her as long as it’s not working as a tout or engaging in prostitution whatever it is that will make her comfortable? yes What of you Nicole? I want him to become a journalist why? I think it will suit him how do you know? just by looking at him and I am convinced that’s the right profession he is camera friendly yes what of you Maria? a police officer who do you want to get arrested? it’s not about arresting people aimlessly or killing anyone what if he is given the orders to shoot to kill? he should not kill

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  1. Esther wanjiku(mum to Margaret Njeri) 0796952124)
    Jackline vugutsa(mum to Maria minayo) 0716556714
    Susan nyakio mumbi(mum to Nicole) 0713879769)
    You can reach the girls through their mums.

  2. Tuko has been always the best channel and never disappoints us… has got more teachings and changing many life of us talking only the reality 👊👊

  3. Mimi mtoto wangu alizaa akiwa 4m 1 but nashukuru mungu mwenyewe nagaramia team kujiamini mpo

  4. Sad poverty is evil,maybe they should enroll in vocational school learn skill &later be self-employed,the girl who loves cooking for example. Few NGOs do offer scholarships in government owned institutions am not kenyan though not sure if its the case in kenya 💕

  5. I recall back 2011 l got pregnant and l can lmagine hell l went through my life in college was tough l was oniy given 200bob as pocket money that time life was not easy,so l met a guy thinking that he can change my life but after telling him was pregnant the guy aliniruka but l never gave up l give birth to my child and l decided what to do l decided to go the middle east to look for green pasture of which it has benefit l have two plots and l have changed the life of my family. But up now of fear getting married. Poverty is real and it's painful but you can change it

  6. Daaaaah aiseeee Mungu yupo,yaani wakati mwingine wanaume tunawasababishia wanawake shida kubwa sana,kuna cha kujifunza kupitia hiki kipindi hasa kwa wanaume maana tunasumbuliwa na tamaa za muda mfupi….!!!

  7. Girls don't give up mimi nilipata mimba nikiwa class 7,na maisha ikakuwa ngumu but lazima ujikumbali nilifanya bidii kuosha nguo za wauname kuchota maji kuuza ngitheri kuuza plastic 👡🥿nabadae nikaona nimefika mwishisho, sahii niko Saudi for 6 years, my daughter she's in 3th year secondary and am happy women single of 3daughter, soo kuuza sio mwisho wamaisha but jitume na Mungu hawezi kunyima but kwa njia mzuri sio wizi and God will help you 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    Sambody like my comment

  8. I really feel their pain coz my younger siz got pregnant in form 3 n we as a family stood by her n luckily she was able to finish school n now she has her own business n the kid in school, please parents show ur kids love n stand by them I this hard time , I lov their courage n the fact that wanapenda watoto wao

  9. These girls made a mistake but they all are repentant. They do not make excuses but have learnt from their mistakes. May they have support to move on with life and may be reconciled with their mothers.

  10. This is so heartbreaking. The girl who's boyfriend is a robber wish her face was hidden considering he is violent he might not react well with this. It is so sad to see kids being forced to be adults but that does not mean you lives will not shape for better but the journey shall not be easy. Being a mother is not easy, I can imagine a child being one and worse not financially stable to support a child. What broke my heart these girls fell in love because of being bought chips, chicken, luck of attention from their parents and hence this. This cycle can be broken but they will need support to make a better future for them and their babies

  11. Dear future,, if such thing gonna happen in my life,,, i prefer to be single forever,,, some curse are avoidable,,, this biutifu gals and children tears will kip on haunting their so called husbands,, theyll ever be restless

  12. Teens cant be pregnant and have babies which is human nature but its okay to push same sex relations to children and allow kids as young as 12 to change their gender??? The world we live in is so backwards & I don't understand why more people see these issues. If the teens arent victims of sexual assault & can take care of them then who are we to judge when the laws of the land punish you for judging a boy in a dress?

  13. God pls see them through, I know the pain of being a single mother….I am a single mother and I have gone through lots hell ,raising two kids from different dads ni painful but God is faithful I am still making it,currently working as a maid and having much faith in God

  14. This is what contributes to many street kids, if the state is not taking any actions like advising on pills for as early as 12 years !this coming out of control

  15. Waoshe watu nguo na watafute Job ata wengine wetu tulipitia, even me I was Young mother but now first born form 3 second born class 8 , am house help I don't have parents, watoto niliwaweka boarding school , wakiwa wadogo but know I thank God, for this far watafute job ya hao ata 5k me KAZI ya kwanza niliandikwa na 3k ndio uleee watoto

  16. Ok. Am going to be harsh, very harsh. First, these kids do not seem to understand that they are compounding poverty. Condoms are free at huduma center. I was there and grabbed some. I saw young people there pretending like they do not have sex. These boys and girls do not seem to even care about disease transmission. Now we are supposed to feel sorry and donate? Am sure all these girls have cell-phones. They can google all they need. This is learned helplessness.

  17. What Tuko can do is initiate DNA testing so that the boys and girls start taking responsibility for their actions. You get her pregnant, pay child support. Hakuna kazi or place to take these ones and their kids.

  18. I love how they love their kids. Woiye 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭 it's sad aki. I dont even know what to say. But eventually things might change 🥺🥺🥺

  19. I know how you feel but never loose hope in life there is always a second chance in life i wish i could share my story with tuko talks be blessed

  20. Theres nothing as painful as having a kid with someone then he just turn his back,gave birth at 21 n baby daddy told me ye hayuko ready nitoe ball,went n never looked back though society n my family members judge me n even keep distance but God is faithful,the second one the father died just when we were to get married at tumes i feel so low

  21. I got pregnant at 19yrs but I’ve no regrets thou I’m all good. But if I would advice my younger self;, I would tell myself to wait these young boys are not worth your time.! Get a stable life the right one will find you! If you find yourself in the position be bold and face it.! Life is what you make it.!! Make yours great 👍🏽

  22. young girls and boys should learn that, lack of respect and listening to ur relatives will always jeopardise ur lives

  23. There's no situation that's permanent kuona iwas once there struggling so so hard with my daughter 😭nlikua narauka very early in morning kuimba nduma kwa wenyewe ndo githaa ya jioni ikifika nkauze ndo mtoto wangu asikose, from there nazificha mahali na naenda kibarua kwa wenye iwas not lazy at all, I never wanted to see my daughter suffer but today ithank God that saai mm ndo natengemewa nyumbani am able to feed my family, ave build for them and i still have a bright future #NEVER loose hope.

  24. They are beautiful girls and intelligent too shit happens in life stay strong and have ambitions in life

  25. Nicole looks and sounds so intelligent. Sending love yourway baby girl. Be strong and hang in there . All will be well .

  26. This is to all parents single or not single wherever you are living make sure your
    kids are taken care of so that she doesnt have to look for gifts or love elsewhere

  27. I think we should accept that more needs to be done. Like legalizing abortion, sexual education among the youth and also free family planning for girls and women. And the parents need to be in touch with reality, these are still kids.

    Also we need role models. For me the reason I made it through teenage without getting pregnant is that I had female cousins who I looked up to. I always wanted to be like them, properly and well educated, ambitious, disciplined…. Etc. I was raised in a slam, but I had clear vision what I wanted to be. Despite the temptations and days of hardship, and numerous men yearning for my attention, I was focused, because I knew what I wanted to be. So girls need good role models.

  28. I'm one of the teen mom but in life I have learnt to work had for my child and I do girl don't give up on yourselves

  29. Watching this and thinking about my pregnant sis who was to join form 3 this year makes me sick to wonder what happened and how did she end up getting pregnant for a thirty something year old man☹️. We really need to talk to this young girls but what if they don't listen 😭

  30. Do you always do uh uh uh after every word it irritating but your real life story's can never stop me from watching your shows

  31. Nicole is my daughter's look alike, 😘 nimempenda Bure. I also gave birth while still a teen. Used to regret sana but saa hii I thank God coz My kids are the reason why I've worked so hard to reach where I am now. Msijali warembo mtatoboa tu. Just love Jesus and stop using drugs

  32. Vicious cycle of poverty here. Low income, low savings, low capital accumulation, low investment, low income..and the cycle is inter-generational

  33. Beautiful girls, God is good… your heads are in the right place . Hope your mothers forgive you and love you as before as well as fight for your future.

  34. This so sad i really feel for this gals. But am grateful. They av much love for their kids and they so strong….
    May GOD see you trough.. It not late it will be well.. Poverty .is not permanent and it does not have roots

  35. Their choices, most of us passed through serious hardships in life but chose to struggle against all odds. At this rate, slums, poverty and thugs will never be eradicated in Kenya, just more criminals in diapers. What about family planning in 21st??!! We were born poor but decided to BREAK THE CYCLE!! Education First, hustles of any kind first, help our parents..teenage pregnacies OUT!! Then live our lives and it happened. It's all a choice, keep your legs closed tight and make a life for yourself and yours or open for "mtaa" thugs and rip what's on this clip. No mercy and I welcome hate from my comment.

  36. So young let them do family planning kuu kuni lazima wamezoea so it's will help alot ,,sasa wanaume wenye wanawatch hii na anajua kuna mtoto wake hapa wanafeel ajy surely enyewe kuna wanaume wanakuanga vichwa ngumu God intervene 😥😥

  37. Above everyone else my heart goes out to these innocent souls who were born as a result of the teen affairs. I really feel sorry for the babies, my heart is broken.

  38. This happens when teenagers think they are wise than parents. When you have parents, you have somewhere to hold on until you mature. Be patient, no one needs you when you have nothing to contribute in life apart from being a burden.

  39. Madong,, chwara ,tenje murio ,wah what generation sasa huyu ukipeleka nyumbani anaambia mum ,,nisaidie na tenje yangu pale 😂😂😂

  40. the kids can fall to this, but their father could have to take their responsibilities, but our government have not take the concentration into this.

  41. Poleni sana wadogo zangu, Mungu awape neema ya kuwalea hao viumbe wake.
    Ila hio sheng'!🤔 Maneno mengine yananitelezea kwenye masikio tu.

  42. I can relate and i feel these young girls .. what a hell .But all in all it shall be well . Am a living testimony early pregnancy and marriages goes nowhere ..

  43. I had to use English captions to understand. Swahili is too strong. However, This is so wrong! These are kids. Do you mean there is no law to protect these kids? It should be a criminal offence to have any kind of sexual contact with someone aged 13, 14 or 15.

    Tuko look at it from a different angle of protecting children especially these who are seen as the weakest and lobby to have child protection against sexual predators especially in slums. This will demonstrate better achievement in change of law than a mobile number you enlisted for support. No child should go through this and as said a child can't raise a child. Stories here below are almost like a success of children who have been taken advantage of whether through their consent ( which can be defined based on the age and understanding and if they have a capacity to give consent). Absolutely shocked as to how this has been researched and presented. Don't promote sexual predators, educate girls and use the law to creation of protection of young girls especially disadvantaged children from slums.

  44. Girls let me start by telling you that you parents love so much their bitterness comes when they don't know what to do with you at these desperate times when become a mother when you are still a child. I love what one of you said, that their mothers should try to bear with them after the first pregnancy and take it to be a mistake but a second one should be treated that they have repeated a mistake. Learn from your mistakes and change do the right things with your mother's advice and help. This is not the end of life God has better future for you. You are not a mistake God knows you and He is able to shape your life. Keep on praying and doing things right. I'm a mother too and I will keep you in prayer.

  45. This is self inflicted problems, then you have the audacity to shake a tin and beg "wee the people" to assist you in raising your child in whatever capacity, wajinga nyinyi! (pls if you are to respond to my comments, be civil, no insults thank you).

  46. Some African mothers are very stupid ! Why put your daughter under alot of shame and stress because she is pregnant? They say never beat someone who is already down ! Who knows, some of these mothers were also born outside wedlock but they will never admit it openly ! These girls have made mistakes but when it comes to motherhood, it is the most beautiful thing .many women can't get children and these same women are going through hell and even blaming God ! Let us embrace these young girls and talk to them to get pregnant again but instead wait for the right time !

  47. You interviewer (don't know your name yet), but you did a great job on this interview. You asked the very pertinent questions that needed to be asked. Awesome, well done!

  48. They are still young ,fortunate they have ample time to reconstruct their future, may God help them…..we call it life and sometimes it turns into lemon but……they make it lemonade… u siz

  49. Kitu nimependa nahawa girls wanapenda watoto wamezalishuwa nawanaume wanewacheza. God help them to take care of they kids

  50. Its caused by an evil desire and reasons for men looking for virgins these days, but i feel so sorry for these young girls my prayer is they should go bck to school & avoid more pregnancies coz thyr still too young

  51. I’m sick and tired of you people sharing these stories without a follow up. Why broadcast these people’s situation if you’re not going to truly help them out of their predicament?

  52. Kids are blessing no matter what circumstances u had them. cherish them . U never know they might be the first female president in kenya. Next big thing. Claim good future in this kids. God knows why they were conceived. They are healthy kids be grateful.

  53. I had to go through the channel comments and get what to say I can feel things kids personally they need held our society 😢 is making life hard the country and our corrupt government God forgive us lets support them

  54. My mother told me when I was a teen ( nilikuwa mjuaji) that nikiget ball not to abort it.. that i might die together with the baby!!.but bring the baby home. She said mtoto akishazaliwa.. she/ he is amazing. I have two sisters. None of us got pregnant at home. All finished education in Peace.. some of us bado tunaendelea. I swear this makes me appreciate my mother more and more. I'm asking these mothers to forgive their girls.. let's move forward. I'm hoping to bless these ladies soon. I know I will.

  55. My mother had me as a teen and i saw her struggles and i promised to break that circle… We leaved in the ghetto but Chose to think globally am now 26 and am sure mum is proud of me…my advice to the young girls is life has no excuses

  56. The challenges and struggles in ghetto is real …..really sad to watch this, childhood lost …. I hope the media do something to help and follow up not just highlighting stories for views.

  57. Tuko, these girls are all minors! While its commendable that you are highlighting the challenges and reality of teen mothers,it would be better if you concealed their identities! please do not open an opportunity for people to further prey on them. As it is, They are very vulnerable. Acts done in good faith but with poor judgement could have devastating consequences.

  58. 9:58 the father of the child said he doesnt want to be a father at the moment but when the girl asks for money for an abortion he refuses to give and threatens to beat her????? It doesnt make any sense. If he doesnt want the responsibility of raising a child then he should have allowed her to get an abortion instead of forcing her to have a child and leave the responsibility of taking of a child on the poor girl who is also a minor. And yes i support abortion. It should be legalisedm

  59. Oooh i feel bad for the girl, who "said she feels dizzy, when breastfeeding because she does not have enough food to eat, i wish there was a food pantry at least for such mothers, at least where they can get food to eat, as they are naturing those babies..may God see you all through one day..its never to late for a second chance in life..

  60. I appreciate the fact that they never had abortion or suicide Some have quit drugs voluntarily to take care of their babies.People don't realize how much strength it takes to pull your own self out of a dark place mentally.If you did that today or any other day I am proud of you.🙏🙏

  61. Maisha ya slams,nilipata mtoto pia nikiwa 13y pia nashukuru my son niwakubwa na hustle hapa Dubai maisha ikotu sawa

  62. Underage and should of never opened their legs in the first place? What happened to kids waiting till their married!

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