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100 comments on “The Infamous Star of Mississippi Basketball in Iraq: ROAM

  1. "I'm surprised there's trees", I figured he would be dumb but he seems like a caricature of a dumb ass ball player.

  2. He could’ve play in Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan etc which has better environments, better fan base, better players etc. You’ll never play well if you’re playing straight for cash.

  3. Why the fuck wouldnt you just quit basketball and actually do something productive for once lol basketball is literally useless unless you go to the nba

  4. 2k19 ripped thier story off this guy😧 and gave us the good version, dudes makin bank but still taking the risk of bombs and shit. Keep going

  5. It's kind of sad that this country bumpkin gets a chance to see exotic and interesting places but chooses to spend his time eating junk food in his hotel room. Such a waste.
    Also I doubt he ends up seeing that money they promised him. They just told him that monthly salary to get him over there.
    Dude seems kind of ignorant too, making comments about the local's names, etc.

  6. Wrong sport to play in the Middle East.. he’d make bank if he played soccer. But, America only plays its sports Basketball, Hand Egg, and Baseball.. oh and Golf.

  7. You can earn 20k a month playing in Iraq. I mean its obviously not first choice bc of danger but you can make great living.

  8. At the very least, it’s one hell of an adventure! He must regret his decisions during his college career every day!

  9. he is not drafted not due to his behavior but the fact he just not good enough, it is plain to see, he cant even dominate these local Iraq boys

  10. Iraq = aweful mess…..the CIA, military-industrial complex and globalist paedophile bankers absolutely decimated Iraq and culture. Such a shame. Who is ever going to stop these satanic absurdly wealthy bastards? If Trump can make even a dint in this 200yr old swamp, then his tenure will be a success. JKF was one red-pilled mutherfcka whose legacy may have been greater then we realise…..we have one BIG shot my friends – the Internet; the only thing that aboslute terririfes them. As for Iraqi basketbal, WTF

  11. I’m just gonna say what everyone else is thinking…if you’re traveling to Iraq to play basketball bc you couldn’t make it anywhere else, then maaaaaaaybe it’s time to pick a new profession?

  12. I am a little surprised these guys are not more interested in exploring the country they are playing in. To me this would be a rare opportunity to see another kind of world. A basketball career is short-lived, but the opportunity to travel around the world and see foreign cultures when you are young is priceless.

  13. For the league is it shown on tv there because the people in the stands dont seem like enough to fund it.

  14. IDK, I like Marshall and I know it wasn't the best of situations but you gotta act and carry yourself like a professional and other situations will come. It seems like he was there just for the money but you gotta compete and give it your all wherever you are if you're a professional athlete.

  15. Why are so many people commenting about him being paid well? Did you watch the video he's confined to a room the size of a jail cell and has to beg to get the money he's owed. He made a comment about 'the bank making a mistake and accidentally exchanging his 100 thousand (whatever their currency is) for 100 USD, so he didn't make anywhere near 100k by his own admission to sit in an Iraqi hotel hoping he doesn't get blown up and chasing down some scumbag for his cash payment. It didn't really seem like that sweet of a deal .

  16. Utah fan/alum. Glad this guy is tied to Ole Miss and not my alma mater. After all our country has done to Iraq, now they’re stuck with MH? Good luck with that….

  17. I believe there are stuff called: G-League, Small leagues, Europe, continuing to play in college and much more. Strange to choose Iraq over all of those options.

  18. The level of competition in the g-league can sometimes be… sub-par, to put it mildly. In Europe it’s much better. In Iraq? Oh boy.

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