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The Life Of A Star Explained In 1 Minute

The Life Of A Star Explained In 1 Minute

The iron in your blood the silicon in your computer, the oxygen
that we breathe, all of those elements were actually synthesized inside
stars. Stars form from the collapse of a cloud and basically as soon as fusion starts
taking place (hydrogen to helium) the star finds peace and finds stability and that’s what we call the stars the
main sequence and it spends the majority of its time and then depending on its mass you can
actually start fusing heavier and heavier
elements. Thats in fact what keeps stars fighting against gravity the fact that as they fuse elemtns
actually those reactions generate heat but of course once you start off using
progressively heavier elements and you get into iron those reactions can no longer give you
heat at that point the star has lost its battle against gravity and has no
other fate but to collapse

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