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The Irish-American Hall of Fame | JEOPARDY!

The Irish-American Hall of Fame | JEOPARDY!

– [Alex] We deal with the
Irish-American hall of fame, of course, because, St.
Paddy’s Day is coming up. – Irish-American hall of fame for 16. – [Alex] Last name of
astronauts Eileen and Michael, back-to-back inductees in 2013 and 2014. Last name in common, Collins. Less than a minute now, Lindsay. – Irish-American for 12. – [Alex] 2017 saw this comic
legend earn his “stripes”, and that’s the fact, Jack. Brad. – Who is Jim Davis? – [Alex] Nope. Bianca? – Who is Bill Murray. – [Alex] Bill Murray, yes. – Hall of fame, 2000. – [Alex] Answer there. Daily Double, a chance
to get back in this. – 2000. – [Alex] Oh, alright. Here’s the clue. The 2011 inaugural class
included Maureen O’Hara and this 4-time Pulitzer-winning
20th century playwright. – Who is Eugene O’Neill? – [Alex] Yes. Go again, hurry. – 800. – [Alex] If you’re an
Irish-American teacher known the world over as
“the miracle worker”, you’d likely make the hall also. Lindsay. – Who is Anne Sullivan? – [Alex] You are right, now… Well we won’t get to that last clue. And look at this, $23,700 for Lindsay. Two days in a row,
performing extremely well. Final Jeopardy still to come. 19th century names, I hope
she makes a big wager. We’ll find out when we come back.

10 comments on “The Irish-American Hall of Fame | JEOPARDY!

  1. What the heck was that DD wager? $2000? Even though she got it right it's still a runaway and there aren't enough clues left to close the gap.

  2. One thing I'd like to see is a charity game with Alex as a contestant (maybe with Pat and Vanna as the others). You could get either Ken Jennings or Will Ferrell (as Alex) to host.

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