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The problem with false celebrity – Jordan Peterson

The problem with false celebrity – Jordan Peterson

Alright. So, here we are at the big event,
and Pinocchio is off to be a celebrity. And uh… the Cricket is watching. And uh, Pinocchio basically… Well, he’s got some natural talent! Because he’s a puppet, and he doesn’t have strings.
And he goes on stage with strings, and then he drops his strings,
and the whole crowd is amazed. And – the crowd should be amazed when that happens, right? You can imagine, when a kid goes to school,
and shows some independence – that’s actually gonna… People are gonna notice that. His his peers are gonna notice that,
the teachers are gonna notice that. Maybe it’s too much independence, even. Right? But it’s still- it is a remarkable thing, too, like.. It’s so interesting, you know. You can see marked signs of independence in children… Well, right from the time they’re born, basically. Because, that’s one of the things,
that’s really funny about infants, is that, you know, when they’re crying,
you always think: “Oh, the baby’s…” Well, you’re crying, it’s: “baby sad”. It’s like, no. Heh, a lot of the time that baby is angry. And the way that we know that, is because you could do facial expression coding on infants, just like on adults, and you can tell,
what emotion they’re expressing. And very frequently, like, when the kid starts to recognize his mom… Explicitly, because he or she knows the smell right away, pretty much, and the sound of the voice – but visually; um… if someone, who comes in,
and it isn’t who the baby wants, (so generally, it isn’t mom), the baby will start to cry. But it’s not because the baby’s sad,
generally, it’s because it’s angry! That mom didn’t show up,
and that’s an early sign of will. It’s like, this kid has-
this kid wants things, like… And it’s perfectly willing to tell you about that! And of course a two-year-old, who’s having a temper tantrum, is in some sense doing the same thing. It’s poorly integrated will and independence, obviously,
but it certainly runs contrary to what you want. You don’t want your two-year-old having a temper tantrum, in the middle of the toy store. It’s extraordinarily embarrassing for you, and… well for you. But it’s also embarrassing for the two-year-old. This is one of the reasons, I think, that that sort of thing should be… carefully socialized rapidly. Because it’s actually humiliating for the kid,
because other people don’t like that. And they’re very judgmental about… Like, they won’t
say anything, usually – but sometimes they will. But, they’re not happy about the fact, that that’s happening. And they will judge the child negatively. And so, you don’t want your child to be behaving in a way in public, that makes other people think badly of them.
It’s, it’s really… it’s really not good! And so, part of your job as a parent, is to not expose your child to that sort of experience. Especially not repeatedly.
It’s really hard on them! Or, they get narcissistic,
which is also really hard on them. It’s just- it takes a lot longer to manifest itself. So anyways, he’s off on stage,
and Stromboli introduces him, and talks, about how wonderful this is going to be, and Pinocchio comes out on stage,
with his strings on, and drops them, and then, he falls down the steps and puts his nose in the hole, makes a fool out of himself. And that’s, when Stromboli-
First time Stromboli shows his true character. Cause he just, really, yells and screams at him. And he has his back to the audience,
Stromboli, while he’s doing this, so he’s not noticing, how the audience is reacting. Typical tyrannical parent, right? Who’s not noticing,
that society is reacting a different way, than him. And he’s NOT happy about it. And Pinocchio of course, is dazed, and feels like a fool. And he is a fool, so that’s appropriate. But then, Stromboli… hears the crowd laughing; and as soon as he turns around, he’s like all smiles again. And so, that’s the first time you get insight,
into what sort of puppet master he is. He’s there to please the crowd, and that’s all. And he’s there to look good in public.
But fundamentally, he’s a tyrant. And so… and I guess, that’s the problem with false celebrity. Is that the negative spirit of the crowd,
becomes your master, right? Because to be a celebrity, you have to be a crowd pleaser. And, if you’re pleasing the kind of crowd,
who likes a celebrity like you, which is… And there’s not much reason for that, then, it’s not exactly like you’re appealing
to the proper side of the crowd. And you’ve become its puppet, one way or another. And maybe it’s rewarding you with
wealth, perhaps, and with attention. But, fundamentally… it’s not something
I would recommend, if you wanna stay reasonably psychologically healthy,
for any reasonable amount of time. You’re gonna sell yourself out.
And I don’t mean that in any casual way, you know. Alright, so anyways. Stromboli changes from the tyrant to the good father, in half a second. He gives Pinocchio pat on the head,
despite the fact, that he’s made a mistake; looks all kind, and the show continues. Now, the Cricket is not very happy about this.
He’s sitting in the stage watching. He’s very angry and, let’s say, disgusted by what’s happening. Partly because Pinocchio is making a fool of himself. Now, that’s an interesting thing, you know: human beings blush. In fact, if I remember correctly, the name “Adam”, you know, like Adam and Eve, is related to the capacity to blush. Now, that comes from something I read
a long time ago, and that might be wrong. But Adam does manifest shame in the sight of God,
so there is a relationship there. But anyways, um… People do make fools of themselves for public display. And you can tell you’ve done that,
in some sense – not always – if you blush. Because you’ve either said something you shouldn’t have, and you know, you realize that. Which is more like: you’ve tried to be funny, and gone a little bit too far. And sometimes that can be really funny. Or, you said something that you know to be false. Manipulative, deceitful, beneath you,
um… any of those things. And you’ll have an automatic response to it.
You’d be ashamed and blush. And one theory about that, is that you can trust people who blush. And so… because you know, that their conscience will betray them. And so, that even if they are lying, they tell you. And so… it’s an interesting theory, you know? Because blush is definitely… like, it’s a facial display! You know, it’s right out there where people can see it. So… You know, maybe that’s true, maybe it isn’t,
but it’s kind of an interesting idea. Anyways, the Cricket is not happy with what’s going on. He’s not happy about Stromboli, and he’s not happy about the willingness of Pinocchio, to make a fool of himself, to support this false celebrity. And so… I actually think, that’s why the celebrity types like that, often get narcissistic and arrogant. You know, it’s because they-
they aren’t paying attention… They’re not paying attention, really,
to what’s happening inside of them. They drown it out, because the glory and the money,
and all that, is so attractive and enticing, they don’t notice- they refuse to notice,
what price they’re paying for it. And they magnify up their grandiosity and their arrogance, to keep that stuff all under control. And then of course, they get surrounded by sycophants, which is a really bad thing, right? They get surrounded by people, who will tell them exactly, what they wanna hear. And that’s really bad, if what you wanna hear from other people, is not good for you. To surround yourself with people,
who won’t offer you genuine criticism, or even genuine reward, it’s the same thing. Like you want for me, that I differentially reward and punish you, in approximately the way,
that the good part of the crowd will. That’s what you want from all your friends. Because then, your interactions with them can generalize out to the broader community, in a productive way. And so, a good friend… you know, I mean,
your friends tend to be on the supportive side. And perhaps that’s appropriate,
assuming there’s reciprocity. But a good friend will also tell you when, one way or another, when your behavior is starting to tilt in a direction,
that’s going to make you unpopular with them, and likely, unpopular with other people. And of course, that’s what a parent is supposed-
That’s the prime job of a parent, in my estimation. It’s like, “Don’t do that.
Other people will hurt you, if you do that.” “By exclusion, by threat, by failure to offer you an opportunity.” “Bad things will happen to you – so you can’t do that.” And then, you’re a representative of the social situation. Which is exactly what you should be. Not a friend. So… [closes door] Or at least, not precisely a friend. That doesn’t make you an enemy,
it makes you better than a friend.

100 comments on “The problem with false celebrity – Jordan Peterson

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    Just because the first, 20 seconds late was fat, and the 2nd at 3 minutes late was slim?

  2. The 2nd girl was in class before the fat whale. All her books are there and sits next to the orange head-dress in front row. It took her longer to get a drink than she expected.

  3. Walt Disney May have sometimes cheated his employees bad. Taking credit for a lot of there work but he gave some good messages in his movies. Teaching children good lessons in life. And adults too.

  4. This type of arrogance is common in overnight-fame celebrity i.e., getting their 15 mins after a national event or disaster. Is also common in those who marry or are related to a famous/high status individual. They behave as if they earned it, tend to be insecure and defensive whereas the person who did earn it is usually down to earth.

  5. 8:04 – Jordan Peterson points and says, "Don't Do That! People Will Hurt You If You Do That!".
    This would have been funny had he been on the other side of the room pointing at the girl playing the video game. 😆

  6. 00:23 a privileged feminist who hates toxic masculinity slams the door when coming late to a white man’s lecture.

  7. ¨You want from me that I differentially reward and punish you in approximately way, the way the good part of the crowd will. That´s what you want from all your friends. Because your interactions with them can generalize out to the broader community in a productive way. ¨ Then the job of a parent: "don't do that or other people will hurt you if you do that. " Jordan Peterson.

  8. 2:26 I don’t mind her playing video games or whatever in class, but don’t sit in the front row if u gonna do that

  9. Notice how all the famous people pre 20th century were painters, world leaders, scientists, writers, political activists, musicians. People that progressed western culture.
    Now it's mostly idiotic celebrities that care only for vanity and are just famous because they are good looking or on TV.
    Actors, rappers, reality TV stars, models, instagram personalities, youtubers, atheltes. People that have nothing to offer other than a few hours of "entertainment", if you will.

  10. Jordan Peterson reminds me of what Obama would have become had he not chosen politics. Smart tongued lecturer.

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  13. Marks signs of independence when their born. What’s funny about infants is when they’re crying, a lot of the time that baby is angry. You can do facial expression coding on infants and can tell what emotions they’re making. Smell of mom. Baby will cry because it’s angry that mom didn’t show up. This kid wants things. 2 year old temper tantrum is poorly integrated will. You don’t want your 2 year old to have a temper tantrum. They will judge child negatively. You don’t want your child to behave that way and that’s part of your job as a parent. Stromboli indrodues pinnochio And he makes a fool out of himself. Pinnochio is dazed and feels like a fool. He’s there to please the crowd and look good in public, but fundamentally he is a tyrant. If you are pleasing the kind of crowd who likes the celebrity like you, fundamentally it’s not something I would recommend if you want to stay psychologically sane. Cricket is not happy about tyrannical behavior, partly because pinnochio is making a fool of himself. Adam is related to the capacity to blush. Adam does manifest shame in the sight of god. People do makes fools of themselves in public display. You can trust people who blush, their conscious will betray them. Blush is a facial display. The cricket is not happy with what’s going on. Celebrity types often get narcistic and arrogant, they’re not paying attention to what’s going on inside them. They magnify their grandiosity and get surrounded by sycophants. Interactions can generalize. Friends tend to be on the supportive side, when your behavior is starting to tilt then a friend will tell you. Don’t do that, other people will hurt you if you do that. Tell them and then you’re a representative of the social situation.

  14. I was teaching a bunch of 4th graders one year (2 hours a week), and I'm not a teacher – it was this enrichment gig where they get to choose their interest class . and they are like 30… one girl starts crying all of a sudden and rushed out. I didn't know what to do – I was just staring for 4 seconds trying to decide "ok what's next now". and a second not too late this other girl approached me and said "Hey, take care of the class, I'll go and calm her down". SHE WAS 9 YEARS OLD. and she wasn't sneaky either, both girls came back after 5 minutes. I was shocked to see really way more than independence.

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    but JP is a good guy, forgives her and drops knowledge bombs like it's nothing. Spread love.

  16. 1: I see no "problem" with anything he said its all logical 2: Jordan Peterson is a successful intellectual and i cant imagine how damaged you are to see him as a false celeb. 3. If you dislike Jordan Peterson, you are probably a terrible person or totally ignorant, like 80% chance.

  17. Wow this just taught me something. I am 45 and wondered why I had so many issues with many at my age before I stop dating. I was NEVER agreeable. I always told them we can come to an agreement that suits us both. But now I see this worked out for me cause I could have gotten exploited..


  19. I can’t tell if Dr. Peterson is looking to the camera or a student sitting by the camera, but I like to think there’s a student paying attention with intensity the way we all would.

  20. a crowd pleaser,animated by the negativity of the crowd surrounded by sycophants who tell him what he wants to hear -who the hell do we know who's like that?

  21. I'm fascinated how JP interprets archetypical stories, it'd be nice to hear how he'd uncover patterns in some modern tales, cartoons, movies.

  22. This lecture is based upon the assumption of people possessing a conscience. Possessing a conscience is something which fewer and fewer people have.

  23. This video illustrates perfectly the lack of respect and manners with millenials. Just walking straight in late, without apology, and some ponytails moron working his computer whilst Jordan is lecturing. Listen to him kids, his thoughts are pure gold.

  24. Obviously the coffee was more important to that young lady, than listening to intellectual Gold. Bet my bottom dollar she is doing a psychologist course, it's the new Art courses of old.

  25. If you want to see how dumb 80% of Americans are…….just look up the Nielsen ratings, and see what TV shows and movies have the highest numbers.

  26. Dave Chappelle's father to him : name a price before you get famous and if you pay a bigger price then the one you named, get out….

  27. To all the people talking smack about the overweight girl, I'd like to put some boundaries to the things that are being said about her by judging from this small but inappropriate behavior that she had when entering the classroom. Before you comment, please be self aware about your own resentments and inclinations even though you seem to get a lot of support from it. Lumping her with a lot of other groups and traits that are simply impossible to determine by the video is not only childish, but also reflective of your own resentment and judgmental behavior. If you want to be better than that group that you despise so much, then please start by thinking rationally and formulating your words and observations based on what you can see and not what you are assuming (even though you might be right). Even though you are getting laughs and likes from other people you must understand that there are lots of resented people out there with the same way of thinking as you, yet this echo chamber-like phenomena is something that the group you dislike usually does in order to justify their own beliefs and narratives. Be better than them even though it might not feel as good!

  28. He should go speak in front of worthy people…this class is reminds me of the first" Time machine" movie, when society doesnt care about anything and the main charactor tries to save them

  29. 1 That girl is late. How rude.
    2 Those students are playing games
    3 I know Hebrew and Adam means Red
    4 I sure do like Jordan Peterson

    You may now skip the comments..

  30. Sits in front row, surfs the web and occasionally looks up from her laptop to pretend she's paying attention. Parents pay $40,000/ per yr for her to attend this school. Check.

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