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The Mandalorian Season 2 2020

The Mandalorian Season 2 2020

Wow I never expected to be making a
season 2 video about the mandalorian I mean we all know well after many of you
pointed out to me they haven’t made a big deal about it jon favreau is
apparently instagrammed about it but yes the Mandalorians season 2 is coming but
I felt that for a show which for the first 6 episodes because 7 was really a
setup for 8 so worth it but anyway for those first 6 episodes they were really
standalone episodes and the show was surviving for the most part on baby Yoda
gifts surviving I think I actually meant thriving and we’d accepted that it was
less of a genre show and more of a Saturday morning cartoon with an
all-ages show on Disney Plus oh that’s nice and you know we’ve come to enjoy it
but now as you can see this is so much better because with episode 8 the series
finally kicked into high gear introducing the kind of plot points and
burning questions and tapping into the Star Wars movie that gets fans
interested over the long run this is the kind of content that generates the
discussion that makes things that levels them up basically this is what I think
anything that wants to be successful today needs to have and I’m so happy
that the Mandalorian finally has it so with that in mind here are the top 5
things I’d like to see in the Mandalorians season 2 it was a bit of a
tough list to make because there are so many things that I’d like to see I want
to give honorary mention right now because they couldn’t make it to droids
I think that I liked k2s oh and rogue one I think that the new trilogy has not
had great droids I never got behind bb-8 but IG 11 I think will go down enjoyed
history and now that mando is cool with droids I hope that he’s certain he seeks
another one out and I urge you to share your own ideas down below for what you’d
like to see in the Mandalorian season tip alright so the first thing I’d like
to see is a time jump now this is difficult because considering the baby
Oda is 50 years old and still a baby too much time would have to pass
for him to age up considerably I mean didn’t jar and mandos real name which we
learned in the season finale would be dead so if I think of it if you did just
like a year or so of a jump and by the way that would be okay because you could
say hey it’s a big galaxy so mando has followed the code and has been legit
looking for baby Yoda’s people all this time I don’t know if I by the way if I
were mando I like calling to mando um I don’t know if I would look for baby Otis
people I’d be like I’m keeping him and I’m sure that then being torn about
giving up baby Yoda will be a B storyline in season two uh he was pretty
quick to give him up this episode though although now that their clan of two
maybe he’ll be less so he was like you take baby on and get out of here and
pure baby Oda was like don’t you care about me try some try to die alright so
but with a year time jump even though baby Yoda wouldn’t be considerably or
even actually not much older and you know in terms of his own evolution you
know the way he ages but at least maybe he’d be a bit better with the force
maybe a few words he can say and that also he and mando could have developed a
bit of a shorthand even more so than they have now and really take their
relationship to the next level right basically I like them to move ahead a
little bit and I’ll join them there alright so number two this is where the
strokes getting really interesting and that’s Mandalorians versus Jedi let’s
find some Jedi who boy I would be because they’re not extinct just yet and
it would make me so happy if perhaps didn’t and baby Yoda got to visit or at
least get one note for season three Luke’s school for the Jedi oh that would
be fantastic mark hamill come on over here I’m not sure of the timing outlines
up but remember you know it wasn’t too long before the force awakens that Kyle
you know Ben solo would become kylo Ren and he and the Knights of Ren had you
know killed all the other Jedi students at Luke’s school and I’m as I said
before Luke’s like maybe I shouldn’t be a teacher and I think he proved that
with the last Jedi but anyway maybe it hey maybe that’s what happened dins like
I’m not leaving him here this is a horrible school let’s go but you know
maybe the school hasn’t started yet made baby Yoda gives Luke the idea to start
the school maybe they just miss it and come upon it smoking ruins and r2d2
Strax and the dirt because Luke’s Luke just left with him but I’d like to see
something I’d like to see that mentioned here but I think what’s really important
here is to remember the Mandalorian Jedi war which the armor alludes to in
Episode eight and also as she points out that the Jedi and the Mandalorian aren’t
sworn enemies and are in fact a lot alike as both follow code and I think
it’ll be interesting to not only contrast those two cultures but to see
them coexist in baby Yoda oh that’s so exciting
this I I think that it’s unfortunate that Rey couldn’t get to this point but
this is the kind of legacy that we like to say this is really exciting to tie
again the Mandalorian and Jedi cultures together and in some ways even with his
adopted father did who was it himself adopted into Mandalorian culture oh it’s
great this all folds into itself perfectly alright so this leads me to
number three the dark saber oh it’s so exciting
now speaking of Jedi and Mandalorian cultures the dark saber is a Jedi weapon
but it was made by the first Mandalorian effort to become a Jedi and has become a
legendary part of Mandalorian culture passing through many Mandalorian hands
and almost being a witness to Mandalorian history since its creation
and it could once again unite the Mandalorians for a while some evil
Mandalorians used it who never wore their helmets oh that’s how you can tell
they’re bad for a while it was you know used for good now some are saying that
din should wield it right mando but maybe I think this
really ultimate ultimately belongs to baby Oda as again he himself is a mix of
Jedi he can tap into the force but also he’s now an honorary Mandalorian he’s
been he’s been brought into that group just as den was when he was you know I
loved the mirroring of how they were both saved by a Mandalorian that’s
beautiful and so I think that works perfectly and you know of course we’ve
all seen Yoda wield a lightsaber when he was in his prime and so I would think
this weapon will eventually become baby Otis you know didn’t can look after it
for a while for him and also maybe wield it because it’ll take dekha decades for
baby yoda even to become a toy so what’s gonna you know it’s gonna be a
really long time before he can pick that thing up and use it oh maybe not we’ll
see I’m also impressed that Dave Filoni who invented the dark saber has gotten
into live-action Star Wars that’s very cool and expect the legacy of the dark
saber to grow exponentially in the Mandalorians season too because Dave
Filoni cares a lot about that thing because
again it’s his baby alright so number 4 Gideon who was wielding the dark saber
what by the way I have to say not only is Giancarlo Esposito now the big bad of
the Mandalorians season 2 but also the boys the season 2 I mean his agent teed
him up beautifully this is so great and I think that Giancarlo Esposito was more
than up to the challenge but what’s Gideon up to right why does this former
officer of the Empire want what does he want with the
Mandalorian Jedi weapon like the dark saber and what does he want with the
force wielder like baby Yoda Plus what’s his beef with the Mandalorians as we now
know he was part of the great purge and has taken their legendary weapon as his
own it’s personal all right so anyway number 5 finally as I said it was tough
to narrow this down to just five but I had to do it those are the rules that
I’ve made not 5 and I went with carrot hoon bounty hunter and what the heck I
like grief carga again – well I don’t trust him
I still like him he’s a lot of fun and I like his positive attitude it’s like
we’re all friends again and I’m like you know what we are life’s too short
especially if we continue to fight but anyway while ding might be striking out
on his own with baby Yoda on this little side mission to go find baby Otis people
he has created a much better team this time around you know of course you know
the other one being the one we met in the bill burr episode but I think it’s
pretty much guaranteed that either he’ll need their help again or they’ll realize
that he needs their help and we’ll go find him or their pass will simply just
cross but we’ll certainly be seeing Kara dude and I would suspect grief carga
again especially because jon favreau created Kara dune specifically for Gina
Carano and truly has big plans for the character and with the time jump even a
little one I’m excited to see how Kara dune a loner went in first and we first
meet her takes to being in the bounty hunter guild I would suspect that with
dinh on a break she becomes the best bounty hunter so I’m
excited to see that she was so cool in the season finale she was looking around
that giant gun and she was looking around mando in his armor I was like
jeez Louise Gina Carano is strong I mean maybe you know it’s movie magic to some
degree but to some degree not she’s really tough so those are the top five
things I’d like to see in the Mandalorians season 2 and I applaud the
last-minute but very astute and they really made up for lost time myth
building it’s very exciting and this is something I think that we can all get
behind and we still have the baby Yoda gifts we get everything it’s fantastic
so again share your own thoughts and hopes for season 2 subscribe today and
of course as always you can check out some more videos right now you

100 comments on “The Mandalorian Season 2 2020

  1. The Mandalorian takes place five years after The Return of the Jedi takes place. So, this means the Empire as was known in the original trilogy is destroyed.
    It also means this is more than 25-30 years before the events of the current, new big-screen trilogy when the Empire rebuilds into the New Order.
    As seen so far in early episodes, though, remnants of the Empire still exist.

  2. Mandalorian is set super soon after return of the jedi, so we have the original trilogy trio all in their prime, so I want to see Alden Ehrenreich and Sebastian Stan as Han and Luke and maybe a testing the waters with a young Leia recast though I've no idea who should play her, I just think having them alive they should use them, and the mandalorian show can send them the life raft of recasting them in their prime

  3. I’d like to see baby Yoda wear something else other than a potato bag..but if he doesn’t change clothes, I will still enjoy the series. There are so many different directions the mandalorion can go! Exciting stuff!

  4. I really hope they don't try and fold this great show into the new trilogy. I know some people really like the new trilogy, but I think this show is best kept afar from the baggage of the films.

  5. Get Sebastian Stan to play Luke Skywalker with some CGI and have him meet with Mando to find the origin of Baby Yoda in a episode that would be freaking awesome

  6. What a great way to lay groundwork for the next season. No one who doesn’t understand this material as good as Favreau and Feloni do has no business coming near this material. Take note Disney. This is the way.

  7. I would love to see more types of Bounty Hunters. I thought all of them is the Empire Strikes Back were cool and wanted to know more about them

  8. Grace for future please don't put spoiler pics on the thumbnails. Dark blade was spoiled for me mins before I saw the episode & this was on my suggestion. I'm not subscribed. But you are sweet

  9. The Mandalorian takes place 5 years after Return of the Jedi so there is no chance of any crossover with the current trilogy

  10. The rewatchability of this show is high for me. I think I watched each episode 3 or 4 times the weeks they premiered. With seperate peope. Funny. Thats how I'd do the OT when I was a younger. They were usually on rotation. Lol. This is a bounce-off of the original trilogy, I'll call it.

    I hope we get some Asoka/Jedi stuff this next season. I'm sure we will. Just more of what we got would be great. J Favs and Dave Filoni have my trust.

  11. 3:34, Either Ahsoka or Ezra should effing return. We don’t want new Jedi survivor character introduced. F*ck that we’ve seen that like a hundred times 😩

  12. 5 things I want to learn in season 2
    1.The Purge and how Gideon got the Darksaber
    2. Baby Yoda's Species
    3. Possible Jedi / Force users
    4. Mando Lore
    5. More Bounty Hunters

  13. Please do not ask for anything from the current movies to be referenced by Mandelorian. I’d rather just forget that ever existed. Maybe there will be a time travel jump to reset the universe like JJ did for Star Trek that will make the current series obsolete.

  14. How have people never heard of the force or the jedi in the Star Wars universe? It's as if one has to be special to have heard of such things.

  15. If Mando adopts ‘the child’ into the Mandalorian culture, then perhaps the namesake of the show (The Mandalorian) isn’t actually in reference to Din Djarin, but the journey “Baby Yoda” goes through in becoming a Mandalorian.

  16. Lmfao this show takes place 6 years after the ‘time jump’ which is 24 years before the force awakens or really at most 20 years before the fall of the Jedi s School. What’s more likely is probably is baby yoda inspiring Luke, timeline wise it’s probably closer to when Leia was still ttaining as a Jedi

  17. I would believe Gina Carano as a Charlie's Angel spy. Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska and Naomi Harris CANNOT beat up big guys or little guys. They got testosterone.

  18. I just want to see another IG Unit in Nurse Mode, or at least on Mando's team. IG units are fascinating and they MUST be played by Taika.

  19. What I want to see in season 2
    1) Baby Yoda's first word is to call Din "Dada"
    2) Baby Yoda training montage
    3) The Armourer revealed as Bo-Katan or the unnamed Kryze sister (i.e. Korkie's mother)

  20. Spoiler!!

    1:06:22 empire strikes back, Disney plus, boba fett is with IG-11 😂🤯🤯🤯🤯🤦🏼oops 😜get it grace….watch empire strikes back, the car-ba-night Han Solo scene with the boba and Vader, the little guys helping look familiar

  21. Actually the first 3 episodes was a continued story with a solid threw line then they did 3 stand alone episodes then the final 2 as a "sequel" story to the first 3. I kinda think it's a perfect formula for the show except I'd give it a couple more episodes next season and just make the "stand alone" stuff more of a two part story with a bit more bang. Also we will have a huge budget increase I assume so I'm not worried

  22. I think Gideon was also an inquisitor. His armour is similar to what we've seen before. Maybe he wants the child as an apprentice

  23. Never going to see Luke's fallen jedi school. This show only takes place a few years after Return of the Jedi. Luke is still a young man and doubtful he's even started it yet.

  24. I want the darksaber in Mando's hand. He'd be both a gunslinger and a ronin, bringing together the two movie genres that inspired the show.

  25. I want to see:

    Ahsoka Tano (with Ashley Eckstein returning as her)
    Katee Sackhoff showing up as Bo Katan
    Mandalore actually being seen including places we saw in The Clone Wars

  26. Grace, why did you stop reviewing the Watchmen series or have I missed something? I watched it and was ready to get my Grace on and nothing.

  27. I still think Baby Yoda could be a clone of Yoda, and their journey brings them to Kamino so we can learn more about the Fetts.

  28. This show is awesome, and I look forward to your reviews–pretty much on-point, whereas many others suffer from testosterone poisoning and living in their mother's basement too long.

  29. They need to find a way to time travel and start a new timeline where Luke is a teacher and a wise and powerful Jedi. Ben grows up being a Jedi master, and the new trilogy never happened =D

    I hate this commonly used trope but after the new trilogy, it's use is warranted.

  30. Lil' Yoda couldn't end up with the Dark Sabar. All Jedi and Sith are compelled by the force to make their own Light-Sabar.

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