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The Caricature Artist Who Sketched the Man Who Robbed Him | The Daily Show

The Caricature Artist Who Sketched the Man Who Robbed Him | The Daily Show

We have a major story
that is shaking California. And, actually, you know what,
for this story, can we… I’m gonna need…
I’m gonna need some help. Can we get, um… Let me think. Can we get Roy? Roy? Can we get Roy to come and join me at the desk? Yeah, I just… No, ’cause Roy’s got
a great perspective. I just wanted to chat to you. Roy Wood Jr. (cheering and applause) What’s up, man?
What’s-what’s happening? -I just, um…
-Going on? I just need… I need some help
with this next story. Mean, that’s weird.
You never needed help during the headlines. -No, but this one’s…
this one’s different. -I… Um, it’s a very big story, and I just need you
to stay here. And, uh, let’s roll the tape.
Let’s roll the tape. Police in southern California
say an artist appears to have sketched
the man who stole his money. Detectives say
this is a caricature of the suspect in a robbery at Riverside’s
Festival of Lights this month. The guy asked the artist
to make the drawing. When it was done,
the suspect grabbed a bag with about $500 in it
and ran off, but he left the picture behind. Police posted it on Facebook
with the message, “Do you recognize
this caricature?” The message went on to say
that the caricature is… is one of the suspects,
but, of course, there are exaggerated
characteristics and features. (laughter and applause) So… Okay. -I don’t know…
-Okay. So you gonna do me like that. That’s fine. So, so,
let me ask you something. When you asked me
to wear a red hat to work today, it wasn’t ’cause you thought
a red hat would look good on me and the holidays and whatever.
You… It was a joke. I also… I also like the hat. I also like your hat,
but also for the joke. Are we done? Are we done?
Can I go back? Yeah, no, we’re done.
I just wanted to, um… -Okay, good. If we’re done…
-Can we take a selfie -real quick?
-Oh, my God. Look, I’m done. -I got work to do, man.
-It’s funny. -(laughing): You look
like the guy. -No. -It’s not me. -Roy Wood Jr.,
everybody. Don’t be mad. -It’s not me.
-Don’t be… (laughing)

100 comments on “The Caricature Artist Who Sketched the Man Who Robbed Him | The Daily Show

  1. Why the Hell is Roy wearing a cap backwards? What is he, a rapper from the early 90s? I'm just going to dislike this video now and hope to be surprised.

    Okay I was surprised! That was pretty funny! LOL

  2. Slap the cuffs on him, he's your criminal. How many other black men could possibly be wearing a blue hoody and red sideways cap?

  3. OMG Did Trevor just throw him under the bus? I know you were skeptical but you really think he would steal from anyone? But it is pretty funny how coincidental that is

  4. Look at the "Toine" ass lips on the caricature 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. Roy's acting skills is quite realistic. If it wasn't for the effect of the show, I would think he really gets mad.😂😂

  6. I don't understand why they thought this was funny. Maybe I just don't see like they do, but it just wasn't funny to me.

  7. The Genuine SA to the USA USA 🇺🇸 enlightened this dude

    Do some work @1:34 Abby lol 😆 it’s your daddy grew up in 🇨🇳 China with some concrete floor though @Abby Huntsman

  8. Man I hate being a Californian it’s been a shitshow for a long time I can’t even make a joke without getting yelled at

  9. A red hat was what trevor told roy to wear? Then how did he wear white and blue shirts in the same way? I mean its staged maybe but their acting was pretty good

  10. This remind me of what Chappelle said about sketch artist always drawing the same brother over and over again.

    Big nose, Big Lips, Dick hanging out
    He wore his hat on backwards.

    And then the officer is like: Calling all cars calling all cars be on the lookout for a black man between 5'2 and 6'7 he's wearing Nikes.

  11. Nope; the eyes are all wrong. Next!
    Merry Christmas, Y'All! Stay safe and healthy!

  12. Why do so many people think this is not scripted? (Several comments are just joking about Roy being mad, but a lot seem to think he was really played.)

  13. Nah.. you don't have any major stories out of anywhere, Trebor… YOU'RE NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN, remember? Now, I'll bet you have some major stories out of Praetoria.. Durbin… Concentrate on those… they're more your speed… You don't have the credentials to report on MY country, Trebor… stick with your own tribe, boy..

  14. The thief just wanted to test how good the artist skills were if it was good enough for the police to identify him on the picture LOL and if it did then he passed the test

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