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The BEST Hysterical Moments from Keith Vs. Beast! | Celebrity Juice

The BEST Hysterical Moments from Keith Vs. Beast! | Celebrity Juice

hi word see a mom so this challenge is
called the stare off challenge now have a look at my surroundings and try and
guess which beast I’m challenging this week it’s dak so it could be a goose it
could be a hedgehog or a llama or a koala bear but or no no it’s none of
them the beasts that I’m taking on this week you just follow them how do you
pull wide it’s just yeah three so when this day loss challenged me or would
have been a good reveal woman back to you in studio what challenge whoever
blinks first fat is the loser so no one despair of challenge me our owl there is
no way that you will be seeing an owl Wow like wise and clever and good at
this fair of challenge yeah Bernstein well I could not believe that you’d beat
a horse in a race so I’ve got a bit of faith in you today you think a bit yeah
I reckon you’ll beat that one cause now Holly’s team you’re going for and
Bernstein you’re going for me well let’s have a look and see a woman okay let’s
commence let’s do this fing challenges on now hey word see mom I wish you look mighty
fine last time oz lid on top of her welcome to the keeper of the golden egg
challenge this is the dealio I’m going to be set away in the distance then I
will have to get to the egg retrieve the egg before the keeper of the golden egg
retrieves me but who is the keeper of the golden egg the keeper of the golden
egg is none other than this awk so this is mark is the keeper of the
keeper of the golden egg what sort of Ark is this mark this is a
Harris book it’s Aris awk what’s the likelihood of it swooping down and
trying to get inside me Oh No what’s the likelihood of me winning this challenge
I’d say it’s about 50/50 it’s about 50/50 that I would win this challenge so
back to you in the studio to decide well I’m competing against our a sock
now you’ve got a bear in mind in previous weeks I want to ask and running
race I out stared ow and I baked a hamster of bowling Polly’s
team who won the challenge that Eris Ark or me
we’re gonna go you okay those Billy thing I think I think let’s have a look
and see a woman the golden egg challenge because he’s got wings it’s not that
it’s not Ferris faster that big we can angle even Barbie cut back to the
studio camera what producer ha would be mom and Keith lemon and welcome to Keith
versus beast each week I’ll be taking on a challenge with a different beast
what’s the challenge well this week I’ll be playing tempting bowling and see this
fall I’ll be getting inside it and knocking I expect all those temp ins
down there the Beast that I’m taking on will be this the answer OSHA’s beasts I
am shitting in my pants she’s got the smallest nipples down there but surely
we’ll lose anyway back to you in the chute here to decide who will win me all
these useless bastard answer challenge ever each week I’ll be taking
on a different species from the animal world so who do you think wins the
Amster or me who knocks down the more skittles polythene see I think that gave
me little bastard it’s gonna win big time mr. Bernstein I reckon we’ll go for
you he says he just sits there fucking kissing his gun yeah yeah you think but
I win Holly’s team you think that the hamster win yeah okay let’s have a look
and see who wins ham store ham store scores three he scores three
Keith first both night bowling by the estimates their appalling let’s do this Keith scores 5 he’s got 5 ham store 2nd
ball for now hamster score of seven he scored
seven so one just need three to slaughter eyes the answer let’s do this
fish keep sick poor for down Keith scores nine
he scores night he’s a champion woodsey mom I bet she’s hurting
downstairs a little bit she have just joking if the unfree cook challenge now
we’re all familiar with the ball under the cup challenge but today we’re
replacing the ball with my favorite meal which is the baked potato with cheese
and coleslaw but which ferocious beast will I be taking on that ate a bit of
dead animal on some lettuce well it’s the ferocious furry fuck-faced fairy studio for you to decide the challenge
will go inside me Holly think you can down our loss well
an animal smell is why it’s fifty five hundred five thousand times more it’s
pants no way you were going to be that for Poly students a fairy Danny me at me
off Eric’s would you approach bollocks you’ve got a nose I think I reckon –
yeah a little bit of folks all right so valleys teams loan for me
Holly’s teams going for the Fairless I’m a look at you walk disturb killer switch
around informants in the meadows so it sound a little skunked around like
now way off I’ve been looking at the Cubs that bring back so there where
cooks are all is touching a cop now and put this bit of coal where it is well from this one I’m getting the aroma
of metal appear here I can smell metal and a metal of hey hello I’m again over
the fairies their fairy 8/7 knit horrible or bastards out early the world
welfare tell it’s different always got away but they’ll be love me Oh stupid fucking fairy
they all do anything catch on nothing at your pictures via you choke on it a
prick word okay you know sometimes these challenges are like finding a needle in
a haystack but not this one because this challenge is the finding a sausage in a
stack yes I’m gonna try and attempt to find a sausage within one of these
hey snacks but which Brosius animal will be taking me all in the challenge this
week man’s best friends the dog you know I love dogs I love them so but love them
as much as one of my friends he loves dogs so much woods he got a pencil and
and he drew a picture of it oh that story yeah anyway so who is gonna win
the sausage in a haystack challenge me or the lovely dog back to you in studio
nothing in the spy me or the dog good thing your dog owner
yeah but I think I think that you won this one
I’m gonna go pizza and we’re gonna care with you okay Holly’s team are going for
me Kelly’s team dog all day long the Senate we just got bashed I guess dog
dog Burns team I would go with Keith he’s definitely play hide the sausage
before Holly me burn me Kelly the dog let’s do one and we’ll go on the klaxon Hey looking at all well that’s one of the second most
humiliating things I’ve ever done look for a sausage in it a snack I lost to
the dog because it is a dog and has a more acute sense of smell in than I have
a lot feel less of a person just feel like it’s what but looking for a sausage
in a sty back to you in Julia

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