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The Last Jedi Novelization to Feature Deleted Scenes, Star Wars Day at Sea, and More!

The Last Jedi Novelization to Feature Deleted Scenes, Star Wars Day at Sea, and More!

This week we’re doing the show from a
boat! The sea is the space of the ground…that’s what they say. I’ll take the stairs. Hey I’m Anthony
Carboni and I’m Andi Gutierrez and welcome to The Star Wars Show, the only
Star Wars show on the internet that was shot in the middle of the ocean. Huge
news Andi, the sea air has cured my blindness. I no longer need my glasses
that is HUGE news and speaking of news let’s talk about the news of the Star
Wars variety shall we? The rash is still here. Star Wars Rebels released their mid
series trailer for the fourth and final season and most exciting of all the
trailer gave us a peek at Emperor Palpatine who is once again being voiced
by Ian McDiarmid. Star Wars Rebels returns Monday February
19th at 9 p.m. Eastern with back-to-back episodes for 3 weeks leading up to the
90-minute series finale on Monday March 5th at 8:30 p.m. on Disney XD. For more
information including episode titles check out Shifting over
to gaming news Star Wars Jedi challenges is adding new content from The Last Jedi. The expansion gives players access to the planet Crait where they’ll be able
to duel to Praetorian guards at the same time they’ll also battle waves of First
Order troopers in assault mode as well as an AT-M6 in strategic combat the
update is available later this week and is absolutely free for anyone that
already owns Jedi Challenges in the off-chance you only get your Star Wars
news from The Star Wars Show well first of all thank you yeah second of all this
synopsis for solo a Star Wars story was revealed last week and it goes a little
something like this Board the Millennium Falcon and journey
to a galaxy far far away in Solo: A Star Wars story an all-new adventure with the
most beloved scoundrel in the galaxy through a series of daring escapades
deep within a dark and dangerous criminal underworld
Han Solo meets his mighty future copilot Chewbacca and encounters the notorious
gambler Lando Calrissian in a journey that will set the course of one of the
Star Wars saga as most unlikely heroes. Yeah that sounds right and I’m so there
for it. Yes Solo: A Star Wars Story will be released in theaters on May 25th. The
Academy Award nominations were announced yesterday and Star Wars The Last Jedi
managed to nab for nominations for visual effects, sound editing, sound
mixing and Original Score marking John Williams’s 51st Oscar nomination.
Congrats to all of the nominees and good luck on March 4th the official Last Jedi
novelization is on the precipice of release and with
expanded, deleted, and all new scenes not seen in the film. In fact here’s Rian
Johnson to tell you more. When I was a kid, when the movie I loved would come
out I would ride my bike to the grocery store and I would get the novelization.
And….action! I was very lucky I got to sit down up at Skywalker Ranch and
meet with the author who wrote the novel for it Star Wars The Last Jedi, Rian
Johnson and I had an amazing conversation we got to write entirely
new scenes for the book. Han Solo’s funeral, Rose and Paige Tico together and
further explorations of the fascinating world of Canto Bight to name just a few.
Got to talk through some interesting additional scenes from the film… “that old
Legend of Luke Skywalker you hate so much. I believed in it.” That’s kind of the
fun stuff you can get into a novel that you can’t always get onto the screen. Give…me…everything. I’m very happy that we got to do this novel I hope you will enjoy it. Take your
imagination even higher with the last Jedi novelization from Lucasfilm and Del Rey. Pre-order now! What’s up guys Andi and Anthony out here
on the Disney Fantasy and we are about to go crazy for Star Wars Day at Sea. That’s
right this is an entire day on the ship full of Star Wars characters, activities
and special events and we are so excited to experience at all.
Yes we’re being grown adults we are very much like little children right now
that’s right let’s go check it out! You guys that in for a real treat. We have the team from the Star Wars Show sailing with us this cruise! This week on The Star Wars Show! I’m Anthony Carboni and I’m Andi
Gutierrez and we are the hosts of the Star Wars Show we just finished our
second season and it’s amazing how much crazy stuff over the past two years we
love being able to share it with the Star Wars community what’s your favorite
kind of content to shoot for the show? Dumb goofs. We want the Star Wars show to
feel like you’re hanging out with your friends who love Star Wars and we think
the best way to do that is just to do silly stuff that Star Wars fans have
always wanted to do well thank you for coming out have a wonderful Star Wars
Day at Sea. (Star Wars theme on fog horn) We have Tony Giordano with us here who
is a show director for Disney Cruise Line and you have been doing Star Wars
Day at Sea for three years now start in 2016 yeah? That’s correct
three years it’s getting better every year Star Wars Day at Sea specifically is
just jam-packed from beginning to end with Star Wars activities can you tell
me what fans can expect when they come out here? We try to cram as much as we
can in the one day of Star Wars we love the fans but we also love
families and kids so we have different levels of fandom we really try to create
this whole range of stuff. What made you decide to come out to Star Wars Day at Sea I’ve been a Star Wars fan my whole life and I want to share this with the
kids what do you like about wearing a Leia costume? That’s she’s a princess. It’s a great opportunity to come and do this and just have a lot of fun and kind
of be a kid again and be the better Fett Actually starts the night before during
our atrium takeover and it starts the event so really gets that energy going
of oh my goodness, Star Wars has arrived and then the next morning we go into the
fun stuff like character meet and greets Chewbacca, Darth Vader, then we have tons
of roaming characters like bounty hunters lots of stormtroopers and they
may even arrest you sometimes. Specifically you. What did I do? You’re trouble. We also have Star Wars drawing Academy we have an artist teach the
guests how to draw porgs. I like your shading thank you I’d wanted to give
them a nice big fat belly yeah I think plump pores are the best porgs this year
we also have Porgs on Board which is this fun scavenger hunt where the porg
have come on to the ship and the creating nests all around the ship we
have a new thing this year called the BB-8 Races where families race the BB-8
remote controls and it’s kind of like Thunderdome. You are getting Anthonyso
excited right now. You said you had it man. It’s a game for kids. It’s a kids game and it doesn’t matter, it was seconds ago and I know why we’re
talking about it because I’m not mad and then the whole event ends with this
amazing extravaganza called summon the force what we’re gonna bring out our
favorite characters and there’s pyrotechnics and lightsabers and it ends
with this amazing fireworks show to all the iconic theme music by John Williams
so have everyone there’s about 4,000 guests all on the deck celebrating Star
Wars together they had their lightsabers there’s no better way to end Star Wars
right? Absolutely. It’s absolutely amazing and with that we end our Star Wars Day at Sea adventure if you and your family are interested in participating in a
Star Wars Day at Sea it’ll be returning in 2019 from January through March for
more information including the sailing dates, checkout
and as always thanks for watching and may the Force be with you yeah but see
now we have to do like you got a we’re gonna have sea legs next week International waters baby no rules
nobody has any jurisdiction over us Wilford Brimley from Battle for Endor is
canon international maritime canon I am the Story Group of the sea! Okay no
you’re not

100 comments on “The Last Jedi Novelization to Feature Deleted Scenes, Star Wars Day at Sea, and More!

  1. Cancer the book hopefully sells as well as its title ensues.
    P.s. come and bring the hate while your here why don't ya!

  2. I don't care that much about the Solo origin film.. See you later in winter 2019 with Episode 9, the closing episode of the Skywalker saga. Guys, it's really time for the Jedi to end (unless Ray proves us otherwise).

  3. Did nobody think to interview Ben Swolo over here, 4:50? Well, I speak on behalf of everyone when I say thank you!

  4. It is Absolutely Garbage Pirate everything and boy caught Star Wars!!!!!! We can bring them to their knees if we don't give them our money!!! And we can finally get Kathleen Kennedy fired and thrown out of lucasfilm and maybe we'll actually get a good Star Wars movie!!!!

  5. Sorry, but I think it's time to leave the star wars story! It's time for them to stop milking it for all the money THEY can bleed out of it.

  6. Hi disney can make Legends here to canon and change the story and do not destroy that other people think that I find it very cool but I read these books so the Legends please do this, thanks to Disney

  7. Deleted scenes are always a nive addition to a good movie. Unfortunetly, Star Wars : The Last Jedi was the single worst star wars movie currently in existence. Why on earth would cathleen Kennedy green light this garbage… I had the highest of hopes for this movie after a somewhat dissapointing return to the series in The Force Awakens, but if i may say both of these movies could have been shortened in certain scenes and made i to one 3.5hr movie. Thats not a good thing… Such a disappointment. Disney has the money, and lucasarts/ILM has the designs, how did this go so wrong… Rian Johnson ? Kathleen Kennedy ? Disney ? Lucasarts/ILM ?

  8. Calling that a plot synopsis of the Solo movie is BS, it's just a general premise. No release of ANY footage, let alone even a teaser trailer. This is not looking good.

  9. Sell out liberals, The last Jedi don't make sense and anything before that bad movie don't matter story wise thanks to it.

  10. I feel very lonely some days as a fan even though millions of Star Wars fans are out there. I just feel like I'm the only one who appreciates the work that many people contributed to – no matter the film. Originals, Expanded Universe, Prequels, Clone Wars, Rebels, the new films; I love them all despite their flaws because I love Star Wars.

  11. Comon Guys…. Luke Skywalker is a Mercyfull Jedi… Not a nephew Killer… And he is not a Dope in Maryjuana… He is a Jedi… Just hate TLJ…
    I'm gonna watch the Ewoks adventures again… Much better… Much more Star Wars… Than this pile of junk!

  12. What if they made a Star Wars game like GTA V, where you can free roam across the entire galaxy. Small maps of different planets with thier own skins, speeders and ships. And instead of those loading screens, while you fly between planets its just like your in hyperspace for a while, while it loads. THAT WOULD BE A FUN GAME. Imagine walking into the Jedi Temple on Coruscant or going on Jakku and seeing the crashed Star Destroyers or Naboo, Kamino etc… And the individual planet maps dont have to be big, some can be carried over from BF2. and there can be mini missions where teams can fight in a certain map just like BF2.

  13. It really says something when a writer/director of a movie keeps telling everyone "it explains it better in the book" (or words to that effect). His job was to put it in the movie for audiences to enjoy … Not buy the novelization so they can understand the gaping holes and screws ups in the movie!

    If time travel were invented tomorrow would you go back in time to kill either: a) Stalin & Hitler or b) Kathleen Kennedy & Rian Johnson? At this point it's kind of a toss up between them.

  14. Worst movie since "The Farce Awakens"

  15. Why the heck would us real fans want to read the novelization? The Last Jedi movie wasn’t enough?? I paid for 1 Last Jedi screening and that was more than enough. To put it in perspective, I saw TFA 6x in theaters. Hey Disney, the real fans are the people who fuel your profits and revenues- obviously we were not in mind when you allowed The Empress and Rian Johnson make this debacle of a movie.

  16. One thing I always wanted to know, I highly doubt the Empire used BBY ABBY as their time stamps. I know planets like Lothal had their own dating system.

    What where the galaxy-wide dating systems for the Old Republic and the Empire?

  17. in 2016 on this exact day, I went on my Make-A-Wish trip. My wish was to go on Disney's 'Star Wars Day At Sea'. It was the best week of my life <3 Thank you for covering this episode aboard the ship <3

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