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The Child-Parent of Kasarani | Tuko TV

The Child-Parent of Kasarani | Tuko TV

My mother left us with our dad Who later left us because he felt we are a burden I was left with a 2 months old baby I had to take care of the child and my sisters I would often go with the child to the farm after my sisters have left for school I had to work to feed them I am Vivian Moraa I am in Form 1 I have gone though so many challenges since I was young I tried committing suicide I tried that like thrice the first time I tried I wanted to take rat poison While at it another thought crossed my mind and told me not to and I stopped the 2nd day I tried to jump into a river the third day I was caught trying to hang myself I was advised not to commit suicide Why did you want to commit suicide? because life was so hard My parents separated while I was in class 3 My mother left us with our dad Who later left because he felt it was a burden They left me with a 2 months old baby I had to take care of the child and my small sisters My elder brother was in Form 2 I had to drop out of school to take care of our younger siblings I was forced to do menial jobs and till peoples farms to get money for food I used to earn KSh 100 – 200 per day I would buy 2kgs of maize at Ksh 70 then spend Ksh 10 at the posho mill With the remaining KSh 20 I would buy milk for the baby The flour would serve us for 2 days We would take porridge for breakfast and lunch then have ugali for supper getting vegetables was easy because we used to plant them Everyday was a struggle Everyday I would go to the farm with the baby when my sisters left for school I had to work to feed them My brother would rush from school every evening so that he could look for a job there’s a hotel we used to supply water for and earn KSh 20 per jerrycan of 20 litres We would supply and earn KSh 120 per day and that is how we survived Almost a year later my mom came and took the baby and my other 2 young siblings So I remained with my elder brother and my small sisiter my brother was in From 4 at that time One evening my sister and I went to get cassava from the farm Which we cooked and begun eating though they were not properly cooked they had a bitter taste we were so hungry my sister ate a lot of them I stopped eating because of the bitter taste I tried to stop her but she was told me she was hungry and continued eating In the evening she complained that she was not feeling well she felt like throwing up because the taste of the cassava had affected her She said she was dying but I told her not to say that She begun vomiting and that made me panic At around 12 am I went to call my neighbor and together with my brother they took her to the hospital On reaching the hospital she started gasping for air they had to put her on a drip Our other neighbor received a call from the hospital asking him to also take me to the hospital because I had also eaten the cassava So I was also taken to the hospital My parents were informed about what was happening My father visited when we were now getting better He only paid the hospital bill for my younger sister and not me He was asked why he did that He just went silent and left I remained with my mother We had to beg for funds from our neighbors I then went back home where my uncle took me in His wife started mistreating me Life was so hard I passed through so much hardship I used to do all the house chores I would also wash school uniforms for her children every evening and brush their shoes I would always prepare them every morning and end up running late for school when my teacher asked me why I am always late I would explain to him One day he asked me to go back home and bring my guardians My uncle came to school He was asked why I am always late for school He was rude to the teacher but I had already explained to the teacher So the teacher did not bother much with him that evening when I went back home I received a thorough beating from my uncle who accused me of spreading our personal issues to other people he beat me up using an electric wire as well as his belt His first born is currently in Form 3 I also dropped out of school at that time otherwise I would be in my fourth form this year Such issues really affected my education Came for me and we both travelled to Nairobi where I met mom Pauline My aunt explained to her what I had been through she told us about a program she was running where she took me in for counselling that is how we begun counselling classes I did not see the need to go back to my aunts place I spoke to mom Pauline and she allowed me to come along with my other 2 sisters I started living with mum Pauline while in class 5 We have been here for 5 years now When you ask her what the issue was She would cry for 2 hours I took her to Faith Christian School and that’s when they begun school her teacher would always tell me that she has a problem She is always crying in class I told him I was giving her some counselling She once told me she has never been hugged in her life The day I gave her a hug she burst into tears I asked her why she was crying she told me she felt really good and begun to open up My mother is HIV+ Have you ever visited her? She sometimes visits us So she comes over here? Yes Have you ever asked her why she left you? I asked her and she said it’s because they had issues with my father and that my dad did not want to take us to school because he is not our biological father I had not completed my school fees while in class 8 So the teacher gave us a hard time in school Mum Pauline had to transfer us to another school because we could not drop out yet the National Exam was nearing the teacher has not given them their results I spoke to another teacher who took them in without results but we owe the school KSh 75, 000 Vivian and Maureen really want to join a public school She told me her wish is to join a boarding school and that tells you how much she is hungry for education because she wants to be a lawyer the other one wants to be a judge and she is very industrious we wash clothes we wash utensils and she studies really hard We help each other here with mum Pauline she at times washes clothes for people We help her and she earns money I also know how to plait Some people bring their children so that I can plait them and they pay me KSh 50 – 100 Which carters for our needs here I am the referee We go for games and play together We even play kati I love them so much So that I can fight for the rights of girls like me I am not sharing my story to seek sympathy I simply want people to stand up for other girls who have been deprived of their rights I wish we could get a sponsor to help my sisters and I with school fees I would really appreciate I also want to thank mom Pauline for her good heart she has taken care of us since we came here my life has changed for the better One of my sisters wants to be a judge and the other one a prosecutor we are passionate about it and it’s something that is deep in our hearts because once we achieve that we can be able to help other people especially girls whose rights have been violated and those who go through hardship in life

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  1. Vivian Moraa was abandoned by her mother and left with parental responsibilities for her younger siblings while she was a child herself. The hardships of life drove her into depression and she even tried taking her life three times. Her life turned around when she met a good Samaritan in Mwiki, Kasarani.

  2. So sad they had to go through such hardships at tender age. Mama Pauline has a big heart and she will really be Blessed coz even if she cannot offer much, the love she gives them is soo genuine. God Bless you Mum.

  3. Imagine at this age kakisema when she was young,,meaning amepitia mangumu hadi anaona kama amezeeka,,,God bless the life of this young girl.she is the kind of future women we like in our country to raise good families.

  4. God is great this beautiful girls didn't end up on the streets, am glad mama Pauline is taking care of them and I pray they get help from fellow Kenyans. Mungu awabariki nyote.

  5. So sad they have gone thru a lot but God has a rsn for everything bytful gals and God bless u mum Pauline for bringing smile to their faces even if u cnt give much but hyo luv unawapea is enof

  6. Oh my, this brought tears to my eyes. Parents need to work hard and take care of their children as well as shielding them. Children need to be children and not play parent at a young age. It has many psychological effects. Aside from this, please create a paybill so that we can help where we can wamalize kusoma. Haba na haba hujaza kibaba

  7. I always tell people Blood does not make you a family its the loyalty! Relatives are the worst thing ever. Mungu saidia but my kids will never stay na relatives.

  8. Please is not only Kenyean who watch this videos n who help or want to help…. take all ur supporters into consideration please πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™no offence

  9. I know this home was there on June and will be going on Dec,,,,,and I tell you life is not easy May the Lord connect this kid with destiny helpers

  10. Why am crying now😒 😒 am so sorry gal God akukumbuke wamama plz mukiachana na mumeo toka na watoto wako kuliko kuwaacha wateseke hivi, mom Pauline may God bless you abundantly

  11. Mm nimelia mungu wangu nakumbuka nilikua na shida na sikuwai acha watoto my God give parent unconditional love for there children

  12. This is my story that's the reason niliseparatiwa na my sisters and brother bt katika hiyo hali nashukuru mungu niko.mzimaa

  13. Young Girl there is Hope dont give up God has a bright Future for you. Commiting sucied is the worst decision you can ever make and you will end up in hell and there is more worst the pain can not compare to the earthly suffering. Jesus loves you and there is a reason of our suffering have faith in God

  14. some of us are feeling pity why don't we l
    take action and assist with the little we have pads for example,or a beds for them or even food stuff I've taken action

  15. Woiye, hata sijamaliza story, I'm calling right now. so sad. May God see you through, God please you are the Father of the orphans, provide for them in Jesus NameπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    Vivian, and your sisters and brother, you have a bright future ahead of you. God bless you abundantly πŸ™πŸ™

    Mom Pauline May God bless you too, double portion πŸ™πŸ™

  16. Haki nimelia nikukumbuka kile Mimi nilipitia sitamani hata Mtu mmoja kupitia niliyopitia nashukuru Mungu, I will call you because I want to help you so you can be able to fulfill your dreams.

  17. She's very brilliant πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­am crying bcoz sm seeing myself in her….siku moja to kamummy you will be a very important person in the society keep going.hats off mom pauline..

  18. God bless you Pauline n may he continue blessing you for your kindness .Vivian has a future ahead of her and her dream will come true in Jesus name.

  19. Sio ati nawaambia story ndio mnihurumie, wow that part got me weeping 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😒

    She has a golden heart, she just don't want any other girl going through what she has gone through, my goodness God be with you girls

  20. I went through worse than you girl and trust me you'll get through this too😒😒😒

  21. Ooh my God,,, can't hold my tears back,, why why,, women take care of your kids despite hardships… I hate her parents… God bless you mama Pauline

  22. Moraa I went through a very tough life growing up, if i made it you will too! You are been prepared for greatness trust me

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